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    Agricultural sprayers

    Agricultural sprayers

    Agricultural sprayer is one of the most used equipment for spraying different materials and liquids to plants. These can include a variety of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Depending on the specifications, size and size of the product to be sprayed with the spray, a variety of sprayers are manufactured and available in the market, including:

    1- Manual sprayer

    2- Law pressure sprayer

    3- High pressure sprayer

    4- Air sprayers

    5- Foggers

    In addition, these sprays can be used to supply water for irrigation. Sprayers are one of the essential tools for crop production, because pest infestation has a negative impact on the plant and can damage their crop.

    Therefore, using pesticides and with the help of a sprayer can completely prevent pests in plants, also by spraying a small area can be fully covered in a short time and spraying operations.

    Types of agricultural sprayer:

    1- Manual sprayer:

    Manual sprayer is one of the best tools for spraying and treating small-scale plants. This sprayer combines water and poison in a small tank and is used in small fields for spraying.

    The manual sprayer operates through an air pump, pushing the air pump, tank, and liquid inside it. The spraying is done in such a way that the spraying pattern of the nozzle increases as the pressure increases and when the spraying pressure is lowered, the spraying pattern also slows down.

    Agricultural sprayer

    The motorized back sprayer is one of the most widely used types of manual sprayer, typically with a 20 liter tank with the operator pressing the lever on the right hand while performing the spraying operation.

    Agricultural sprayer

    Advantages of using manual sprayer:

    It is cheap, portable and convenient to use.


    Disadvantages of using manual sprayer:

    Manual sprayer and backpack sprayer do not have high working pressure, so use on large farms is not recommended.

    Law pressure sprayer:

    This type of sprayer is available in different models that are categorized by tank capacity and size. These types of sprinklers include tractor back sprayer, trailer back sprayer and truck back sprayer.

    These types of sprayers operate on the basis of hydraulic principles, including components such as the air chamber, pressure gauge and pressure regulator or regulator. The air chamber provides a constant nozzle pressure.

    Back tractor sprayer:

    Tractor sprayer is one of the types of sprayer that is installed on a tractor. The tank type of sprayer varies between 150 and 500 gallons.

    Agricultural sprayer

    Trailer back sprayer:

    The performance of this type of sprayer is very similar to that of a tractor on the back of it, with the sprayer mounted on a trailer. The capacity of the tank in this type of sprayer is about 1000 gallons.

    The sprayer pump supplies its propulsion from a hydraulic motor to a power transmission shaft. This group of poisons has the ability to spray between 3.7 and 15 meters.

    Truck back sprayer:

    These sprayers provide their propulsion from an engine inside the truck. The tank capacity of this type of sprayer is 2500 gallons and is capable of spraying up to 18 meters long.


    Advantages of using law pressure sprayer:

    They are more efficient and adapt to large farms.


    Disadvantages of using law pressure sprayer:

    This type of sprayer is expensive and high maintenance cost.


    High pressure sprayer:

    This type of sprayer is used for spraying on thick bushes and tall forest trees. This type of sprayer is much more expensive and heavier than low pressure sprayer, but the basis of this type of sprayer is similar to low pressure sprayer. High-pressure sprayers are capable of operating at a pressure of 6800 kPa.


    Air sprayers:

    Air sprayer is one of the most useful tools for incorporating chemicals into the air. One of the most widely used aerial sprayers is the garden sprayer, which is widely used for fruit trees. This type of sprayer is usually very expensive and very expensive to maintain.


    Fogger sprayer:

    One of the best equipment for spraying liquid pesticides in the form of air vapor is the Fogger. Fogger machines are one of the most commonly used equipment for pest removal in greenhouses or disinfection areas of agricultural pests. This device converts the toxin in the tank into very fine, fog-like particles, allowing for large space spraying in a short period of time.

    Agricultural sprayer

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