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    0 what are the types of compactors

    Compactor is another tool that plays a key role in the construction industry and in the construction requirements of a building.

    Of course, in another view, this device should not be limited to construction, but also helps workers and contractors in road construction and some other uses.

    what are the types of compactors
    0 Why is the depreciation rate in the compactor device high

    As much as there is sensitivity to the choice and purchase of a mechanical device, there is also sensitivity to expectations about its maintenance, repair, and protection.

    Why is the depreciation rate in the compactor device high
    1200 compacting soil with compactor

    Construction requires solid ground free of any drift, subsidence or erosion. Therefore, it is not possible to build on a land just because it is flat. To prepare the ground for construction, they are compressed during operations.

    compacting soil with compactor
    1201 what is a kangaro compactor?

    The tamping rammer, also known as the kangaroo compactor, is one of the most widely used industrial components, which, despite its light weight, has a lot of power, influence, and concentration during construction and industrial activities.

    what is a kangaro compactor?
    1193 what is compactor?

    What is compactor?

    Soil is a combination of minerals, water, air and organic matter. In the construction process, soil stabilization is essential. Equipment used to compress, increase soil compaction and strength is called a compactor or pitchfork.

    what is compactor?
    1164 how to use compactor


    In this paper we intend to become thoroughly acquainted with the compactor and its variants. So if you haven't already been familiar with such a device and you don't know how to work with it, it is recommended that you end up with us to define the compactor first so that, after getting to know its literal meaning, the price of the machine, the method of working with the compactor, as well as its types, and the method of working on each of these valuable devices in the field of construction.

    how to use compactor