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    0 what is coronavirus?

    Take Corona's fear seriously, but act logically:

    We have all been involved in an unknown disease for some time. The corona virus has not worked too hard to get the spotlight. It is as if the reputation of the virus has spread far beyond what has been reported.

    what is coronavirus?
    0 what is electric sprayer ?

    Electric sprayer, a breakthrough in manufacturing:

    The electric sprayer is the distance between the motor shoulder sprayer and the hand shoulder sprayer. There are some key points to make in this device. For example, the first disadvantage with hand sprinklers is that they must be sprayed manually at all times.

    what is electric sprayer ?
    0 what is electric vibrator?

    Concrete structures are known to have high strength due to the use of reinforced concrete. Certainly the concrete mix with steel can be so strong that it can easily fit any structure into its most rigid one.

    what is electric vibrator?
    0 َchain saw repair

    Chain saw is a powerful tool with various capabilities that can make pruning and cutting operations much easier and faster than tools such as chisel, ax and saw.

    َchain saw repair
    5 dripper buying guide

    When using a drip irrigation system, there are many models to choose from. For the best choice for the irrigation project, you need to consider several factors. The following can be mentioned.

    The chosen dripper should be PC type (pressure independent) or pressure dependent.

    dripper buying guide
    0 Agricultural sprayers

    Agricultural sprayer is one of the most used equipment for spraying different materials and liquids to plants. These can include a variety of fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Depending on the specifications, size and size of the product to be sprayed with the spray, a variety of sprayers are manufactured and available in the market, including:

    Agricultural sprayers
    0 What is chain saw?

    A chain saw or motor saw is a portable saw blade, on which a chain with a set of indentations is rotated on a metal guide bar.

    Saws usually have a small single-cylinder gasoline engine, although some saws have an electric motor that draws power from a power cable or battery.

    What is chain saw?
    0 what is dripper?

    Irrigation dropper or dripper is one of the main equipment used in the agricultural industry, which is widely used in drip irrigation systems. Factors such as soil conditions, the amount of water required by the crop, and the quality of water used play a key role in the design of the dripper.

    what is dripper?
    4 Brush cutter buyers guide

    What is brush cutter?

    Pruning lawns and grasses, and even small plants, is a rigorous gardening operation that has been accomplished today with a powerful device called a brush cutter. With this, you no longer need to prune grass and plants using hand-held hard tools

    Brush cutter buyers guide
    0 mechanic bird scaring

    Introduction to the bird scaring gun, the explosions that scare the birds:

    Animal pests are one of the major problems for gardeners. Pests that are rooted in animals such as bird species, nightlife such as pigs, wolves and even jackals.

    mechanic bird scaring