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    diesel or electric concrete mixer?

    diesel or electric concrete mixer?

    Using concrete mixer in the procedure of construction

    One of the tools used in the construction process; concrete mixer is also known by other names such as: concrete blender, mixer, and mortar.

    But all these different names are considered for a device with one efficiency and application in construction, which will be discussed in more detail about this device.

    The engine of the concrete mixer machine can be in the form of an electric concrete mixer, a diesel concrete mixer or a gasoline concrete mixer, each of which is available in the market, and you can choose according to the differences between each of them.

    Finally, buy the model of your choice according to the price of gasoline concrete in comparison with the price of electric or diesel concrete, as well as other factors involved in this regard, and use them well in the construction process.


    What is concrete mixer and its application?

    Concrete mixer as the name implies; Used as a concreting machine.

    In this way, it is used to make concrete in small and medium amounts, for example, up to 30 cubic meters, and it mixes cement, sand and water in general, so that it finally forms concrete and is in a state.

    Rotating and turning the concrete prevents it from taking its concrete before final consumption.

    The capacity of this device depends on your needs, which you can pay attention to its various capacities from 120 to 1000 liters before buying.

    Since using this device requires expertise; therefore, prior training should be used before using it.

    For example, the order of adding materials in order to form concrete inside the device is very important and if this principle is observed, the uniformity of concrete can be ensured more.

    On the other hand, it should be used exactly as much as the capacity of the device, because overloading the concrete mixer causes problems and disrupts it.

    In general, all employees know how to use this device when using this device, so that there is no problem in the construction process, and at the same time, they can build their building more easily and quickly.


    Types of concrete mixer engines

    As mentioned earlier; the engine of this device can be in the form of gasoline, diesel and electric, each of which has its own definitions and are different from each other.

    In this section, we have tried to introduce two types of electric and diesel concrete mixers so that those who want to buy and at the same time do not know that buying electric concrete mixers or diesel concrete mixers is affordable and ideal for them? Be able to cite the information provided here; Make the right choice.


    What is diesel concrete mixer and what is it used for?

    In some cases, the construction process may take place in remote areas, on the outskirts of the city, where there is no access to electricity. Under such conditions, diesel concrete is used.

    Because diesel concrete mixer, as its name suggests; Gasoline-powered engines with 5 horsepower and even more are used.

    Diesel concrete is used in high working conditions despite high humidity. The reason for using this concrete mixer, despite these difficult conditions, is to mention that it has high power, efficiency and effectiveness.

    That's why it can survive under harsh conditions and perform well.

    At the same time, there is no need for electricity. However, in urban areas, due to the production of pollution and the very loud and stunning sound of this type of concrete mixer, it is not widely used and construction workers are not allowed to use it.

    What is electric concrete mixer and what is it used for?

    Electric concrete mixer as its name implies; unlike the previous type, it uses electric power, which is single-phase or three-phase. In each of these models, an electric motor or alternator with more than two horsepower is used in different brands.

    Is the price of electric concrete mixer more expensive than diesel type or no?

    The price of electric concrete mixer is lower than the price of diesel concrete mixer and at the same time more efficient. This type of concrete mixer is also one of the most popular concrete mixers due to its high efficiency and optimal efficiency.

    In addition, their use is much higher, and due to less hassle and lower cost, as well as the lack of production of any pollution, unlike diesel concrete mixers, they have been more welcomed.

    In case of high capacity, three-phase electricity is used and in low volumes, single-phase electricity is used.


    Buying diesel or electric concrete mixer?

    In general, the difference between these two types of concrete mixers can be summarized as follows:

    1. Electric concrete mixer is more common and more useful than diesel.

    2- The price of electric concrete mixers is cheaper than diesel and they are cheaper to buy.

    3- In electric concrete mixer, unlike diesel concrete, there is no pollution and they can be used in urban areas, unlike the concrete type of concrete mixers.

    4- Electronic concrete mixers have less trouble than diesel.

    5. There is no need for electricity in a diesel concrete mixer. For this reason, they can be used even in remote urban areas, but in electric concrete, if there is no electricity; they cannot be used.

    6- The power, efficiency and effectiveness of diesel concrete is more than electric concrete. For this reason, they are well used under difficult conditions.


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