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    dripper buying guide

    dripper buying guide

    When using a drip irrigation system, there are many models to choose from. For the best choice for the irrigation project, you need to consider several factors. The following can be mentioned.

    The chosen dripper should be PC type (pressure independent) or pressure dependent.

    The system’s water is from what kind. Dirty or hard. (Hard water: This type of water contains a high percentage of minerals).

    The elevation and elevation changes on the ground.

    In this article, we are going to examine in detail each of the factors mentioned and other influencing factors.


    Which dripper? The pressure independent or pressure dependent?


    Pressure-independent drippers, also known as PC (Pressure Compensating) drippers, deliver a constant amount of water to each plant regardless of pressure changes throughout the irrigation system.

    If you use regular drippers that are dependent on system pressure changes, your plants will not receive the same amount of water.

    What increases or decreases pressure in the irrigation system? The answer to this question should be things like the length of the irrigation pipe, the inadequacy of the size of the pipe due to the water capacity of the water expressed in gallons per hour, and changes in the height of the irrigation ground.

    Now, considering the factors that cause pressure changes in your irrigation system, we suggest that if your irrigation pipe is too long or your irrigation system is installed on land that is too high and low, use pc dripper.


    What kind of water your system is. Dirty or hard?

    If your system's water comes from a well, pond, rainwater storage barrel or other collecting source, we recommend that you use a dripper that can be opened and cleaned. Also, in systems where water is high in salts, so-called hard water, use a dropper that can be cleaned. In such systems the solute systems in the water are deposited and collected.

    With this type of dropper you can easily open and clean it. But if you use a dropper that cannot be opened and cleaned in this situation, your system and emitter will become clogged and you will have to replace the entire dripper and there is no other solution. Nikacorp experts will offer you the following products to buy:

    Axius Dropper

    Netafim dropper

    Eurodrip emitter

    Irritec Dropper


    Slope and elevation of the ground:

    The slope and elevation in the ground can cause changes in water pressure in the system. The same factor can cause changes in the outlet discharge of each dripper. This may not be a worrying factor, but if you are planning to water your plants on a sloping ground and want to get equal amounts of water to all plants, PC dripper is the best option.


    Dripper for hanging pots:


    You can use any kind of dripper for this, but you need to consider a few things. The first thing is that you have to put the dripper on the pot. Therefore, you should use a rigid riser tube instead of spaghetti tube. Another point is that in these pots the water drains rapidly and the dripper must supply the required amount of water. For this reason, we recommend using an adjustable dripper.


    Article summary for agricultural dripper buying guide:

    When choosing a dripper, be sure to choose a one that can be cleaned, otherwise the cost of replacing the new dripper will add to the cost of running your irrigation system.

    Be sure to buy drippers from reputable malls and stores because the use of fake and poor quality drippers will lead to irregular water supply to plants as well as increased costs.

    The drippers are produced with capacity of 2 to 24 liters per hour. Before purchasing, be sure to consult a dripper with suitable capacity for your plants.





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