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    How the price of a greenhouse shade is calculated؟

    How is the price of greenhouse nets or canopy nets calculated?
    Shade material is an influential factor in the price of greenhouse green net


    The canopy shade is made of HDPE plastic. HDPE is a clear, high-strength polyethylene that is widely used in industry. The quality of this material is very important in greenhouse production.

    Due to the way it works, a green net in a greenhouse is constantly exposed to strong sunlight, and if it does not have enough durability and strength, it will face problems quickly. The use of high quality materials is effective in the price of greenhouse green net.

    If you come across a greenhouse shed at a lower price than usual, try to make sure that the material is healthy and of good quality. If the green net of the greenhouse is not made of good material, it quickly loses its properties and resistance to sunlight.

    Greenhouse net area

    Area is important in the preparation of all such products. In choosing the right size, you must first determine the area of ​​the entire surface you want to cover and then pay attention to the width of the grid.

    The ratio of the two will determine how much space you need for each greenhouse net. The multiplication area is the width of the area you can cover.

    More area will increase the price of greenhouse green nets, and this is quite obvious. Keep in mind that when buying and choosing the price of a greenhouse green net, you should be aware that sometimes a smaller tour with a larger area can be more economical for you. Again, greenhouse prices are affected by both width and area with a certain ratio.


    Weight per unit length of greenhouse net

    The lightness of the green net of the greenhouse, apart from making it easy to move and install, is effective in its durability and durability.

    Because after installation you have to fix it on your greenhouse according to the installation rules by various connections such as screws and glue, if the weight of the greenhouse on the unit is a long length, the total area of the tour will be very heavy.

    The fact that the net, along with high strength, weighs less per unit length, helps prevent weight gain from becoming a problem in large areas.

    This factor also has a significant impact on the price of greenhouse green nets and should be taken into account.

    A summary of the price of greenhouse green nets

    The price of greenhouse green net, which is wider, is the same in terms of material, area and shade rate, which is equal to others. So, in general, the price of multi-faceted functional greenhouses is one of the various factors.

    It is important to note that if the price of a greenhouse green net is too high for you, you need to determine the exact level of your needs.

    The level of your need is very effective in terms of area and shade rate distribution in the price of the greenhouse green net you choose. So in order not to pay extra for the price of the canopy net, it is better to try to buy a net that fits your needs.


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