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    How to cut the tree?

    How to cut the tree?

    You may think that cutting a tree does not work and you can simply cut it down and use its wood, but it must be said that this is not the case and to cut a tree you have to use different tools and techniques to properly and Convenience of tree felling.

    In this article, we intend to explain the correct method of cutting a tree to you dear friends and if necessary, to introduce important and practical tools for cutting a tree.

    As you know, plants and trees have many benefits for the environment and humans, but in addition, the wood and trunks of trees can be used a lot.

    How to cut a tree?

    The woodworking industry is a very active industry that never ends. Because the trunks and wood of trees are used for paper making, and as long as there is publishing and printing books and articles, the woodworking industry is also stable.

    There are many tools and accessories that are made of wood, and of course the market demand for wooden tools and equipment is high. But the main question is what tools should be used to cut a tree? What is the correct way to cut a tree?

    If you are looking for answers to such questions, read this post to the end.

    Although the process of cutting and trimming a tree trunk may not seem difficult, it can also be very dangerous and accidental. To cut a tree with a chainsaw, make sure you have the necessary safety equipment before turning on the chainsaw.

    Safety first

    The point that you must observe at the beginning of everything is to observe safety, cutting down trees is not possible at any cost. In order to observe safety, you must use special clothes and equipment for cutting and safety trees.

    Wear suitable work clothes with the following specifications:

    The texture of your work pants should be firm (like jeans) and tall enough to cover the entire length of your leg.

    Wear a blouse or long-sleeved shirt to prevent wood chips from hitting your arms while working with a chainsaw.

    Always wear standard goggles and earplugs.

    Wear metal-soled safety shoes.

    Wear sturdy safety gloves that do not slip on your fingers.

    It is recommended to use a helmet to protect your head when the branches fall. (Be sure to use a helmet in areas where the wood is thick)

    After checking all the safety issues and checking the device for health, follow the steps below and start cutting the tree in a principled and correct way.

    Safety first


    Determine the path and location of the tree fall

    Before you turn on the chainsaw and perform the cutting operation, you must determine the best path and direction for the tree to fall to the ground. This path is called the path of the tree fall.

    Visualize the path of the tree in your mind and identify the points and paths that are without a tree. The smoother the path of your tree, the less likely it is that the tree will hit other trees or rocks when it falls.

    Note that a flat fall path can reduce hazards such as damage to the operator by throwing branches and tree debris. Always look at the trunk of a tree before you start cutting to see which way it is tilted. (Specify tree support)

    Determine the path and location of the tree fall

    In general, it is easier and safer to cut and fall the tree on the side that is leaning (tilted). If you are going to cut down several trees, make sure that the tree you are cutting does not fall into the path of another tree. This makes it easy to cut the trunk of the tree and cut the branches.

    Locate when you fall

    After determining the best path for the tree to fall, you must determine a safe place to stand when the tree comes down. The best and safest place you can stand when the tree falls is on the opposite side of the cutting side at a 45 degree angle.

    Do not move behind the tree in any way when the tree falls, because during the fall of the tree there is a possibility of the tree turning backwards and being damaged.

    Locate when you fall

    Cutting the tree trunk with a chainsaw

    To cut a tree with a chainsaw, you need 3 cuts in the tree trunk: 2 cuts on the front surface of the trunk and one cut on the back of the trunk.

    The first step is to make slits, which should be made in the direction of the tree fall. There are 3 types of slits on a tree trunk:

    1- Wide gap (open faced):

    This type of gap is a 90 degree wide cut. This type of slit is the safest and most accurate slit for cutting a tree trunk.

    Cutting the tree trunk with a chainsaw

    2- Conventional gap:

    In this type of cut, the floor of the created gap is smooth and forms a 45 degree angle upwards.

    3- Humboldt gap:

    In this type of gap, the upper part of the cut is flat and then the cut to the bottom forms an angle of 45 degrees. These three types of cuts are shown in the figure below.

    Cutting the tree trunk with a chainsaw

    Do not always stand in front of the cut when making a cut on a tree trunk as it can cause serious injury to you.

    Make incisions in the back of the trunk

    This incision should be made on the other side of the incisions we made on the trunk. This cut causes the tree stump to be cut completely and helps the tree to fall completely by creating a joint. Also, the cut in the back of the trunk should be 1 inch above the direction of the cut line in front of the trunk.

    After going through these steps and creating the gaps mentioned, the tree should fall to the ground in the path of the fall we talked about. Under no circumstances should you turn your back on the tree when falling, and keep a distance of about 6 meters from the tree when falling to avoid possible accidents.

    Watching the video below can help you to do the process of cutting the tree in the right way

    Summary and Conclusion

    This article describes a step-by-step guide to cutting a tree with a chainsaw. But before you can cut the tree, you have to go through 2 steps and then start cutting the tree.

    These 2 steps are to select the appropriate chainsaw and how to set up the principles and standard of the chainsaw. We suggest you the articles "How to choose and buy a chainsaw?" And be sure to read "How to set up a chainsaw".

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