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    How to determine the right number of fans for the greenhouse?

    How to determine the right number of fans for the greenhouse?

    How to choose the right fan for your greenhouse? (Guide for choosing and buying a greenhouse fan)

    Since a greenhouse is an attractive idea to eliminate the effect of different seasons on the growth rate of plants, you should always try to keep the climate in good condition, depending on the situation.

    This means that you have to resort to various tools and components for continuous monitoring and stabilization of temperature, humidity or even the amount of light.

    One of these tools that plays a key role in stabilizing the greenhouse is the greenhouse fan, which helps keep your plants in a comfortable environment by constantly circulating air and exchanging it from outside to inside or from inside to outside.

    Certainly, the use of fans is not limited to greenhouses and playing a role in the form of greenhouse fans, and this issue has caused you to need sufficient knowledge and experience in selecting, purchasing, installing and commissioning greenhouse fans suitable for your desired environment. Contrary to popular belief, choosing and installing a suitable greenhouse fan is not a simple, routine and cognitive task.

    This motivated us to write a note focusing on the important points in choosing a greenhouse technique and to teach the regular companions of this series of notes everything they need to know about the greenhouse technique.

    So if you are one of the greenhouse owners and you are curious about choosing a greenhouse fan, we suggest that you follow the text to the end. We are with you with the following titles:

    General principles in choosing a greenhouse fan
    Know the key features needed to buy the ideal greenhouse fan
    Productivity rate
    Identify different types of greenhouse fans
    Considering the arrangement of the fans

    General principles in choosing a greenhouse fan

    Keep in mind what is the main purpose of using a greenhouse fan? This will help you to always know in any situation whether your choice was at the level of expectations and practicality or not.

    Purpose of installing a greenhouse fan

    Exchanging air outside and inside the greenhouse when necessary
    Stabilize the concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the environment (one for respiration and the other for synthesis)
    Stabilize the temperature and reduce or increase it when necessary
    Decrease or increase the amount of humidity in the air inside the greenhouse

    With this in mind, you can make sure that your decisions and choices are correct, but it is definitely not enough just to know these issues.

    Then, by putting other points together, you can greatly reduce the overall chance of making a wrong and inefficient choice.

    Keep in mind that you can reduce the chances of a bad purchase, but this amount will not reach zero. Sometimes you may make a small mistake in choosing the price of the greenhouse fan and make a bad purchase.

    However, the price of a greenhouse fan is also an important factor in the purchase.

    Notice the key features needed to buy the ideal greenhouse fan

    When buying a greenhouse fan, always knowing some specifications and trying to compare them will help you make a better choice. These specifications are as follows:

    Outlet air flow: Air is a gaseous fluid and its passage through the fan section will be determined by the flow index.

    Maximum engine speed: Obviously the higher it is, the better the greenhouse fan will perform in aeration.

    Engine power: Power in combination with the engine determines the volume of aeration. These two characteristics have meaning together.

    Voltage and frequency: These two characteristics should be monitored and compared to the capacity of your greenhouse to supply electricity. You should definitely buy and install a fan as much as you can afford.


    Sensitivity to productivity is crucial to choosing the right greenhouse fan. For example, the circulation of fans with zero static pressure-resistant blades is more efficient than exhaust fans designed to trap air.

    Of course, this was just one example that can have the opposite effect depending on the details of your greenhouse location. It is very important to always look for the most efficient greenhouse fan depending on the details of your greenhouse, because basically this device will suffer from heavy pressure during work and if it does not have good productivity, it will quickly face problems.

    Productivity is an issue that can be understood, determined and determined by considering all the details.

    Identify different types of greenhouse fans

    It is common to use two sets of fans for greenhouse ventilation:

    Greenhouse exhaust fan: Usually greenhouse exhaust fan consists of two types; Centrifuge and weightlifting. Each of these two types of fans, depending on the situation, has advantages and disadvantages that must be considered in the selection.

    Circulation fan: These types of fans usually have less noise, are easy to install and operate, have a high efficiency and have a greater impact on the ambient air circulation.

    Identifying the different types of fans will help you to use each one in the right place depending on the situation. Of course, in the buying process, sometimes we see the opposite process and you will buy based on the designated spaces.

    Although this method is not recommended, in this case, to have a good choice, you must determine the type of layout and make the purchase based on yourself.

    Consider the arrangement of the fans

    Considering the arrangement of the greenhouse fan in the structure of the greenhouse will help you in choosing a suitable product. There are usually two technically conceivable layouts for a greenhouse fan; Series and parallel.

    In a parallel arrangement, all the fans are placed at one end of the greenhouse and a cycle of exchange will be created by suction of air.

    But in the series layout, the greenhouse fan with different patterns depending on the expert's discretion, will be arranged towards the center of the space in a consecutive state.

    It is usually recommended in greenhouses with many species of plants and differences in height in them, so that if the area is high, more use of series layout should be considered.

    This helps to stabilize temperature and other vital factors in plant growth without accumulating cold or hot air next to taller or shorter plants and without the need to create a continuous cycle of air circulation naturally.

    Depending on which layout you choose for your greenhouse, a better decision can be made about the type of greenhouse fan.

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