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    How to replace a power trowel blade?

    How to replace a power trowel blade?

    As you know, a power trowel is one of the most important and main tools for making concrete surface, smoothing the surface on a large scale and flattening concrete. In this machine, special and different blades are used to smooth different surfaces, which are called power trowel blades.

    The propeller trowel blades are mounted individually and multiple on the propeller trowel machine and are protected by an annular cover at the bottom of the trowel machine. Available dimensions of power trowel blade are from 60 to 120 and are produced in three different types.




    In this article, we are going to deal with the motor trowel blade and the application of the blade in the propeller trowel machine and know how to replace it.

    How to use a power trowel blade

    As we have said before, the trowel is one of the main tools in many industries, which is selected based on the size of the work. This product is divided into electric trowel and gasoline trowel. In this section, we want to deal with different stages of concreting using a power trowel and how to replace the power trowel blade.

    1. Choosing the blade of a power trowel machine: Note that depending on the type of operation, a different power trowel machine should be used, the best of which is the electric trowel blade. For example, to level small areas, a 60 to 90 cm power trowel blade is used.

    It is also good to know that both leveling and polishing blades as well as combinations can be used in leveling. The reason for this is that the concrete is used for areas with a large area with several trowel passes.

    To prevent the concrete from drying out, a manned power trowel with a blade size of 90 to 120 must be used; used. Also note that 60 cm blades should be used to smooth and smooth the corners of the concrete.

    Implementing a power trowel is the same as working with this device. Before you buy this device and want to use it; you should know that the power trowel machine smooths the concrete surface in two basic steps.

    In this section, we intend to address these two steps and examine each.

    1. Smoothing: The first stage of concreting using a power trowel is smoothing.

    At this stage, the special smoothing blades should be installed in the lower part of the power trowel machine, and after that, it should be walked in several stages. This is done so that the concrete posts and heights are smoothed and prepared.

    How to use a power trowel blade

    2. Final payment: The second stage of concreting using a power trowel is the final payment. In this part, we have to separate the tray from the power trowel machine and install a special tray on this machine. Note that this makes the concrete uniform and gives us a uniform and dense surface.

    Of course, be careful not to over-smooth; because it is wrong and it spoils the work. Polishing the concrete surface closes its pores and delays the drying of the concrete and interrupts it. Depending on the conditions of the project, a balance must be struck between polishing the concrete surface and drying it.

    Choose the right blade for the power trowel

    There are different types of power trowel blades, which we want to become more familiar with in this part of the article and examine each one. Note that the manned or manned propeller trowel should only be used on very large and expensive projects. That is why we mostly see the sale of hand power trowels in our country.

    Because the price of the power trowel in the previous model is very high. 60 size power trowel is used for small spaces, which is also called a corner power trowel. The 90 cm power trowel is another type that is known as the versatile model. This model is more popular than other models and is widely used.

    Choose the right blade for the power trowel

    The method of working with power trowels is very simple. For example, the surface must be leveled before the final payment. To do this, the power trowel machine must be equipped with a suitable blade. In the following, in addition to examining the types of power blades, we also want to discuss how to use the power trowel machine:

    1. The easiest way to smooth the concrete surface is to use a power trowel tray. To use this tray, you do not need to separate the main blades, and just put the tray under the machine and fasten the blades in their special place. At this stage, the tray covers a larger surface than the blades and speeds up the smoothing operation.

    Choose the right blade for the power trowel

    Detachable blades: These blades are used for smoothing and to use them, there is no need to separate the main blades and it is enough to install them on the main blades. After that, remove the trowel blades and make the final payment step.

    3. Combined blades: The best way to smooth and finalize is the combined blades, but note that this way is more expensive than other ways. These blades act as a tray when flat and act like a scraper when angled.

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