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    Important points after buying a brush cutter

    Important points after buying a brush cutter

    After purchasing the brush cutter and following the recommendations of the person who sells the brush cutter and you have purchased the machine from her, it is time to install and set up the herbivore.

    In this article, we are going to tell you the most important points that you should pay attention to when setting up a brush cutter.

    Read the instructions in the brush cutter guidebook

    One of the best guides and references that you can refer to and use after buying a brush cutter is the guidebook, which is always sent with the device and is inside the brush cutter box.

    Oil and gasoline

    If the brush cutter is bilateral, you should mix the oil and gasoline with the appropriate ratio, which is usually 1 to 25, and pour it into the machine.

    But if you've been buying a four-stroke brush cutter, these have a separate oil tank and a separate tank for gasoline, each of which you have to put in your own tank when adding oil and gasoline.

    Proper position when handling and turning on the brush cutter

    Before you start turning on the brush cutter, make sure you have practiced the control completely. In this case, the device manual will provide you with very useful information.


    This is determined by the type of brush cutter you have purchased, and according to the items listed in the manual, read the brush cutter controller thoroughly and use it with awareness.

    Safety equipment and clothing when working with brush cutter

    we always recommend wearing safety goggles before using the device to completely avoid eye contact with tree branches. Wearing a helmet, gloves, boots and tight-fitting clothing will also fully protect the operator from potential hazards.

    Safety requirements
    Make sure that the operator does not use jewelry and if the operator's hair is long, he must tie his hair so that the person's hair does not get stuck in the moving parts.

    Brush cutter-related bolts and nuts

    Since your device is new, the possibility of loosening the bolts and nuts of the device is very low, but to be sure while working, always remember to check the tightness of the bolts and nuts before working with the machine.

    Turning on
    Familiarity with the process of turning on and starting the brush cutter is essential, and the person who intends to work with the device should be fully familiar with how to use the handle and turn on the device. Awareness of this will save time and money.

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