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    maintaince asphalt cutter

    maintaince asphalt cutter

    maintaince asphalt cutter

    Asphalt cutting, especially concrete, is a difficult task, but nowadays it is easy to use these tools and techniques such as asphalt cutter, concrete cutter as well as asphalt cutting blade and concrete cutting blade.

    And significantly reduced the difficulty of cutting operations. Also, proper maintenance of the asphalt and concrete cutter can increase the useful life of the machine and significantly reduce operating costs.

    In this article, we are going to tell you about the most important things to keep your asphalt cutter in place so that you do not get into trouble while using asphalt and concrete cutting machines.


    Asphalt Cutter Lubrication and Service:

    Checking the oil level, hoses (air, fuel, and water) and lubrication of different parts of the asphalt cutting machine is a daily requirement.

    Repair or replace damaged and worn parts if necessary.

    Check the tensile strength of the asphalt cutter strap and do not over-tighten the strap, as too much tensile asphalt strain will put pressure on the engine motor during asphalt or concrete cutting.

    Concrete cutter blade shaft bearings should be fully rigid and free to move left, right or up and down.

    Lubricate shaft bearings daily.

    The oil and air filter should be periodically checked and cleaned.



    Overall lubricant for asphalt cutting machine:

    Clean all parts of the machine before lubricating the asphalt cutter. Before starting the asphalt cutting cutter maintenance operation, make sure the machine is on a safe and level surface, then begin the concrete cutter maintenance operation.

    During the lubrication operation of the asphalt cutting machine, be sure to clean the various parts of the machine and wipe off any areas where oil may spill.

    To prevent the occurrence of various accidents, use appropriate tools to perform maintenance on the asphalt cutter and keep the tools clean.

    The best time to drain oil and pour new oil into the machine is when the machine is just turned off and the asphalt cutter oil is hot.

    Use a clean, completely new oil and grease to fill the engine and grease the various parts of the asphalt cutter and fill the oil surface to the puzzler.

    Oil, weather filters must be completely safe.

    Safety during maintenance of asphalt cutting machine:

    Do not maintain the machine at all when the asphalt cutter is on.

    Always allow the machine to cool completely before servicing the concrete Cutter before starting the service.

    Always keep the asphalt cutter in working condition to avoid damage to the machine.

    Always repair the cutter before cutting the asphalt and replace broken or damaged concrete cutter parts so that you do not face any serious problems during the operation.

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