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    mechanic bird scaring

    mechanic bird scaring

    Introduction to the bird scaring gun, the explosions that scare the birds:

    Animal pests are one of the major problems for gardeners. Pests that are rooted in animals such as bird species, nightlife such as pigs, wolves and even jackals.

    Various methods have been used in the past to keep these animals away. From killing them to lighting fires, making scarecrows.

    Scarecrows may be effective in repelling certain animals, but they can never appear successful in the face of birds. Burning or killing does not come from the open world of birds. Birds can only be scared by making loud noises.

    However, bird disposal has always been a concern, and this has led to the creation of the first ideas in making a bird scaring gun.

    The first attempts to make loud noises resulted in the use of a gun. Guns with real or homing bullets that only make a loud noise. Although the harbinger was responsive, the gardener had to constantly patrol the field and hand out heavy bullets after each firing. It was then that the gardeners began to think about using gas explosives instead of gunshots.

    The idea of making bird scaring guns far beyond the fields was soon embraced by aviation, warehousing companies, livestock and poultry producers, and pet raisers.  One of the best examples is the use of these guns in fish farms at the time of fish hatching. Using a gun can help protect the fish from spawning ever-hungry birds.

    One of the interesting and attractive devices in gardening activities can be a bird gun. A device sometimes known as an acoustic ball. This gun, as its name implies, is designed to drive away species of birds and animals from the fields and gardens.

    The equipment, with the ability to produce powerful, high-impact sounds at up to 120 dB, can scare birds and make them run away.

    These mechanic bird scaring guns can also be used to repel larger species of animals such as boars. A gun fires small explosions of liquefied gas. This sound is guided through pipes outside the device and can be covered over a wide area due to the pipe orientation.

    However, in the newer types of these bird scaring machines, there is a greater curvature in the conduction tube, which creates more noise. Therefore, a larger crop can be expected from the bird scaring gun.

    Normally any of these machines can cover about one hectare of fields. It is now easy to have the original Turkish bird scaring machine. However, there are also Iranian examples of them.

    This device is a high-volume, high-conductivity sound tube with a small explosive chamber at the end, accompanied by a digital or mechanical control system.

    Mechanical types can have sound firing for up to two minutes and in digital variants with timers built-in to adjust the firing time from 2 to 20 minutes.

    On the other hand, in the normal range, the power required to operate the bird scaring gun device will be charged by charging its batteries. But in more modern models of them we see a small solar panel installed.

    This solar panel can supply the energy needed for all the equipping activity. Other useful information about the bird scaring gun are the following.

    The mechanic bird scaring gun woks with liquefied gas, and can produce up to 3000 acoustic explosions for each kilogram of liquefied gas.

    On basic models, up to 120 dB of audio output can be up to one hectare. For larger areas, either more equipment or stronger types of gun should be used.

    The blast sequence time can be adjusted in the device. These adjustments are more varied in digital models, but in the normal case, the interval between two and three minutes can be adjusted.

    The device is not large in size and will be less than one meter long. On the other hand, the weight of the device will rarely exceed 10 kg.

    The usage of mechanic bird scaring:

    In principle, wherever animals repelling is needed, the bird scaring gun can be used. Keep in mind that this device will not repel insects; it can only remove animals such as birds or mammals from the surface.

    A bird scaring gun can therefore be a very efficient equipment for areas such as farms, gardens, livestock, warehouses, runways, ostriches, livestock factories.

    Safety tips in using mechanic bird scaring gun:

    As the gun uses liquefied petroleum gas to provide its sound blast and will carry out a small blast for any loud noise it has, it will carry the dangers of gas equipment. Operation with a boar remover should be as close as possible to gas equipment, with precision and safety considerations. Here are some tips you can take:

    Do not use in residential areas. The boar remover is a device with the ability to produce sudden, very loud sounds. Sound that will hurt people in the long run. Therefore, this equipment cannot be used in residential areas.

    On the other hand, the successive explosions of the mechanic bird scaring can also threaten the security of residential spaces.

    Never stand in front of the sound output pipe when using and operating this device. Because the sound of the explosion along with the wave of fire will come out of the open mouth of the pipe and it can definitely have serious consequences for people.

    Never cover the device. Because there is a risk of explosion and gas accumulation indoors. The mechanic bird scaring is generally designed to be waterproof.

    Installing in a smooth place can work best for your device. Never install a device like this in height, especially on trees.


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