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    Safety at working construction lift

    What are the safety tips in working with the construction lift?

    One of the most important and basic equipment for buildings under construction is construction lift. When using it, the safety points of working with a building lift may not be observed, and this may cause various problems and accidents, so it is better to prevent any accidents by installing a safe lift.

    Depending on the type, the construction lift can withstand from about 300 kg to 3 tons with complete safety. The height of the lift and its tow rope can also vary, and everyone can choose the size according to their needs.

    What is the safe construction lift?

    A construction lift is actually a material elevator. This construction device is used to move goods, equipment, materials. It is better to use this equipment for more safety, so that it does not move people with it.

    Each building lift consists of different parts that you need to know to implement safety tips for working with a building lift.

    The various parts and components of each construction lift include the following.

    Killer wire, gearbox, electric motor, power switch, bucket, structure, foley and pulling winch.
    When buying, be sure to follow the safety tips when working with construction lifts.

    The following are some of the most important things to look for when selecting yours.

    The safety railing of a safe building must be high so that it is at a suitable distance from the building when moving and does not get stuck in it.
    The construction lift must have a door so that materials do not fall off when it moves.

    The pulley of these lifts must also be large. Because if it is small, the wire may be twisted around the box or other parts and a danger may occur. This should be considered in order to observe the safety points of working with a building lift.

    The hook of the device and the tow wire must be highly resistant and can withstand loads and building materials. Otherwise, they may break and materials and equipment may fall from a height.

    The most important safety tips in working with the construction lift

    The safety tips for working with a construction lift include many things, the most important of which we will tell you so that you must consider them when working with a building elevator so that no problems occur.

    At the outset, care must be taken to use a lift that has been approved by the High Council for Technical Protection. With this approval, the safety of the building lift will be guaranteed to some extent.

    One of the safety points of working with a construction lift, which is very important, is its adjustment and repair by specialized and experienced people.
    Construction hoisting parts and tools must be such that they can be inspected and, if necessary, secured.

    For the safety of materials, people must be aware of how to use them and know how much material they need to put inside. Because if this awareness does not exist, it may cause risks such as rupture of the tow wire, falling of the load.

    Therefore, for the safety of the building lift, the load capacity and speed of work must be written. This can be one of the most important safety issues when working with a construction lift.

    Another safety feature of working with a construction lift is its daily or weekly check. This allows the problem to be identified and resolved before an accident occurs.


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