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    what are 10 Tips for Buying a generator That You Need to Know?

    Buying a generator? Is it possible to do this without sufficient knowledge and awareness? Definitely not. We are here to try to gather the most important points that should be considered when buying a generator in the form of back notes to you dear friends.

    Certainly, due to the wide scope of the note, some small details may be overlooked and absent in this note, but without a doubt, read the most important and main points that will help you in your purchase in this note.

    You will. This is a comprehensive guide to buying a generator and you need to read the following topics to know its contents:


    Production capacity and number of required electrical outputs.
    Buy a generator for emergency or continuous needs.
    Type of fuel consumed.
    The importance of fuel tank capacity in purchasing a generator.
    The amount of sound produced by the generator.
    Electric fuel injection system.
    Wheeled or not in buying a generator.
    Pay attention to other body components when buying a generator.
    Go for brands with a brilliant track record.



    Production capacity and number of required electrical outputs

    This is the main feature of an generator that should be carefully reviewed and evaluated when purchasing.

    Do not forget that the main reason for buying a generator is the use of electricity that it produces, and the use of this electricity depends on two important factors; The amount of production capacity and the number and type of electricity outputs.

    These two things make sense together because borrowing is impossible in practice, even if the power output of a generator is infinite but the electrical output it provides is not suitable for your equipment.

    On the other hand, without producing enough power, power outputs are meaningless. It is not necessary to explain several times what you need to do to decide on the required power, but to decide on the type and number of outputs, you must explain.

    High power motors usually output through several separate sockets, which is a great advantage depending on your needs. Regarding the output voltage, you should be careful that your equipment needs 120 or 240 volts, and depending on that, buying the right generator is on the agenda.


    Buying a generator for emergency or continuous needs

    In two general cases, you may use an generator; In one mode for continuous use and in the other mode for emergency use. It is important to determine what your needs are before buying a generator.

    In the case of continuous use, we recommend that you choose to buy models with a long-term warranty, because long working hours are very effective in reducing the life of the device, and you will need major repairs or replacement of parts.

    But in the case of emergency and case needs, you do not need to be so sensitive about this.


    Type of fuel consumed

    Gasoline generators have more customers than diesel generators and, for some logical and irrational reasons, have been welcomed more than any other type of experience.

    But we suggest that you make a very reasonable decision about the fuel consumption of your generator. Consider two points to make the right decision in this case:

    First, keep in mind that diesel is a cheaper fuel than gasoline. With a simple different search or query, you will find the huge price difference between the two fuels. Do not forget that if you have a generator in your list of goals for a regular user, you should also consider its fuel cost.

    When choosing your generator fuel consumption, think about which type of fuel is most available in different situations. If gasoline, choose a gasoline engine and if diesel, a diesel engine. It is very important to always have fuel at your disposal.



    The importance of fuel tank capacity in purchasing a generator

    There is not much need to explain in this case. The larger the fuel tank, the better for you. Even if your needs are not constant, even in emergencies, it is important to have electricity and not cut it off due to running out of fuel.

    Of course, more tank capacity is not always an advantage. It must be thought of in a logical and balanced way.



    The type of star has a great effect on the startup speed and ease of this process. Buying a generator with an electric and automatic starter may cost more, but it will relieve you of the hassle of manual and wired starters.

    It is better to have a generator with an electric starter in your plan, provided you have a sufficient budget.



    The amount of sound produced by the generator

    Usually, the higher the output power and the volume of the engine in this device, the more noise we see. Sometimes this sound is unavoidable to some extent, but it is better to make a sensitive decision about it.

    In many cases you need to turn on your device for long hours in a residential area or area; In this situation, the loud noise of the device will become a challenge.


    Electric fuel injection system

    While older and less innovative models of generators use carburetors to inject fuel into the motor, this system is not at all convenient and practical due to the need for manual adjustments and constant monitoring; Of course, at least for ordinary and amateur users.

    That's why when buying a generator, it is better to look for options that have a system (EFI) or electric fuel injection. This frees you from the hassle of working with a carburetor.


    Wheeled or not in buying an generator

    When buying generators that have more weight and volume due to the output power and volume of the motor, you should pay attention to the design of the device in such a way that it can be moved easily.

    For this reason, wheeled generators are definitely a good choice in this category of products. Having two or four wheels will greatly facilitate the movement of the device.


    Paying attention to other body components when buying a generator

    Apart from having wheels for easier carrying, it is better to pay attention to other details of the generator body. If you are buying a generator for applications such as construction or an active presence in the industry, it is not bad to have a relatively sturdy body with details such as hooks in it.

    Because of this, you may have to move the generator between floors and lift it off the ground with a hook in this type of use, having a hook place is very important.

    Of course, this is just one example; Depending on your needs and usage, you need to determine if the body type is right for you.


    Go for brands with a brilliant track record

    This is not a special point for buying an generator and it is better to pay attention to it in all areas. Undoubtedly, a brand never achieves fame for no reason.

    Although this does not mean that buying branded brands with closed eyes is always better than buying other brands, but always try to have a special look at quality and experienced brands in your local market.

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