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    What are the top ten reasons why a generator does not work?

    What are the top ten reasons why a generator does not work?


    Ten reasons why your generator does not start

    One of the most useful equipment in areas that are deprived of electricity or have problems with power supply is the generator. This device can be used in domestic to industrial applications as long as that place is connected to the city electricity network.

    When we buy a generator, we are faced with different types of generators with different qualities.

    If you provide a high quality or medium quality generator, you may encounter issues such as the generator not turning on during the use of the generator, which sometimes a small problem may cause the generator not to turn on and you can do it alone.

    You can find this defect and fix it without having to go to a repairman.

    In this article, we have tried to explain 10 reasons why your generator does not start.

    1 - Lack of oil:

    The first thing you do is check the oil level. If the oil level is low, the generator will not start and you need to add oil to the generator.

    Of course, keep in mind that if the generator is in an uneven location, the oil indicator may mistakenly indicate a lack of oil. Therefore, be sure to place the generator on a flat surface before turning it on.

    2 - Fuel:

    Check the amount of fuel and in case of shortage, add enough fuel to it, another point that you should pay attention to is that if the hard generator does not start, if the fuel left in the tank of the generator is used for two months without use.It is recommended to replace it with fresh fuel.

    3 - Throttle:

    One of the reasons that the generator does not start may be related to the position of the throttle.If you have just turned off the generator and the motor is still warm, you do not need to put the throttle in the closed position, in most generators the throttle is usually above the air filter.

    4 - Fuel valve:

    If there is enough fuel in the tank and the generator does not start, check that the fuel valve is open.If it is open but the fuel does not reach the carburetor, first remove the hose on the fuel valve side and check if the fuel is flowing well.

    This will help you notice if there is an obstacle in the fuel path, as well as a fuel filter in the fuel path, check it for clogging.And last but not least, there is a lever called a vacuum drain valve at the top of the fuel tank.

    5 - Carburetor:

    One of the objections that can be made to consumers is not following a series of simple instructions. One of these cases is not draining the remaining fuel in the tank and carburetor of the generator for when we do not want to use the generator for a long time.

    If fuel is not drained into the carburetor, the remaining fuel will lose its properties after a while and may cause clogging and the generator will not start.

    If this happens, close the fuel valve and loosen the drain screw at the bottom of the carburetor bowl, and if the problem persists, open the bottom carburetor bowl completely and remove the remaining fuel.

    To prevent this from happening again, if you are not going to use the generator for a long time, turn on the generator once a month so that the fuel flows, or if you want to store the generator, empty the fuel inside the tank and carburetor.

    6 - Candles

    The spark plug of the generator becomes scale after a while and it needs to be cleaned. For this purpose, remove the spark plug and if there is any scale, clean the spark plug with a knife or similar tool.

    7 - Oil sensor:

    After you open the spark plug and make sure that there is no problem with the spark plug and the generator does not start, there may be a problem with the oil sensor which is out of order.

    To solve this problem, disconnect the oil sensor wire and turn on the generator. Many times, the generator works when the oil sensor is disconnected and before reconnecting the sensor, it solves this problem.

    8 - Battery:

    If you do not use the generator for a long time, the generator battery may be lost and may not turn on when you start it. Start the generator through the motor handle.

    With a few handles and turning on the generator, the battery will be charged after working for several hours.If you cannot turn on the generator by handling, you need to open the generator battery and charge it with another battery to solve this problem.

    9 - Connecting electrical appliances:

    One of the reasons that the generator does not turn on is that you did not disconnect the electrical appliances when turning on the generator.This is a very simple matter.

    When you want to turn on the generator, none of the electrical appliances should be connected to the generator.And after turning on the generator, you can connect the devices to the generator in order of priority.

    10 - Air filter:

    The function of the air filter in the generator is to enter the air needed for combustion into the carburetor.If the air filter does not do its job properly, the generator will not start, you should check the air filter.

    And if necessary, it should be cleaned and replaced if necessary so that the generator can be turned on and work properly.


    The above will help you to solve the problem of not turning on the generator.We recommend that you read the manual of the generator before doing anything to have a detailed analysis of what you want to do.

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