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    What do you know about construction lift?

    What do you know about construction lift?

    Construction lift is one of the most important and main construction equipment today, and at least one of them can be seen in all the buildings that are under construction. As you know, the main application of a construction lift is to carry various materials and equipment.

    Lifts are required for any building, the components of which include an electric motor, gearbox, winch, tow wire, support box, pedestals, rails, clamps, hooks and buckets. Some lifts also have the ability to install brakes and remote control for remote control.

    In this article, we are going to explain about lifts and their applications and examine each one.

    What do you know about construction lift?

    Construction lifts have many uses, and in this section we are going to name and examine each one.

    1. By using construction lifts, construction materials can be raised on a small and industrial scale.

    2. In factories, heavy loads can be transported using construction lifts. Of course, in other places such as mines, piers and warehouses, construction lifts are also used to lift various materials.

    This device is also used for installing machines as well as unloading and loading trucks.

    Technical specifications of construction lifts

    Construction lifts have their own technical specifications according to their different types. For example, construction lifts are made in 350, 500 and 750 kg types and are marketed.

    Of course, note that in building lifts whose model is over 500 kg; there must be a secure support on the ground so that it does not lift for a while.

    Also note that there must be brakes on lifts above 500 kg. The function of construction lifts is similar to that of small columns. In the continuation of this section, we want to deal with the technical specifications of different types of construction lifts:

    1. The first construction lifts with a nominal capacity of 350 kg; it has less capacity than other models. The useful capacity of this device is 250 kg and its electric power is three horsepower. The gearbox model of this construction lift is VF85.

    2. The nominal capacity of this model of construction lifts is 500 kg and its useful capacity is 400 kg. The electric power of this model of construction lifts is 5.5 hp and its gearbox model is VF110.

    3. The next model of construction lifts has a nominal capacity of 750 kg and its useful capacity is 600 kg. Also, the electric power of this model is 7.5 hp and its gearbox model is VF150.

    4. The nominal capacity of the latest model of construction lifts is 1000 kg and its useful capacity is 900 kg. Also, the electric power of this type of lift is 10 hp and its gearbox model is VF180.

    Note that the speed of construction lifts is usually 21 meters per minute. This means that standard lifts with a towline of 20 meters take one minute from the first point, i.e. the ground, to the last point, which is the roof.

    Technical specifications of construction lifts

    Components of construction lifts

    Construction lifts, like any other product, have their own place. In this section, we are going to name the components of construction lifts and examine them:


    Electric motors are important components of material lifts whose job is to convert electrical force into rotational force. This action eventually causes the system to move.

    In fact, the task of the electric motor in the lift is to provide the driving force of the device, which is installed in two types of three-phase and single-phase and in different powers according to the type of lift capacity. It is good to know that electric motors installed in lifts are similar to equipment such as concrete mixers.

    Electric motors in construction lifts are selected based on two things:

    1. The weight that the lift is supposed to support.

    2. The height at which the lift should be installed.


    The gearbox is another member of the construction lift that is used to convert the electric motor to power. Note that in construction lifts, due to the displacement of heavy loads, the material and quality of the gearbox gears are very important. The gearboxes built into the lifts are helical.

    Also, when the electric motor fails or the gearbox is cut off, the load on the construction lifts will not return. This is done so that no accidents occur.


    A winch or pulley is also one of the parts used in construction lifts, which is used to guide and collect the tow wire and prevent it from swaying. The pulleys installed in construction lifts are usually made of steel and in their normal type, they can be twisted up to 40 meters of tow wire.

    Of course, note that it is also possible to build custom models that have the ability to fold the tow wire in large quantities.

    Components of construction lifts


    Towing wire

    The tow wire of construction lifts is a rope made of steel and is made of different central cores that are intertwined. This part is used in various equipments such as cranes, lifts, shop lifts and construction.

    In ordinary construction lifts, the tow wire used is 20 meters, which can be increased.

    Construction lifting box

    All lifting equipment such as electric motor, gearbox, winch and tow wire are placed in the lift box. This box can be placed on the bases as a rail.


    Buckets are used to carry various materials such as sand, gravel, cement species, etc. Buckets are made in different capacities according to the force carried by the lift.

    Bases, legs, fundamentals

    The foundation is used to place construction lifts on the ground, which are usually made of gas pipes or corners to make them more durable. They also weigh these bases with heavy weights to make sure they are strong.

    Note that each building lift consists of two pillars.


    Rails are used to install the box on the lift, which is installed on the bases. Also note that the end of the rail must be closed so that the box can be pulled out of the rail.

    Convenient construction lift specifications

    A good construction lift should have features that the user can use when buying them. In this section, we want to name the criteria for a good construction lift:

    A suitable construction lift should have very strong rails and bases, which should have high safety.

    The electric motor installed in construction lifts must be equipped with high quality and high power winding.

    A good construction lift should look good and be the right size.

    The gearbox material used in construction lifts must be of good quality.

    Lifting price is also one of the important issues when buying.

    Buy a construction lift

    There are many criteria to consider when buying a material lift. One of these criteria is the price of building lifts.

    As we said before, single-phase lifts and three-phase lifts are the most common types of building lifts that can be purchased depending on the type of building.

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