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    What is a greenhouse shade?

    What is a greenhouse shade?

    Setting up a greenhouse and protect the flowers and plants in it

    To have a greenhouse with a good environment and acceptable temperature; You must have a suitable space for setting up a greenhouse that is in a suitable environment in terms of internal and external temperature, and design a suitable and desirable greenhouse net or shade for it, so that you can witness the greening and fertility of plants and His products were in the greenhouse.

    Observing the necessary points regarding the construction and design of the greenhouse shade and in general the greenhouse and its interior and exterior space is of great importance.

    Now, the question may be what is a greenhouse shade and what is its use, in other words, what can a greenhouse shade or greenhouse net help to have a greenhouse and the plants in it? To answer these questions, stay with us to help you in this regard.

    What is a greenhouse shade?

    The greenhouse shade is a canopy and protector for agricultural fields and various flowers and plants.

    In this way, the greenhouse shade is one of the most important equipment that provides the greenhouse space in different seasons for your flowers and plants to make the cooling and heating problem of the greenhouse smooth and possible for you.

    Because too much cold or too much heat is harmful to flowers and plants. That is why a canopy net or greenhouse shade can be very fruitful in this regard and keep your flowers and plants safe from any external factors.

    Now that you are familiar with the greenhouse shade; It is better to mention a series of basic points in this regard, which will be mentioned in the following.

    What is the structure of a greenhouse shade and what is its use?

    In general, the structure of the greenhouse shade is such that it can withstand snow and rain in the cold seasons of Saab, even from 25 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees below zero, and show high resistance so that the plants and products inside it freeze.

    And not be harmed and they remain safe and sound.

    Meanwhile, the structure of the greenhouse or net is such that in hot seasons of the year, by reducing the direct impact of the sun and the amount of minimum and required radiation for flowers and plants, they are protected and protected from excessive heat. Maintains and provides shade for its flowers and plants to significantly reduce the evaporation rate of water in the soil.

    Therefore, the presence of a greenhouse in all seasons of the year can be very fruitful for flowers and plants and has helped to increase productivity and optimal use and instead of maintaining and caring for flowers and plants.

    The main advantages of using a greenhouse shade

    Greenhouse shade has many benefits. In addition to the issues mentioned above; There are many other benefits to greenhouse shading, including the following:

    1- Proper coating and insulation against cold and heat

    2- Significant reduction of water consumption in irrigation of plants and products due to the reduction of water evaporation

    3- Creating suitable light for flowers and plants

    4- Creating a desirable canopy for its various uses and protection from direct sunlight

    5- Very high and desirable life and durability

    6- Low weight and affordable prices

    7- Very high and remarkable flexibility

    8- Very high resistance

    9- Prevent any damage to your products

    10- Increasing the productivity of flowers and plants

    That is why today there are many farmers who have started to buy and use greenhouse shades to be able to take full advantage of their benefits and always have optimal and growing crops.

    And have a good cover according to the canopy net for their flowers and plants.

    Construction and design of greenhouse shades in different sizes

    If you want to use the greenhouse shade for your flowers and plants; Keep in mind that you can, given the size you have; Design your greenhouse or greenhouse net in different sizes with 30, 50 and 80% shading percentage.

    Explain that the standard length of a greenhouse shade is usually estimated at 50 meters and its width is designed in different dimensions of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 meters in green, white and black colors, and the material of these greenhouse shades is thin fiber fibers are polyethylene.

    These types of nets are designed using high quality and first-class raw materials that are resistant to UV rays.

    The design of this type of greenhouse nets is such that, for example, if you choose a greenhouse with 80% shading, the yarns and fabrics of this greenhouse shade receive 80% of light and only 20% of it passes.

    Therefore, before choosing and buying any of these greenhouse nets, you should consider different conditions so that you can buy the best type of greenhouse shade for your flowers and plants and then install it so that you can use This greenhouse shade or greenhouse nets as a cover and protection against the penetration of harmful cold and heat into the greenhouses and at the same time your plants and products continue to grow and reproduce in perfect health.

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