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    what is a kangaro compactor?

    what is a kangaro compactor?

    The tamping rammer, also known as the kangaroo compactor, is one of the most widely used industrial components, which, despite its light weight, has a lot of power, influence, and concentration during construction and industrial activities.

    Creates the desired level. In this article, we will fully examine the frog compactor, and if you want to buy a frog compactor and you want to know enough about the price of the frog compactor as well as its types, you can read this article.


    What is compactor?

    Compactor is an industrial device and device that in order to create compression in different materials of stone and soil, by using mechanical force, increases the density level of a material.

    The chassis used in the body of different types of compactors is usually made of very thick steel or hardened cast iron.

    Introducing tamping rammer

    The tamping rammer, or kangaroo compactor, is a piece of industrial machinery that, despite its sleek design and light weight, can exert a great deal of concentration and impact on the surface. If there is a frog compactor, it is possible that it will create the necessary pressure for most soils and rocks and work on them.

    Of course, soils that are soft are not suitable for tamping rammers. Among the most important uses of frog compactors can be used in road construction and road construction projects, as well as the use of various factors such as embankment and excavation operations or other items such as preparing the surface for building foundations and various pipeline brokerage operations.

    Gas and water or power and telephone cables or other projects were also mentioned.

    The performance of this compactor is quite different from the performance of manual compactors in terms of the type of impact and the amount of pressure it exerts on the soil or stone or the desired surface.

    The tamping rammer uses shock force instead of vibration to compress and apply pressure to the soil surface.

    This makes the price of the tamping rammer higher than other types of compactors due to the difference between tamping rammers and other types of compactors.

    The popularity of this type of compactor has made the tamping rammer market hotter than other types of compactors.

    Other uses for this compactors include compression in the soil and surface for drilling for gas, electricity, water, telephone, and other transmission lines.

    One of the advantages of using a tamping rammer is that the process is very easy to use when using this type of compactor, and also in terms of cost and time, it saves a lot, and as a result, the desired level is in principle and precisely compressed and the final product will be of high quality.

    Jump compactor operation process

    The tamping rammer works so that the force of the compactor can completely fill the cavities and extra empty spaces, and if there is soil or stone between the particles, by increasing the density or compression between the particles.

    Eliminates and compacts and compresses these particles completely.

    Also, due to the rotational motion that is applied to the desired surface to create force, a very strong compressive force is created by this compactor at the bottom of the compactor and at the desired level.

    There are also many tricks and operations to increase the performance of the tamping rammer and create better compression, which can be used to greatly improve the result of the work and perform the compression operation efficiently.

    The components of tamping rammer

    Kangaroo compactor or jumping compactor consists of various components, the most important of which are an air cooler and a four-stroke gasoline engine, which can be used to increase the speed of the engine.

    Other components of the tamping rammer include spring bearing cutter cylinders and grease feeders. In general, the kangaroo compactor uses grease-eater connections to lubricate the spring connections used in the design of its components.

    In order to increase the life of the device and also not to reduce the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the device, it is better to lubricate and review the grease eater connections in the kangaroo computer during certain periods of time as a periodic service.

    We also need to know enough about the operation of the handles before starting the activity and turning on the frog compactor, and remember how to work with them properly.

    Usually the design and construction of a frog compactor is such that a hook is installed to lift the device.



    How to work with kangaroo compactor

    To use the kangaroo compactor, we need to do the following steps step by step, and first you need to open the fuel valve using the fuel valve lever, then put the switch for the engine on the light mode and the valve lever.

    Set the unemployment rate.

    If the air temperature is cold, it is necessary to turn on the jump compactor using the choke lever in the closed position, and if the ambient air temperature is hot, or when the engine is running and the engine is hot, the device can be switched on.

    The use of choke levers was quite open.

    After the device is turned on, hold the starter handle on the computer and the frog and pull it back. Do it harder and faster, and before you want to release the female starter handle, you need to return the starter handle to its original position.

    If you have completed the above steps and the engine has not started, you must half-open the choke lever and repeat the steps again.

    If you still do the steps in the semi-play choke lever mode and the engine starts, it is necessary to check the engine of the device and check the engine spark plugs in the first stage, and if the spark plugs are defective or dirty. If necessary, clean them if necessary.

    If the engine of the kangaroo compactor does not turn on after starting the engine several times, it is necessary to check the spark plugs in the compactor, and if there are any defects in the spark plugs, they should be replaced or repaired or Its cleaning should be done so that the engine of the device can start its activity.

    After the engine of the device starts to work, in order to start the operation of tapping on the desired surface using the tamping rammer, it is necessary to change the valve lever from the closed position to the completely open position.

    Also, in order not to cause any damage to the spring and collage on the device, we must change the valve lever quickly and do not do it slowly in any way.

    Usually, different models of frog compactors are designed and built to work at speeds between 3,800 and 4,100 rpm, and also from hitting this device, it is about 4640 to 6195 beats per minute.

    If you want to increase the operating speed of the device or increase its permissive power, which is announced by the device manufacturer, it will not have any positive effect on the process and the result, and it may also cause a lot of damage to the device.

    As mentioned, the tamping rammer is designed to create shock and compression, and in order to make the compression more accurate and principled, you can tilt the handle slightly backwards to the end.

    The base of the device is in good contact with the desired surface and the compression operation is more complete and correct.

    Turning off the kangaroo compactor

    In order to turn off the device, it is necessary to place the lever in the device from the open position to the completely closed position, and in this case, let the engine operate for about 3 minutes at low speed, and in case the engine spark plug is detached from the device, the handle Drain the throttle two or three times to completely drain the fuel in the cylinder and no excess fuel remains.


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