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    what is cutter blade?

    what is cutter blade?

    From asphalt cutter blade to concrete cutter in usage:

    Can a cutting blade be considered for cutting all surfaces of different materials? This is a simple question when buying different types of asphalt cutter blades. Certainly those who are looking to buy an asphalt blade with an unprofessional look try to answer that question.

    Because professionals know very well that a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or stone can never be used on a single asphalt cutter blade.

    ?what is cutter blade


    Professionals are well aware that there is a need for complete and enough assurance of the requirements of each cutting prior to each cut, and this will depend on the supply of the appropriate equipment.  Like providing the asphalt cutter blade correctly on the asphalt cutter machine.

    Asphalt Cutting Machine is a machine aimed at cutting hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and sometimes stone. But for this purpose, they use different types of asphalt-based cutters or concrete-based blades.

    Asphalt cutter blades are, as the name implies, desirable asphalt cutters and are mostly intended for installation of water, sewage and gas pipes below the street surfaces. Concrete blades are also used for cutting on hard concrete surfaces, both reinforced and unreinforced.

    The proximity of the concrete structure to the rock types makes it possible to use asphalt cutting blades to cut rock types such as marble or granite.

    Although stone cutters have their own blades, they are rarely used except in professional cases such as stone workshops. In this article, we are going to introduce you more to the physical properties of a variety of asphalt and concrete cutting blades.

     cutter blade

    What is asphalt cutter blade?

    Aside from the specific design for asphalt or concrete, in the common sense, the types of blades used in the asphalt cutting machine are referred to as the asphalt cutting blade. A very durable metal disc with segments embedded in it. These large circular screens can be mounted on a variety of cutting machines and can easily cut a variety of hard-surfaced surfaces such as concrete, walls, mosaics, cement or asphalt. Most of these cutter blades are used in a variety of construction industries such as residential to office buildings, roads, dams, public places, mines and stone workshops.

    Materials used in making asphalt cutter blade (concrete cutter):

    The target surfaces in industrial cutters are rigid surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and a variety of rocks. So to cut them, we have to use much harder materials than these surfaces. Our first and last option is to use steel alloys. Because it is the only steel that can provide the desired durability and performance at a reasonable cost. But in these steel alloys, there is a great deal of variation to make concrete blades to asphalt, but in a comprehensive selection with the use of high-carbon steel alloys, different types of concrete or asphalt blades are made.

     Hardness of asphalt cutter blade

    Hardness of asphalt cutter blade:

    The choice of carbon alloys is due to the high strength of these metallurgical structures. However, different materials such as nickel, chromium palladium in steel are used to achieve various purposes such as stainless, flexibility, ductility and of course high strength.

    Carbon is the best option to steel’s firmness. Carbon steel alloys are more durable than any other alloy. Meanwhile, by increasing the amount of carbon at the steel surface, the ultimate strength of the alloy, commonly known as high carbon steel, can be increased.

    Although the choice of carbon percentage has a profound effect on the strength of the steel, it will affect some of the other properties of the metal and will provide various performance benefits for the steel.

    It is therefore in the various industries that the amount of carbon compounds selected is given the demand requirements. To make asphalt blades, we generally use carbon levels above 6%.

     Hardness of asphalt cutter blade

    What are the different types of asphalt cutter blade?

    Depending on the function, a two-member classification of the types of cutter blades can be introduced, dry cutter blades versus wet cutter blades. You should be aware of these categories when buying an asphalt cutter blade. Because the wrong purchase can slow down your work or not cut it.

    The asphalt cutter blade is wet so that the surface should be cooled with water while working.

    These blades will become extremely hot as a result of cutting. Failure to cool their surfaces can result in slowing or breaking of the blade.

    The asphalt blade should be cooled on both sides so that both sides of the blade can be cooled.

    The distinction between wet and dry asphalt cutter blades is due to the lack of dust production. Of course, dry types do their job without the need for water cooling.

    An activity that will produce a lot of dust due to the dry environment.

     What are the different types of asphalt cutter blade

    Differences in the essence of asphalt cutter blade to concrete cutter blade:

    The question may have arisen as to what the difference is in the design of the material for the different types of asphalt cutter blades to the concrete cutting blades, which can result in their various functions.

    Being aware of these differences will make the average operator a professional operator in cutting all types of surfaces. The major differences between the types of asphalt cutter blades and concrete blades when buying are the following.


    Important points while buying cutter blade:

    • Asphalt cutter blades are more resistant than concrete blades.

    • Concrete blades can also be used for asphalt cutting, but the reverse is not possible.

    • Concrete blades are more expensive than asphalt cutter blades.

    • Concrete blades are manufactured in both non-reinforced concrete and reinforced concrete cutters, which the most suitable type is reinforced concrete cutter and it’s more expensive. 

     Important points while buying cutter blade

    When buying an asphalt blade, regardless of the manufacturer's brand or manufacturer's country of choice, with the shear depth you want and the maximum speed permitted in the blade operation, consider the type of asphalt or concrete blade.

    If you want to deal with a blade for deep cuts on concrete or asphalt surfaces at the same time, although this is not a professional decision, you can buy both concrete blades with a good degree of hardness for both types.

    Concrete cutting blades can also be used as an asphalt cutter blade in emergencies. However, in this use, cut with the appropriate tables and the maximum allowable circumference.

    Which one is more expensive? Concrete cutter or asphalt cutter blade?

    In the discussion of comparing the price of asphalt and concrete cutter blades it is important to note that the price of concrete cutter blades is higher than asphalt because concrete blades are harder than the type of asphalt.

    Factors affecting cutters prices include asphalt or concrete, brand and country of manufacture.




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