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    what is difference between invertor and general generator?

    what is difference between invertor and general generator?

    Inverter generator

    Nearly two centuries have passed since the invention of the first electric motor, and over the years we have seen the invention of various types of generators.

    The latest model of them is now available. It operates at different speeds, and its working method is to first convert the output current to direct current, then to AC power, which has the appropriate voltage and frequency, and to create a stable current for the devices.

    Electricians that are sensitive to power fluctuations are ideal.


    Inverter generator

    The inverter electric motor or generator may be a new generation of generators, but when you enter the market to buy an electric motor, you will encounter different types of inverters that you need to know about the operation and features of the inverter generator.

    Inverter or normal generator

    One of the main differences between inverter generators and conventional models is their current type.

    In normal models, AC current is produced directly, while in inverter models, DC direct current is produced first.

    Then the DC current is converted to AC current, the advantage of this is that it eventually produces a lower oscillation current that is suitable for sensitive electrical devices.

    Other differences between the two models include fuel consumption, volume and power output

    . In short, if you want the electric motor to give you high power for long hours, choose a regular generator. If noise and fuel consumption are important, choose an inverter electric motor, because of the slower running of the motor and the lack of energy required to generate current, lower noise and lower fuel consumption.


    Types of inverter generator

    Before buying an inverter generator, you should be aware of your needs, then make a purchase.

    Inverter generators can be categorized by size and divided into 3 categories: large, medium and small or recreational.

    Large inverter generator

    Large size models have a high weight and are usually made and supplied with wheels, usually the power that these models produce is 5000 watts and above and with 220V power and is very ideal for home use.

    It is possible to connect household appliances to the electric motor by switching switch mechanism.


    Middle sized inverter generator

    This type of model does not have a high weight and the power it produces is between 2500 to 4000 watts. The electric motor is described to be studied.

    Small inverter generator

    If you are a recreational enthusiast and need a power source to turn on electrical appliances such as chargers and multi-lights, we recommend the small size inverter model, which produces up to 2000 watts of power and is designed in such a way that The electric motor can be easily replaced, but the point to keep in mind is not to use this indoor model in any way, which will poison you due to the release of carbon monoxide.


    Features of inverter generator

    Inverter fuel consumption:

    One of the important features of the inverter generator is its low fuel consumption, and due to the adjustable power of the generator, it consumes less fuel and does not waste fuel.

    Inverter low noise:

    After buying an generator, one of the issues you will have to deal with is the sound of the electric motor. They work continuously and make a lot of noise.

    Clean energy production:

    Due to the low power consumption and low noise of the inverter generator, there is an electronic inverter board inside the power motor system that creates various power and speeds and makes the fuel less consumed and the so-called energy that it produces. Slow, clean energy, this will increase the longevity of your engine in addition to the benefits mentioned.

    Sustainable flow generation:

    The technology used in the inverter generator has produced more stable current than other electric motors, and this is ideal for electronic devices that are sensitive to power fluctuations, such as computers, laptops, and stereo equipment, which require a non-oscillating current, this model is suitable.


    USB panel:

    One of the differences between the Inverter generator and other types is the existence of a USB panel with which you can charge your mobile phone and battery.


    Inverter generator conclusion:

    Inverter generators have two main advantages over conventional types, one is low consumption and the other is low noise, but due to the advanced technology used in the construction of inverter generators, their prices are relatively high.

    This high price has caused those who have chosen conventional electric motors to replace the inverter model, due to the high cost of maintenance of the inverter generator and its complexity due to the technology used in its construction.

    But we have to admit that this thinking is not correct, and if you use the inverter generator properly, it is very reliable and you will never need maintenance.



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