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    what is drip irrigation controller

    what is drip irrigation controller

    What is drip irrigation controller?

    This is usually the first question everyone asks. In answer to this question, we need to explain a little bit about this device. Irrigation controller is an automatic device that commands electric valves to irrigate the desired land surface at a specific time.

    But keep in mind that if your irrigation controller has 4 stations, you can only connect up to 4 solenoid valves, and the timing of each valve can be different.

    The size of the solenoid valves should be from 1 inch to 3 inches. These sizes are set as international standards and cannot be changed. That's why it's called the intelligent irrigation controller.

    This device is easily connected to a utility by an expert and you can manage the irrigation of your land.

    Irrigation timer

    Irrigation controller has another application. This device is connected to the irrigation timer and can also determine the irrigation schedule. You can give the timer to your irrigation controller, which means that it takes a few hours or how long to irrigate.

    Irrigation controller with digital clock can adjust the irrigation time from one minute to 240 minutes or the interval between irrigation from 6 hours to once a week.

    This timer helps you to irrigate a large area of your land or even your home garden with optimal energy consumption and battery usage.

    When using an irrigation controller, the timer must be disconnected from the tap during the winter to prevent it from freezing. Always try to keep the filter cleaner clean so that its useful life is not reduced. If the filter gets dirty, replace it immediately.

    Drip irrigation controller

    Drip irrigation controller is the best way to irrigate your farmland or even your small garden. With this method of irrigation, you will get the water and nutrients needed by the plants to the root of the plant, and in this regard, you will help to grow better and cultivate more crops.

    With drip irrigation, you can avoid wasting a lot of water. In the traditional method of irrigation, you have to take the trouble to water the plants in time and give them enough water. Using a drip irrigation controller allows you to pour water evenly around the plant's roots and always keep it moist around the roots.

    Drip irrigation controller also has the advantage that you can use lower quality water such as treated wastewater. Because in traditional irrigation, this type of water has a high percentage of salts and damages the roots of plants. But in a drip irrigation system, water with a high percentage of solutes can be used better.

    Also, in drip irrigation controllers, the efficiency and effectiveness of work is very high. And in some cases, up to 90 percent efficiency has been seen. Another advantage of using drip irrigation controller is saving labor and manpower costs.

    In this method, the fertilizer and nutrients of the plant can be applied to the roots of the plant as a solution and mixed with water. The good thing is that the fertilizers reach the root of the plant correctly and the amounts used are exactly the same size as the plant. In the traditional way, this is done by the worker.

    This saves labor. And the brick point is that in drip irrigation controller, stone and rocky lands can be used and full of hills and roughness, this method can be used. Soils with high water permeability respond very well to this method.

    Automatic irrigation equipment

    Irrigation controllers require a variety of appliances and equipment, and a variety of steps must be taken to ensure that this is done properly. First, the irrigation system must be determined. For example, the irrigation controller should be drip or rain.

    In the next step, it should be determined what the cultivation method is and what program and timing should be given to the irrigation controller.

    Then, according to this time and time, the designer will determine the size of the irrigation controller pipe. All the tools and equipment needed for intelligent irrigation are called automatic irrigation equipment.

    Purchasing this equipment imposes a cost on the user, which is why many people do not use the irrigation controller and its equipment because of these costs.

    However, it should be noted that although the use of this system is costly, but in a short period of time after using it, with increasing the product and reducing the cost of water and fertilizer and not paying the labor wage, these costs will return and become profitable.

    Be. Finally, it should be noted that when using irrigation equipment and irrigation controllers, it is best to use a special storage box to prevent it from being stolen.

    The price and selling of irrigation controller

    As mentioned in the previous section, the irrigation controller and its application may be a little expensive at first, but in a short time after using it, these costs will return.

    If you need an irrigation controller and its equipment, you can refer to our site in the sales section of the irrigation controller and provide these supplies in full and at a very reasonable price.

    Our partners on this site are ready to give you free advice if needed. Even if you need to design and choose an irrigation controller, visit our site and get help from our designers.

    The price list of the irrigation controller is available on our site. We will assure you that the irrigation controller will be offered to you on our site at a very reasonable price. You will also find the right model for your purchase of an irrigation controller.

    The products provided on our site will be provided to you all in original form and with the relevant guarantees.

    Hunter controller

    Hunter Irrigation Controller is a very simple device that can be used even with solar energy. You can connect the Hunter Automatic Irrigation Controller to 8 irrigation programs. This device has many features, some of which we will discuss below.

    Hunter Automatic Irrigation Controller Capabilities

    Irrigation information and planning can be stored in the memory of the Hunter Irrigation Controller and reused if needed. This application is very useful and important in changing the seasons.

    Because with the change of seasons, the amount and timing of irrigation will also change. For example, the amount of irrigation in spring is not the same as winter or autumn.

    If there is bad weather or rain, the Hunter Irrigation Controller can be delayed. This program helps to return to the previous program and control the irrigation after the bad weather of the system.

    This Hunter Irrigation Controller system can also display the number of days left to irrigation on its screen.

    The Hunter Irrigation Controller can control its system with the push of a button and send an error message if it fails.

    A fixed memory is also provided in the Hunter Irrigation Controller System. This feature is used to protect the irrigation controller against unwanted factors.

    When using the Hunter Irrigation Controller, in the event of any electrical faults or fluctuations using an automatic feature, the Hunter Irrigation Controller only removes the affected station from the circuit and the rest of the system continues to operate.

    Even in the Hunter Irrigation Controller, there is no fuse or cutter that would cause the risk of explosion and the irrigation would be completely cut off.

    The Hunter Irrigation Controller has the ability to adjust the water setting for the plant by changing the season both globally and daily.

    Global settings provide only one percent for each station, but by adding a solar sensor daily, these settings are made on a daily basis, and by measuring the climate of each location, it determines the amount and timing of irrigation.

    Hunter Irrigation Controller has the ability to specify an irrigation adjustment program at each station to the next station. These settings can delay the irrigation of any station, even from a few seconds to a long time.

    This feature helps to replenish water tanks in some cases. Of course, it is important to note that this delay depends on the user's opinion and is not necessary.

    Hunter Irrigation Controller has a programmable sensor. This sensor removes each station from the circuit if needed, but other stations continue to operate.

    Rain irrigation controller

    Rain irrigation controller is very capable. This device can plan for about 6 stations. Using a Rain irrigation controller is very simple and convenient.

    You can use it by adjusting the three parts of this device. These three parts are the start of irrigation, the duration of irrigation, and the irrigation cycle.

    But the unique feature of the Rain Irrigation Controller is that for each station you can have two separate irrigation programs and give each program a different timing.

    You give it a seasonal schedule once in the Rain Irrigation Controller, and this controller irrigates your lands one hundred percent without re-adjusting and easily without any errors or mistakes.

    Rain Irrigation Controller is also used to irrigate small spaces and even home gardens. And if you are not at home, you can safely irrigate your green space.

    Mistakes in using irrigation controller

    There are always some things to keep in mind when using an intelligent irrigation system. It is best to place the irrigation controller equipment in a box. This enclosure helps prevent people with disabilities from manipulating it. In addition, the theft of this equipment is prevented.

    Irrigation controller solenoid valves are best placed inside a box under the ground. This helps to avoid problems when mowing and moving the system. And the other is to have simple and fast access to this part when replacing or repairing.

    Avoid buying cheap and cheap boxes when setting up a separate irrigation controller. These boxes do not have enough resistance and strength against the blows and radiation of sunlight and the heavy weight of passers-by, and in a short time, you will incur additional costs due to its repair and replacement.

    Also, use boxes of the right size so that, for example, they do not protrude due to the small size of the tools, or do not take up much space due to the large size and do not create visual ugliness.

    When using these boxes, it must first be substituted so that they have proper drainage and do not rot quickly due to water and moisture, or do not deteriorate due to the tilting of the tools inside. Using a suitable rock bed eliminates these drawbacks and problems.


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