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    what is drip irrigation filter?

    Irrigation filter from introduction to application:

    In this article we are going to introduce you to the irrigation filter and its different types and applications. In the use of irrigation filters, perhaps the first space that comes to mind is to use them for home use for drinking water purposes, but only a limited and exclusively designed type of disc filter is used for drinking water supply.

    If the disk filter, along with other filters that somehow remove water from biological and microbial contamination, can be used for home use. Not all disk filters like irrigation filters have these capabilities.

    So not all of them can be used with drinking water. But where will the major use of the irrigation filter be outside of the cost of drinking water? What is the other need in human life that has justified the need to filter water?

    Basically, every irrigation system needs a filter to improve its performance. The main purpose of the irrigation filter is to design these industrial and agricultural systems for the purpose of water supply.

    For example, in a drip irrigation system, any impurities can block small holes in the system.

    In cooling towers, algae, which always grows in stagnant water, can be a hassle. There are many other examples of home irrigation and irrigation systems to illustrate the importance of using an irrigation filter.

    In the not too distant past, there were a variety of meshes used to separate waterborne particles.

    Lattices that were sometimes metallic, apart from the large houses they had, were not capable of separating suspended particles well and were rapidly on the path of erosion.

    But today, with the advancement of technologies in the manufacture of equipment, we are inventing and designing irrigation filters for the purpose of separating suspended particulate matter.

    One of the best of these designs can be a disk filter. The disk-shaped irrigation filter is so efficient that it is used for the proper operation of all types of water supply systems, water pumps, cooling towers, desalination systems.

    Principles of Disk Filter Irrigation:

    Design and manufacture disk filters in two modular and helix types. In modular types, the water into the treatment area, which is composed of various components and stages, is treated without any change in water injection conditions.

    But in all types of disk helix filters, a butterfly is inserted at the beginning of the water entry into the irrigation filter space. This butterfly circulates with the power of water and can produce a small vortex in the water before entering the purification stage.

    This small vortex, capable of producing centrifugal forces, will be able to separate heavy water particles from other lighter particles and trap them in another space.

    Thus, water free from large particles can fill the surface of the disk filter with water suspended particles for a longer period of time. So we can expect a longer performance of the irrigation filter.

    Disk filter design is based on a standard defined in 2-inch disc filter sizes, 3-inch disc filters, 4-inch disc filters.

    Apart from the size of the filter connection to the water pipes, there are also standard categories such as filters 5, 20, 50, 100, 130 and 200 microns for its filtration degrees.

    Properties of Water Disk Filter Function:

    Easy and fast installation: In designing a water disc filter, the goal is to make it easy to use by ordinary people. The sale of irrigation filters is intended for those who intend to supply agricultural water with these filters.

    They should be able to easily install and use the irrigation filter. Therefore, it is in accordance with the principles and dimensions of the types of water pipes that design the water disk filter.

    Easy Operation: For those who want to provide cleaner water to their farms by providing irrigation disc filters, easy operation and no complexity is important. Therefore, it is often the case that disk filter sales, especially sales of irrigation filters, come in handy with easy operation.

    Pressure drop: One of the biggest problems with using different types of filters is the drop in water pressure at their output. Especially for irrigation purposes where this can be very undesirable.

    Disk-filtered irrigation filters, like other types of disk filters commonly used in homes, have very low pressure drop. This is an important factor in the price of irrigation filters.

    High efficiency: The efficiency in a filter is the first word in the price of the irrigation filter. This efficiency depends on the purity of the outlet water. The percentage of disk filter cleanliness is very high and can be indicative of the optimum performance of these filters.

    Resistance to rust: Long-term use of water has its own consequences, and rust is one of the biggest problems with drip irrigation. Therefore, they are often not made of iron or metal parts as far as they can handle water.

    In the drip irrigation filter, which is generally made of high quality plastic, we will not see any rust.


    Get acquainted with the Azud Disk Filter made in Spain:

    One of the best in the market for the production of irrigation filters can be Azud brand products. Azud brand designs and manufactures a variety of disk filters depending on the different needs in industrial to domestic applications.

    Examples that can be responsive to a wide range of customer needs. Therefore, in the large family of filter families, the most popular and efficient examples are as follows.

    One inch disk filter with 130 micron mesh

    2-inch disk filter with 130-micron filtration, of course, available in 100-micron models.

    3-inch disk filter with 130 micron filtration.

    4-inch disc filter with 130 micron filtration suitable for high-volume irrigation activities.

    Technical advice when buying irrigation filters:

    It is advisable to purchase a drip irrigation filter from its authorized dealers, such as the Azud Disk Filter Dealer.

    When buying and selling an irrigation filter, be sure to refer to the level of filtration known as the mesh number.

    When installing an irrigation filter, be aware of the water inlet and outlet. You can inquire with the seller when buying and selling an irrigation filter.

    For this purpose, however, an arrow is often engraved on the body of the irrigation filter, indicating the direction of water movement.

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