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    what is greenhouse shade

    The greenhouse net, or greenhouse shade, also known as the greenhouse green net, is something we're going to cover in this article. So if you want to get information about greenhouse nets and the price of greenhouse protective nets or sales of greenhouse nets, you can read this article to the end and get complete information about these topics, so join us:

    About the greenhouse shade

    Greenhouse netting is used in greenhouses for this reason and is used in this field because it has the ability to cast shadows in different fields and different applications. These uses include greenhouse awnings, awnings of fish ponds, animal husbandry, and more.

    Due to the need of the plant, the greenhouse net is used in different colors to prevent additional sunlight from reaching the plant. Because it prevents the sun from shining on the plant, it causes the plant to grow properly.

    You can also use your greenhouse net to take care of your crops and farms in front of birds and animals.

    Also, the best option that you can use to prevent UV sunlight from the crops grown in the greenhouse is to use a greenhouse net, which has features such as durability and longevity, low weight and very affordable price.

    Another important advantage of the greenhouse net is the flexibility of the greenhouse net, which makes it flexible so that it can be installed easily and without hassle during installation, and you will not encounter any problems.

    The raw materials used in the construction of the greenhouse net are combined to easily withstand sunlight, snow and rain, and temperature stress, and to best care for the crops grown in your greenhouse. No damage will be done to these products, because as mentioned, this net is produced in such a way that it is resistant to any temperature stress.


    When should we use the greenhouse shade?

    As you know, the greenhouse is a space to provide suitable conditions for plant growth, the environment is completely controlled and the temperature, soil and water that enters the greenhouse is completely controlled and no pollution.

    Also, as you know, in order to control the temperature of the greenhouse well, equipment such as heaters, fans and ventilation devices are used to control the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse and the greenhouse does not get too hot or too cold.

    Greenhouse nets are also one of the important equipment used in greenhouses, which are used to keep the greenhouse space cool and prevent the sun from radiating strongly to the plants, and also the plants are used against the sun's UV rays.

    How the greenhouse shade works?

    The greenhouse shade works by first reducing the amount of sunlight and the effects of heat during the hot seasons, and protects the plants from excessive heat and intense sunlight, as well as the greenhouse grid because it protects the sun from the sun.

    It does not pass by itself and causes no shade in the greenhouse and the rate of water evaporation in the soil is very low. The greenhouse shed can be used as an excellent protector against heat.


    Greenhouse shade density

    In making greenhouse nets, shading fabric, which is a very resistant fabric to sunlight, is used with different percentage of shading, which is from 12 to 90%. In general, the density indicates the amount of light that is blocked by the fabric and does not pass through.

    If we want to give an example for this issue, we can say that, for example, the greenhouse net has 30% shading, that is, it blocks 30% of the sunlight and does not pass through it. The interesting thing here is that most vegetables and plant products must grow under 30 to 50 percent shade.


    How much can a greenhouse shade reduce greenhouse temperatures?

    The greenhouse net has the power to reduce the temperature of the greenhouse by 10 to 12 degrees, and it also has the ability to prevent this heat in very hot weather and not cause damage to the plants.


    Greenhouse shades have strong heat resistance

    As mentioned, during the hot summer months, the greenhouse shade has the power to control the greenhouse temperature in the best way by using the cooling share and the pad and fan, and makes the greenhouse not too hot and does not cause damage to plants and also by controlling the temperature of the greenhouse, the amount of water evaporation to the plants is greatly reduced, and this is one of the most important advantages of the greenhouse shed.

    The greenhouse shade, as mentioned, is made of a very tightly woven fabric, and it is installed in the upper part of the greenhouse space and on the roof of this space.

    This way, it is about a few meters away from the plants, and for this reason, this feature It has the ability to control the amount of light that needs to reach the plants in the greenhouse and to control that light efficiently.

    After this, it can be concluded that the design of the greenhouse net can be custom-made.




    How to choose the greenhouse shade

    The greenhouse system can be adjusted according to the climatic conditions of the area, the size of the greenhouse building, the type of plants and the condition of the plants growing inside the greenhouse.

    Greenhouse nets are available in three models with a density of 30%, 50% and 80%, and customers can get these sheds.


    How to use the greenhouse shade

    Every person who prepares a greenhouse shade, the first question that arises for that person is how to install a greenhouse shed in their greenhouse?

    In answer to this question, we must say that most greenhouse sheds are made in such a way that they have seams on their lips, and these seams exist because they allow you to put this seam on the edges of the shed.

    The best way is to install the lacquer system and special springs on the roof of the greenhouse and secure it in the best way, or you can also connect it by using clips.

    Time of installing the greenhouse shade on the greenhouse

    Many people who own greenhouses provide a greenhouse shade system when designing a greenhouse and install it on the greenhouse.

    Because, as mentioned, the greenhouse shade has the ability to be easily assembled in seasons when it is not necessary to install it on the greenhouse. As you know, the canopy is easy to install and can be easily installed on your greenhouse.

    So if you did not install this system on your greenhouse when designing the greenhouse, because this system is easy to install, you can easily install it on your greenhouse in the shortest possible time and use it.

    Do. Because, as mentioned, this system has the ability to protect your plants well from the heat and prevent any damage to the plants in your greenhouse and your plants to grow at the right temperature.

    Greenhouse shade specifications

    Greenhouse shades are produced, supplied and marketed in several different widths, which are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 meters, respectively.

    Also, the length of the greenhouse is 50 meters. Also, we have to say about the price of greenhouse green net or the same price of greenhouse shed that it has different prices according to its different dimensions.

    The colors of these sheds are marketed in green and white, and for this reason, these colors have been used to make greenhouse sheds, which have the ability to show better resistance to sunlight than other colors.

    These colors have the ability to protect from the sun's UV rays and prevent the passage of these rays. Of course, the final point that needs to be mentioned is that the greenhouse shed can be used for other uses as well, such as fish ponds, livestock industries, and so on.



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