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    what is the best construction lift?

    what is the best construction lift?

    Which is the smallest construction lift?

    Single-phase construction lifts are among the most widely used equipment in buildings and can be seen in many buildings.

    In general, construction lifts have the task of moving objects and equipment used in buildings between floors, but since the bulk cargo in ordinary buildings does not weigh more than 250 kg, single-phase building hoists are used in most buildings.

    Single-phase lifts, commonly known as 300-kilogram lifts, are able to meet all the needs of a building under construction based on the movement of objects and equipment.

    But why is the 300 kg construction lift known as the most popular model? And what factors determine the price of a single-phase construction lift?

    What is the best construction lift?

    Since the design of the 300 kg construction lift is such that in addition to having high efficiency, it has a long life, this hoist is known as the best lift for small building materials.

    On the other hand, this type of lift has high safety and very low risks.

    In general, a 300 kg construction lift consumes much less energy than other hoists on the market and is capable of working with single-phase electricity.

    Also, since the motor of this type of single-phase construction lift is connected directly to city electricity. It is therefore more popular than other types of lifts.

    What should be considered when buying a construction material lift?

    In general, when buying a construction lift, you should first pay attention to two main things, namely: 1- the height of the building and 2- the weight of the building materials.

    These two factors play a very important role in the movement of building materials and the determination of electromotor power.

    The next important factor to consider before choosing a building material elevator is the gearbox used in the lift. In general, the construction lift gearbox should be designed to withstand the weight increase due to the weight of the material.

    For this reason, snail gearboxes are used in most building lifts.


    The construction lift gearbox must be a gearbox to reduce speed.

    Snail gearboxes are mostly reducing. That is, by reducing the engine speed (speed), it increases the torque so that it can move heavy loads. Another factor that should be considered before choosing a building material elevator is the construction lift structure.

    In general, the structure or lift structure of building materials is designed to fit the maximum load and weight that can be moved by the lift. For example, in 300 kg lifts, mainly heavy rails, arms and bases, 6 heavy pipes are used.

    Factors affecting the price of single phase construction lift

    Portable weight by construction lift
    In general, the weight of the material to be moved by the lift has a huge impact on the price of the lift. Most of the lifts on the market are capable of carrying 250 to 300 kg.

    The type of electric motor used in construction materials lifting

    As you know, electric motors have the main role in moving building materials. Electro motors are mainly divided into two-phase and three-phase. Single-phase motors used in small elevators are mainly Chinese and Alco electric motors.

    In contrast, three-phase motors are commonly used in large lifts and special projects and have high power.

    In general, Chinese three-phase motors use Chinese electric motors and motogen electro motors, and so on.

    Boxing wire used in construction lifts

    As you know, building lifts use tow ropes to move materials. In general, the larger the lift, the higher the score of the tow wire. This will increase the price of the lift.

    Mainly in construction elevators 250 to 500 kg, the tow wire of score 8 is used and in larger construction lifts, the tow wire of grade 10 is used.

    Base and structure of lifting materials

    A very important factor that affects the price of a small and large building lift is the bases, hulls and rails used in the lift. Mainly with increasing power and lifting power, the tractor and rails become thicker, thus increasing their price.

    Conclusion in Buying a small building lift

    As mentioned, the 300 kg building lift, which is known as the smallest and most widely used construction lift, is the most widely used of all available lifts.

    Because this elevator has a much lower price according to the mentioned factors and meets all the needs of buildings based on moving materials.



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