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    What is the best generator for home use?

    Which generator is suitable for home use? (Generator Buying Guide)

    The whole concern of generator buyers is to worry about making a wrong purchase and falling into the trap of making mistakes that come from ignorance.

    In today's world, with the expansion of various fields in human social, economic and collective life, it is quite natural that people do not have sufficient knowledge of all sciences and sciences.

    But this ignorance should not lead to a wrong purchase. In this memo, we will do our best to help you buy the right generator for your home.

    Finally, by reading the following note, even without sufficient knowledge of technical issues, you can reach a proper conclusion about buying the right generator.

    Of course, paying attention to the general buyers has not caused us to ignore some specialized and technical issues in this memo, in addition to examining the basic points in buying a generator. Stay with us until the end.

    When buying a generator, your needs will prevail.

    It may still not be enough if this is repeated thousands of times, but be careful that when buying a generator, like any other device, it is your needs that come first and last.

    In practice, the first step to making an informed purchase is to know what your needs are, and after evaluating these needs, decide to buy a generator.

    Otherwise, it will either be impossible for you to buy, or you will return home with a wrong purchase, confused by the multitude of numbers, index figures.

    Making a mistake can be a waste of time and money and disrupt the normal processes of your life in the future. Especially when it comes to buying a suitable generator for home use, any mistake in the purchase can be annoying for a long time.

    With this view and approach, you should go to study and know the specifications of the product and device if you have enough knowledge about the material and the amount of your needs.

    Estimation of the consumption before starting the process of buying a generator

    Home appliances, unlike other types of uses and applications, have a wide and variable range and therefore it is definitely not possible to comment on it.

    Go to the devices you want to turn on with the help of the purchased generator and get some key information from them.

    Using the contents of the labels of each electrical device, you can calculate what the power consumption of the device is and, taking into account these numbers and figures, start the operation of buying a generator.

    Keep in mind that if you are unfamiliar with the method of calculating the power consumption and electricity required for appliances, you can find a method that is not complicated at all in various sources such as the Internet.

    Output power is the first basic principle in buying a home generator

    Once you have reached the final conclusion about the power consumption of your equipment, now is the time to choose a suitable generator.

    Keep in mind that in any case, when buying a generator, you should not go for models whose output power is less than the power consumption of your equipment, because this will obviously cause your work to be disrupted.

    But keep in mind that it is also a mistake to buy a generator whose power output is exactly equal to your consumption. Depending on the seller's offer, it is better to have a safe margin and buy products with more power than you can consume. These have two advantages.

    First of all, if for any reason one of your devices is overloaded, your generator and circuit will not be damaged. The second merit is also about the future; If you want to add a special device, you will not have a problem.


    Consider the type of fuel used.

    When buying a generator, keep in mind that the type of generator fuel is very important. Because household consumption is usually high, you should consider which type of fuel is most available to you.

    The two hardships that are commonly available are gasoline and diesel. Depending on the availability of these two, you can buy a gasoline generator or a diesel generator.

    However, we have another suggestion for you.

    If you have a gas generator available, do not hesitate to buy it (provided you have one). Because despite the gas branch in all residential homes, a gas generator is exactly what makes you dream of a constant supply of electricity.

    Try to consider sound when buying a suitable generator for home use.

    Given that you are going to use this device for home use, the sound produced by the device is important. The generator may be located indoors and close to where you live for any reason.

    Noisy generators will undoubtedly disrupt the normal course of your life because their sound is very annoying. So in general it is better to go for low-noise products.



    Models with stronger protection circuits

    When it comes to appliances, power fluctuations can mean a huge financial loss; Imagine losing your washing machine or TV because of power outages!

    Damage to home appliances will definitely be a nightmare in the wake of the staggering prices. When using an unsuitable, high-quality generator, this deadly power fluctuation may affect the health of your home appliances.

    For this reason, we always recommend that you consider buying a generator for home use, which has more protection features, and you are in a good condition in terms of the quality of the control and output boards.

    Many different products use the stabilization and oscillation circuits to supply your power consumption without the slightest oscillation. Also, having multiple power outlets is another feature that is better to consider when buying a suitable generator for home use.


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