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    What is the difference between aluminum and plastic drill vibrators

    What is the difference between aluminum and plastic drill vibrators

    What is the difference between an aluminum shell vibrator and a plastic shell?

    Today, among the types of electric concrete vibrators, drill vibrators are very popular. This popularity is mainly due to the unique use of this extraordinary device in small projects with a small area.

    Concrete drill vibrators are produced and supplied in two types of drill vibrators, aluminum shell and plastic shell, and people also prepare and use them depending on their needs and tastes.


    What is a drill vibrator?

    When concrete is poured on site, it is not completely clean and uniform. This non-uniformity is due to the air and bubbles that form when the concrete is mixed as well as poured into the desired location.

    If these air and bubbles remain in the concrete structure, it will weaken it and the concrete may crack and break easily, which can be dangerous and problematic.

    For this reason, during the pouring operation of concrete, the electric vibrator removes this air and bubbles so that the concrete is uniform and uniform, and thus has sufficient strength.

    One type of drill vibrator is the drill vibrator, which is suitable for small projects with a small area due to being manual.

    These vibrators are made to be manually operated by the drill vibrator hose in which they are installed.

    That's why one of the characteristics of this Drill vibrator is that it is lightweight for easy carrying during operation.

    But what makes this type of vibrator suitable for working in confined spaces is that it consists of a motor and a vibrator hose, and the fact that the two are completely comfortable makes it easy to use.



    Important advantages of drill vibrator

    Among electric vibrator motors as well as vibrator hoses, the price of a Drill electric vibrator is much more affordable.
    It has different hose lengths and you can choose depending on your needs.
    When working on roofs and columns, it is best to use a manual drill vibrator due to lack of space.
    No need for gasoline fuel or oil change.Because it is electric, it works easily with single-phase electricity.

    Aluminum shell drill vibrator

    As mentioned earlier, one type of drill vibrator is an electric drill with an aluminum shell. This shell prevents the entry of concrete and any foreign materials into the engine of the device and therefore reduces the possible damage to the engine and it can be said that this probability is reduced to zero.

    The aluminum vibrator shell makes the device strong enough to withstand shocks and does not cause engine problems.

    Also, the use of aluminum in its shell has made the dribble vibrator very light and the user does not get tired while using it. It also makes it very easy to carry a dribble vibrator, allowing the user to easily perform bubble operations in confined spaces.

    The price of the electric vibrator of the aluminum shell is also more reasonable than other vibrators.

    Plastic shell drill vibrator

    This drill vibrator, with its special and practical design, has attracted more attention than any other vibrator. The plastic shell of this drill vibrator makes the device extremely light; even lighter than the aluminum shell vibrator.

    This feature allows the operator to easily carry the device while working and not get tired.

    It is also the best option for concrete and roof concreting operations, where the user does not have much space to position and also place the engine.

    A high-quality plastic body will neutralize the blows to the engine and will not damage it. The price of drill vibrator with plastic shell is very economical and it has the lowest price and the most use among other vibrators.

    The price of plastic, plastic and aluminum vibrating drill drills is not much different.

    Its aluminum model may be a little more expensive due to its higher strength.

    In determining the price of a Drill vibrator, body material, hose length, engine power, country of manufacture and other factors are very effective.

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