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    What is the difference between brush cutter and lawn mower?

    What is the difference between brush cutter and lawn mower?

    A wrong belief

    You may have already seen in your city and country that in order to arrange and shorten the grass in the green spaces, devices are used for this purpose, despite which the grasses and grasses in Green spaces such as parks and recreation areas are tidied up from time to time so that the lawns take on a better and more orderly shape.

    But there is a common misconception in this area that usually different people think that the lawn mower and the brush cutter are actually the same and there is no difference between the two.

    However, there are significant differences between the two devices, and it should not be assumed that the two devices are similar to each other and play the same function; rather, the most interesting thing is that even the lawn mower and the brush cutter are different in appearance.

    Therefore, in order to solve this problem and the common misconception, the most important differences between the two lawn mowers and the brush cutters will be mentioned, so that after presenting definitions of each of them and the type of their efficiency, this idea of minds will be considered.

    What is brush cutter and what is it used for?

    Given that all green spaces in parks and recreation areas need serious attention; Short-term operation and landscaping of lawns should be done using up-to-date devices.

    In the past, this process was done with scissors; but today, thanks to advances in the industry, a brush cutter has been developed that shortens and shortens lawns.

    In the meantime, some of them have a tank that collects grass, and some of its models do not have a tank and only have the ability to dig grass.

    Brush cutters can be purchased in electric, rechargeable and gasoline models. Therefore, the main use of brush cutters is to shorten and tidy the lawn. The price of them depends on the type of them.

    In this way, you can choose them in terms of the type of fuel, or the type of moving them in the form of manual or motor pushing, which is done by selling brush cutters in reputable stores and agricultural equipment centers.

    What is lawn mower and what is it used for?

    The lawn mower machine, as its name implies; In order to prune weeds, villas and gardens are built next to residential houses, which are sometimes very high, and they definitely need a tool to remove weeds.

    Due to the fact that picking grass by hand is practically tedious and time consuming; In the meantime, this machine can be used to remove weeds.

    Due to the fact that they have produced and designed lawn mower machines in electric and gasoline models, etc. .; Depending on the type of machine you are buying and using, you will be able to buy and sell herbicides, as well as the type of lathe you are looking for.

    Therefore, due to the fact that it is not possible to completely shorten the margins and sides of the earth by using a lawn mower; the need to buy a lathe or lawn mower is well felt.

    What are the differences between brush cutter and lawn mower?

    However, at first glance, it may seem that the use of two lawn mowers and a brush cutter is the same, and there is no difference between the two. But this is not really the case. The basis of these two types of devices are different.

    In this way, from the brush cutter in order to shorten the lawn and from the lawn mower in order to eliminate weeds in the corners and sides and also to cut the reeds in the reeds, rough grasses, cutting different grasses along the river Used next to trees, etc.

    However, it is also possible to shorten the grasses using a lawn mower and do the so-called lawn mower; but this process is difficult to do. However, the opposite is not the case, and the brush cutter cannot be used in any way instead of the lawn mower.

    If you do this, your device will crash. Therefore, each of these devices is designed and installed in such a way that each has its own performance and cannot be used for any other purpose. Among other differences between the two; the following can be mentioned:

    1- Differences in appearance

    The appearance of the brush cutter is different from that of the lawn mower. In this case, there are four wheels under the brush cutter and they move it on the ground and there are blades under it. However, the lawn mower has no wheels at all and has been produced in different models.


    2- Type and size of blades

    The blades of the brush cutter are located below them and in terms of number and size, they have two numbers, respectively, and their length is longer than the lawn mower. But the blades of the lawn mower are smaller and about the same size as the diameter of a forty-piece ball.


    3- The type of application of each

    Regarding the use of each of them, it was explained that each of them is made for a specific purpose and has a separate and special application.


    4- Weight

    The brush cutter is much heavier than the lawn mower machine.


    5- Price

    The price of lawn mower is cheaper than the price of brush cutter.

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