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    What is the meaning of nominal capacity and actual capacity in material lift?

    What is the meaning of nominal capacity and actual capacity in material lift?

    Using of building lifts during construction

    One of the useful tools used by construction workers in the construction process; It is a construction lift. As the name of this device is quite clear; Construction lifts are used to raise a variety of building materials such as sand, brick and soil.

    In this way, in the construction process, in case of construction of multi-story buildings and apartments, instead of transporting and moving the materials in the construction of the upper floors, it is possible to move the materials from the lower floors much easier and faster with the help of a construction lift.

    Transferred above to be used by construction workers.

    Therefore, the construction lift has made the work much easier for the construction workers and has also accelerated their work process so that by considering the ease and acceleration of the work process, it is possible to turn to construction work much better and less than manpower.

    Human pressures are used.

    If you plan to buy and use a construction lift; It is very important to pay attention to several issues, among which we can mention the capacity, speed, quality of the engine, tow length, etc., among which there is a question that is raised as follows: What is meant by nominal capacity and actual capacity in a building lift?
    This issue will be discussed in more detail below.

    Effective parameters in the purchasing of material lifts

    Regarding material lifts or construction lifts, several issues should be considered before buying, these issues should be considered so that finally, by purchasing this useful and efficient device, it is possible to make the most of and use Take them and meet your needs with this device.

    These factors include the following:

    Construction lifting capacity
    Discuss the safety of the device in question
    Quality and efficiency of the engine used in the lift
    The tow length used in it
    Necessary speed of the building lifting device according to the height of different buildings and the number of building floors
    Use strong bases commensurate with engine capacity
    Use a suitable and standard rail with a standard length of about 3 meters
    Enjoy high quality parts
    Construction lift price

    It is necessary to pay attention to all these issues in choosing the construction lift you need. But what is meant by nominal capacity and actual capacity in construction lifts?

    Nominal capacity and actual capacity in construction lift

    If you pay attention to the appearance of construction lifts; The maximum allowable capacity of a building lift is listed on this device, which is considered by its manufacturer and manufacturer. But the actual capacity of a building lift is different from its nominal capacity.

    In this way, the nominal capacity of the lifting device is considered to be much higher than its actual capacity.

    If we want to analyze this issue in the form of examples and in simpler language; This is the case, for example, with the actual capacity of a single-phase building lift with a nominal capacity of 350 kg on the market; The only thing is about 250 kg.

    In general, the standard load carrying capacity of material lifts from single-phase to three-phase sizes can be estimated at anything between 250 kg and 1 ton, each of which is a construction lift according to their capacity; Suitable for small and medium projects to heavy and very large projects.

    Therefore, for any project, you can use your desired construction lift with the appropriate capacity in the best possible way.

    A point that is very important in this regard; It is worth mentioning that a standard lift must have a capacity greater than the maximum load it is supposed to move.

    That is why the nominal capacity of a building lift is always much higher than its actual capacity.

    Nominal capacity is what is written on it and is referred to as the capacity of the device. But real capacity, as its name implies; The actual and main capacity of the lift is the desired building that can be cited.

    Therefore, paying attention to the nominal capacity and the actual capacity before buying a lift is one of the most important and important things that must be paid attention to so that in accordance with the project and construction operations, you buy a construction lift that can meet the ability.

    Paying attention to the safety tips of using construction lifts

    One of the most important issues regarding the purchase and use of construction lifts should be considered by employees and construction workers; The issue is the safety of lifts.

    Due to the fact that in the construction lift, the electric wire of the electric motor is directly connected to the power; the use of this device should be taken with the utmost care and accuracy so as not to endanger a person's life with a negligence and lack of attention.

    So working with a material lift at the same time can make the job easier and faster for you; there may be dangers for you, but if you follow the necessary tips and caution while using this efficient and useful tool in construction, you can prevent such an event.

    Note that for each building lift, there is a nominal capacity and a real capacity. It is better to pay attention to these capacities while using them and move the truck in proportion to the capacity and do not move and use the lift too much.

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