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    What is the role of agricultural drippers in drip irrigation?

    What is the role of agricultural drippers in drip irrigation?

    The issue of water scarcity has become a serious and critical issue for our country and all water-scarce countries. This has made farmers very concerned about their work.

    Some people in low-water areas suffer from this. Of course, solutions have been proposed for this purpose. Agricultural drippers are one tool that can alleviate many farmers' concerns.

    Agricultural drippers are small pieces that play an important role in agriculture and drip irrigation.

    Drops are installed on sub-pipes for use. The water enters the dripping water at a pressure of 1 and there reaches zero pressure. This small tool does a great job. Watering and fertilizing plants and trees.

    Certainly, the selection of agricultural drippers will be a very important issue for farmers, and it is necessary to consult and research the appropriate and quality agricultural drippers so that they do not get into trouble.

    The role of agricultural dripper in drip irrigation

    Drip irrigation is very profitable for agricultural lands. There are narrow, narrow pipes through which water is distributed. The device from which water comes out and irrigates the arable land is called an agricultural dripper.

    Agricultural drip reduces the pressure in the pipe network and reduces discharge by about one liter per hour. Drip irrigation reduces operating costs. Drip irrigation systems require less water than other irrigation systems.

    For example, this system consumes half of the water used for sprinkler or surface irrigation. Weed growth is a concern for most farmers on farmland and is a major nuisance.

    And it's very time consuming. In drip irrigation, weeds also decrease as the soil surface does not get wet. As a result, farmers are reducing their use of chemicals to control weeds.

    There is also no need to hire a worker to collect weeds. Another problem that causes more growth in agriculture is that fertilizers can be injected into irrigation water.

    In this case, there is no need for a new force to cooperate and fertilization is easy. Soluble fertilizers have increased in the market and are used through the drip system. Naturally, if the dropper is bought with low quality, it will cause trouble after a while, and this is not good at all.

    Therefore, if we want to prevent this problem, we must treat it before pouring water into the drip irrigation system. Especially if the water used for irrigation is river water, but if the water used is underground, chemicals that have different effects should be added to the drip irrigation water.

    Types of agricultural drippers for irrigation

    In the agricultural world, drippers play a key role. Both in terms of water saving and cost, as well as relieving the burden of hardworking farmers. Two types of drippers are used for this purpose.

    One is the adjustable draper and the other is the self-adjusting draper. The first type, whose name is also known, is set by hand. Consumers adjust it using a drip screw.

    A good feature is that if the water pressure is low, you can easily control the water pressure by adjusting the draperies, on the other hand, these draperies are not expensive and are cheap.

    The second type is automatic. Each of these droplets is determined by the number written on them.

    For example, if it is written on the dripper, 4 liters per hour, only 4 liters per hour of water will pass through. The advantage is that you don't have to spend a lot of time adjusting. Most of these farms are recommended for large agricultural lands.


    The use of Netafim dropper in the agricultural world

    Agricultural drippers enter the market with different types. Farmers can choose and use their favorite drippers according to their needs. Accurate irrigation changes the agricultural economy. That is, the result and the cost are important to the farmer. Netafim brand has been launching its products with very high quality for many years.

    The first invention of drippers was by Netafim Company, which is a great honor for this brand. The company, which is known for its track record, has launched products that have satisfied consumers.

    The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural tools and drippers.

    Those who have used this agricultural drip know very well that the company's products are made using the best materials. As a result, the lifespan of the drippers is longer.

    This feature could be the strength of Netafim dripper. One issue that may be of concern to farmers and consumers is that over time, sedimentation may cause clogging of agricultural drippers.

    The good news is that these drippers are self-cleaning and automatically adjust the water pressure, leaving no traces of sediment.


    The advantages of using Netafim dripper

    It takes a lot of credit for a company to be able to register both the first invention in its own name and to produce a quality product. Netafim agricultural drippers have also received this honor.

    This product does not use a complicated design and is easy to install and does not require the use of various tools.

    As mentioned, there is no need to adjust the pressure and it can be a regulator. Because they are also equipped with a pressure compensating system. Follows the one-way property and prevents the entry of contamination.

    Another advantage of Netafim agricultural drippers is that they are resistant to sunlight. And has taken advantage of its anti-UV properties.

    It can also irrigate more trees. Netafim drippers are available in four models: 4-liter drippers, 8-liter drippers, 12-liter drippers, and 16-liter drippers.


    Irritec drip irrigation in agriculture

    Irritec drippers are one of the most widely used drip irrigation drippers. The discharge flow of these drippers is constant and they control the water pressure with the diaphragm they have inside.

    In fact, one of the advantages of this agricultural dripper is its ability to control water pressure.

    This drip irrigator is manufactured by Irritec Italy. The speed of water movement in this product is high, and this causes no trace of sediment particles to remain and prevents dripping.It is also not necessary to open the drippers and check for clogging and washing.

    Irritec agricultural drip is made of hard techno polymers. The reason for the longevity of these types of drops is that they have good quality materials.

    Longevity is essential for a product, and the manufacturer of this product has met this need by using the right quality materials. This dropper is more resistant to sunlight, cold and the use of chemical fertilizers.

    This product is made in Dubai 2 liters, 4 liters and 8 liters per hour. Also, the output flow is determined based on the color of the dropper.

    The company has two types of outlets for this dripper. One is a multi-purpose rooster and the other is an arrowhead. The multi-purpose output can be connected to one-, two- and four-way manifolds for pasta pipes with an inner diameter of 4 mm.

    If we install the manifold on the output of the Irritec agricultural dripper, we can connect the dripper to the lateral with a pasta pipe. This method is often used in greenhouses to irrigate plants and pots.

    Using these drippers can both prevent excessive water consumption and save money.

    Types of irritec agricultural dripper

    These drippers are available in three types: NORMAL, PC and PCSD. The Irritec PC drip, or pressure reducer, keeps the drip constant against pressure changes.

    Also, in places where the height is not the same and different, and that the lateral has been used for a very long time, this type of agricultural dripper causes the uniformity of water distribution. PCSD dripper is used as an anti-drip.

    When the pressure on the drippers reaches less than 0.2 bar, they all close and prevent the water from draining completely into the dripper.

    On the other hand, when the system starts working, the pressure reaches 0.48 bar. The flow in the drippers is immediately established, in which case the drippers simultaneously help to ensure the uniformity of water distribution. NORMAL Dropper does not have a pressure or anti-drip feature.



    Application of Axius agricultural drippers

    Another type of agricultural dropper is the Axius dropper. This dropper is a product of the Greek company Palaplast. The use of drippers is very important.

    You should use drippers according to your needs and in your place and based on agricultural lands. These drippers are suitable for greenhouses, gardens and pots and even use this product for drip irrigation.

    If once the sloping land needs irrigation or the length of the land is longer, the use of Axius agricultural drippers is recommended. Experience has shown that this product can have complete control over water consumption, which both reduces costs and saves water consumption.

    In fact, it does the most important and useful work for areas with water shortages. This feature satisfies many farmers.

    Another feature of this dripper is that if we want to recount it, we will discuss the output Dubai.

    The output discharge of this agricultural dropper is divided into three categories: the output discharge is two liters per hour in purple, the output discharge is four liters per hour in gray and the output discharge is eight liters per hour in blue.

    One issue that has been discussed in the previous two droplets is having a water pressure control and compensation system and a uniform flow control.

    Not to mention that the pressure and function of this agricultural dripper is 0.5 to 4 times. The advantage of this product is that it has a silicon diaphragm.

    The manufacturer of this company offers this dripper to the market with high quality and there is no concern about user dissatisfaction.

    It is very resistant to clogging and uses its own detergent system. You can even open and close the lid and do the necessary cleaning if necessary.


    Application of Eurodrip agricultural drippers

    This dripper is a product of Eurodrip Greece. Eurodrip agricultural drippers are used to irrigate gardens, greenhouses and green spaces. Quality drippers have one thing in common that keeps their company credible, and that's a matter of self-efficacy.

    This feature prevents precipitation from clogging the dripper and reduces the cost of maintaining the irrigation system.

    Like the other quality drops we discussed, it has a pressure compensation system. Which causes the pressure range between half and 4 times the constant discharge flow rate.

    This is an agricultural dropper in competition with Netafim dropper. It is clear that if drip production is produced but is not of sufficient quality, it will certainly not be profitable to use it.

    Poor drip irrigation with poor quality materials damages the work system, and because it does not work well, proper irrigation is not done and damages farmland.

    In this article, we introduced four brands of drippers, which fortunately all of them are produced with high quality today and are sold in the production market.


    Choosing the right agricultural drip irrigation system

    It may not be important for ordinary people to use drippers, and they have never experienced it. For farmers and those who care about the use of agricultural drippers, they are trying to use quality produce for their farmland and gardens.

    That's why it's important to choose the right drip irrigation system.

    For example, those who have a garden and want to irrigate it have to study the selection of drippers so as not to get into trouble. If you plan to irrigate the gardens, it is better to use multi-mouth drippers.

    Because in this case, the water reaches the feet of the trees with more pressure than a few drops of the drip outlet and causes enough water to reach all the fruit trees. A pipe is connected to each of these openings, which can bring water to distant distances.

    One or two drops can easily irrigate a tree. Button dropper is widely used due to its easy installation and low price. They pierce the water supply side pipes and put these drippers in those holes.

    Some of the features that should be considered when buying are dropper durability. Buying from reputable and reliable companies makes our minds comfortable in every way.

    Because, like other counterfeit droplets, it enters the market in low quality. Of course, if these issues are not taken into account, it will cause a lot of problems for the buyer.

    The use of low-quality drippers has additional costs, causing insufficient water supply to trees and crops, which alone does a lot of damage to farmers' crops.

    Also, drippers that are produced with poor quality and are less durable will certainly cause clogging, and this is unpleasant for all farmers and users, who are sometimes forced to buy drippers again, which increases costs.

    So be sure to note that the manufacturer and the brand purchased are valid.

    Suitable agricultural dripper for irrigation

    Drippers are usually selected based on water, soil and plant conditions. For example, if a dropper is to be purchased for a small space, there is no need for more sensitivity in the selection.

    The cost of replacing the dropper itself is a big problem, and we have to choose a drip that won't cause it. Droppers are usually selected that have a good discharge output, distance discussion, and good design.

    Droplets with a self-leveling system are another feature that is a priority for farmers and gardeners.


    The effect of irrigation water temperature in capacity on agricultural drippers

    Drip irrigation method has become more important and therefore scientific and principled points should be observed to do this to get the right result. Dubai is an agricultural dropper.

    Irrigation water temperature, water pressure, construction coefficients and clogging have a great impact on the drip discharge. If the water is evenly distributed, it can cause physical, chemical and biological clogging of the Dubai Dropper.

    For each unit of water temperature increase, the flow rate drops slowly increase between 68 and 6.8. C.

    In this way, the drip discharges are affected by the temperature of the irrigation water. If the water flow in the drippers is slow, the sensitivity of the agricultural drip flow to irrigation water will increase.

    In order not to expose the water inside the drippers to sunlight, it is recommended to place the sub-pipes under the trees or under the soil surface in hot areas.


    Factors affecting the price of agricultural drippers

    One of the factors influencing the price can be the quality of the raw materials used in the drippers. Because the polymer used in the final quality of the part is very important and vital.

    Obviously, having good sex has a huge impact on the price of agricultural drippers. Many of the manufacturing companies mentioned in this article have tried to produce good and durable materials by offering suitable and durable raw materials and offering good goods to the market at reasonable prices.

    Most of the factories that produce low-quality drippers are able to produce goods at a low cost due to their low cost, which makes them problematic in terms of quality.

    The complexity or simplicity of the dripper mechanism and the fluid pressure and load tolerance of the flow rate of the dropper passing through the dropper are directly related to the cost of the product.One influential factor is the size of the dropper in inches.

    Netafim drippers are available at reasonable prices and are more popular with consumers due to their constant pressure and self-cleaning compensators.

    Not to mention that the manufacturer and the amount of production circulation of the factory is one of the influential factors in this field.

    Because no matter how reputable the company may be, due to the high value of the company in the stock market, it may offer more expensive products to the market than unnamed companies, and the higher the factory circulation, the lower the price.





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