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    what is tiller or cultivator?

    what is tiller or cultivator?

    What is the cultivator device?

    Soil tillage, or so-called land preparation for crop cultivation, is one of the basic operations in agriculture. An operation in which the soil softens the surface of the crop, the fertilizer is evenly distributed, and if weeds are present, these waste plants are eradicated.

    In short, tillage can be called an operation aimed at preparing the soil just before planting the crop. A variety of cultivator trailers, sometimes known as plowshares, are among the agricultural machinery that achieve this goal.

    What is the main purpose in designing the cultivator?

    In answer to the question, what is a cultivator? The answer must be sought in the basic needs of each farmland. In soil preparation operations for plant cultivation, there are basically several steps that can ultimately make the soil suitable for the final killing of the plant.

    The process begins with plowing and continues until the soil softens and enriches, eventually removing weeds. A variety of diesel or gasoline cultivators are among the most common devices today that can perform these tasks for operations on medium-sized farmland.

    Of course, depending on the type of design in the blades, as well as the power that comes with them, different types of cultivator trailers are considered for different purposes of ground preparation work.

    For example, plowing in agricultural fields is one of the most difficult soil preparation operations, which will often be accompanied by powerful models of tiller, such as diesel air conditioner tiller.

    But most of the work in working with gasoline or diesel plows is when we want to cultivate the soil. At this stage, which is often done after plowing operations on the surface of hard soils, the soil surface is turned upside down using a variety of light plows, such as a cultivator tiller.

    In this way, they can soften the soil, distribute the fertilizer evenly inside it, and finally eradicate all kinds of weeds along with turning the soil surface upside down.

    These are the major steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Of course, depending on the level of power the cultivator provides to the farms, the overall price level of the cultivator can be considered.

    However, the price of a cultivator that can plow a hard farm will be different from the price of a cultivator that can only disturb the soil. Of course, in determining the price of an agricultural tiller, it is important how you choose the type of blade.

    On the other hand, keep in mind that plowing machines often come with powerful motors that work with sharp, hard, thin blades that can split the surface of hard soil and turn it upside down.

    In general, plowing machines, the use of thin and winning blades will prevent the machine from being able to mix properly. Agricultural tiller prices often suffer higher with these working conditions.

    Basically, in soil mixing, what we see in the tillage process requires wide blades to be able to throw a significant amount of soil around the plow blades, along with softening the soil, mixing it to do the same. Delivered.

    In this way, we were able to fully understand the basic requirements for soil preparation to understand what a cultivator is. And what does it do?

    The main usage of tiller cultivator in agricultural farmlands

    As we said, the set of soil preparation operations, from plowing to mixing, is the main activity that you would expect from a cultivator trailer, but what are the steps of these operations? And what are the requirements for their proper implementation?

    Heavy operations in working with diesel cultivator

    Plowing: Plowing farms is one of the most important and at the same time the most difficult preliminary activities in agriculture. It is safe to say that plowing is the most important step in the early stages of planting crops.

    For large plots of land, tractors can be very desirable, but on small farms that cannot be traversed by a large tractor, the high yield of agricultural trailers with the ability to plow will be very efficient.

    Of course, the price of an agricultural trailer that can bring you deep plows will suffer more than other types of cultivators.

    Loosening heavy soils: Plowing is an operation in which the soil will be tried to be turned upside down, but this upside down soil must be taken out in another step from its hard and integrated structure.

    ‌So it is not difficult for plants to split. Diesel cultivators are designed to soften the upside down soil along with deep plowing. Of course, the softening stage of the soil, including the post-plowing stages, will be done during the tillage process, which can be completed with various types of gasoline plow-type cultivators.

    Breaking hard layers deep in the soil: In plowing the soil, it is necessary to break the soil at the lower levels. Therefore, the blades are designed to work with a diesel air conditioner in such a way that they can also split deep layers of soil.

    This will allow the plant to spread its roots deep into the soil in the near future.



    Light operations in working with cultivators

    Basically, the main purpose of designing cultivators is not to plow the soil. Because in parallel with this device, another device called a rotator is designed and produced that can plow the soil surface.

    Often the design of the cultivator is the same as that of the rotator and the only difference is in the power or design of the blades.

    Basically, the rotator cuff is the same as the rotator cuff that the blades have changed. Therefore, if the cultivator is designed in such a way that its blades can be replaced in some way or the blade design is highly capable, it will not be out of reach with the aim of plowing.

    In contrast, most of the activities in working with gasoline plows are of the cultivator type when you want to carry out tillage operations. These steps, which are often considered lightweight operations in soil preparation, are as follows.


    Soil tillage and soil mixing: Plowing is often a preliminary operation in the planting process that takes place sometime before planting.

    In the time interval from plowing to sowing or planting, it is necessary to disturb the soil surface once again so that the overall space on the soil surface is homogeneous, soft and desirable. This is called peeing, and the plow of the cultivator, which is spread with blades, can easily carry out this agricultural activity.

    Mixing fertilizer and compost: One of the main goals in working with plowing women is to homogenize the soil when fertilizing the soil.

    Fertilizing a community in a place other than soil, in addition to not being able to produce a soil-rich surface, will also cause future plant rot. Therefore, it is necessary that the fertilizer on the soil surface mixes well and homogeneously.

    This will be done correctly with the cultivators.

    Root weeds pulling off: Weeds can grow very quickly on farms. Especially if the soil is already plowed and ready. In this case, it is necessary to eradicate these weeds along with mixing the soil with fertilizer by homogenizing it.

    The wide blades of all types of diesel or gasoline plows can easily root all weeds on farms.

    Is rotivator same as cultivator?

     It is sometimes heard that the Cultivator plow machine is something completely different from the Rotivator tiller. Considering the cultivators only to prepare the soil and asking the rotators to plow the land, we have actually forced ourselves to have two machines, and this is completely impossible and impossible.

    The fact is that the rotator cuffs are among the additives associated with the cultivators. The difference is in the structure and type of blade that is to penetrate the soil of the arable land.

    The general nature of female plowing is called cultivator. Now, if we consider the type of blade in the device additive along with the appropriate types for plowing the soil, we are faced with the familiar species of rotator cuffs.

    The price of the cultivator will also vary depending on the purpose you have. Often, if your goal is to plow hard land on a large scale, you will need a variety of diesel air conditioners. This increase in power, in turn, can have a direct impact on the price of the cultivator.

    On the other hand, using a gasoline plow that is capable of producing medium power will be a very good option for soil preparation. In this regard, we suggest that you read the article "The difference between a rotivator and a cultivator".


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