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    Why a power trowel blade is more accurate than a tray?

    Why a power trowel blade is more accurate than a tray?

    A power trowel is a device that helps the user in projects and civil works so that they can easily do their job instead of using a small hand trowel. Due to recent advances in industry and technology, the power trowel can be easily used in very large and extensive projects.

    Using a propeller trowel, the surface of concrete and other materials can be applied in a very short period of time and in a large volume.

    Also, one of the most important parts used in this tool is the trowel blade or tray. In this article, we are going to deal with each of these parts and their applications and see when to use a trowel blade and when to use a trowel tray.

    We also want to see why a power trowel blade is more accurate than a tray.

    What is a trowel blade?

    First, before addressing the main topic of this article, we want to see what a trowel blade is and what it does. The trowel blade is the main part of the propeller trowel, which is located just below this machine.

    The task of the propeller or motor trowel blade is to polish or smooth the problem on the surface of large projects. The trowel blade, like the chassis, can be purchased in three sizes 60, 90 and 120 and used in various flooring projects.

    The price of a power trowel blade varies due to the fact that it has different sizes. Another factor that affects the price of this piece is its brand, which naturally, the more reputable the brand has, the higher its price will be.

    Note that among the different sizes, the 90 size trowel blade is the most popular and has been more welcomed. The power trowel blade is a replaceable tool that is installed on the power trowel machine.

    The power blade looks like a multi-bladed power. These designs work together and with the rotation of the propeller trowel motor, perform the operation of smoothing and leveling the concrete.

    One of the important features when making a motorized trowel blade is its special condition, because a motorized trowel blade is a piece that is constantly in contact with concrete. This collision is also such that it must be able to smooth the hard material.

    What is a trowel blade

    Familiarity with trowel tray

    Familiarity with trowel tray

    Next to the power trowel blade, there is another piece called the trowel tray, which is one of the parts that exist in the power trowel.

    The trowel tray, like the trowel blade, has different sizes, among which we can mention the sizes of 60 90 and 120 cm, which, like the 90 cm trowel blade, this tray is one of the most widely used sizes of trowel trays.

    Note that the presence of a trowel tray next to the power trowel blade is used in two ways in the device, which we will explain in the following:

    1. Fully flat trowel: As it seems, this trowel tray is used on a perfectly hard and flat surface.

    2. Curved trowel tray: The appearance of this trowel tray is curved and is used in large sizes of this type.

    Therefore, we conclude that flat trowel trays are often used in small spaces and convex trowel trays are used in large spaces; because if a flat trowel tray is used in large spaces, its edges will get stuck in the concrete and they cannot be used properly.

    That is why a large convex trowel tray with a diameter of 120 cm is used. This prevents problems and warping, and this arc in this type increases the resistance of the device.

    Familiarity with trowel tray

    When is a trowel blade used and when is a trowel tray used?

    As mentioned before, the trowel tray is both flat and curved. The blade in the power trowel is installed at the bottom of this device and is maintained by 4 blades of the power trowel.

    When you use the power trowel machine, separate the trowel tray according to the smooth polishing of the floor of different projects and use the power trowel blade to completely flatten the final design of the projects.

    As a result, the presence of both of these components in a power trowel is very important. But in general, it is used through the blades due to its smooth and polished soft surfaces, so that they are completely polished and their floor is flat.

    That is why the accuracy of the trowel razor is more tray. Note, however, that this process also depends on the material of the trowel blade

    The trowel tray also has different thicknesses, for example, the trowel tray with a thickness of 2 mm and low power trowels with a thickness of 4 mm to make very strong motor trowels. Finally, it should be said that the trowel tray is used in relatively heavy projects due to its convex shape.

    The reason for this, as mentioned, is that due to their thickness and strength, they can be easily used in any operation and project. But in the end, note that the presence of a trowel blade and a trowel tray in the propeller trowel machine is necessary in all different operations.

    The reason for this is the smoothing and polishing of different surfaces. The price of the trowel blade and the price of the trowel tray also vary according to the type of each.

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