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chain saw buying guide

Chainsaws or tree saws are one of the most important tools used in horticulture, forestry, firefighting, carpentry and sculpture. The most important advantages of this device are increasing the speed of operation and reducing the waste of time in the fields of work and rescue, and in contrast, we can boldly name the forest killer for this tool.

Here's a few basic facts about a stomp pad and how it is used.

A view on the history of chain saw

The idea was first proposed by two Scottish doctors to remove bone from a patient's body. And the chain saw was first made by a German orthopedist who had small, small chains used to cut bones.

In 1927, a man named Emil Lerp built the first chainsaw motor chainsaw. The first models made were very heavy, so they used wheels to carry them, and two people had to use them together.

After World War II, advances in the production of aluminum products drastically reduced the weight of various items, including chainsaws.

Types of chain saw

The chainsaw is divided into two categories based on the type of fuel it consumes and the energy source: electric and rechargeable chainsaws, gasoline chainsaws whose energy is supplied by the ignition of fossil fuels.

Electric Chainsaws: Electric chainsaws have less power than this type of gasoline and are better used for cutting thin trees, but the advantage of electric chainsaws is that they produce less noise, are lighter and cost less to maintain.

It has other species. In contrast, one of the limitations of an electric chainsaw is that it must be constantly connected to electricity, which interferes with the movement of the person using the chainsaw.

In general, the use of this device is suitable for people who work in various workshops such as carpentry, because they can easily provide electricity, the style of chainsaw does not bother them and produces less noise.

As mentioned, the power of the electric motor of this device is lower than the type of gasoline.

There is another type of chainsaw that works by charging and storing power. This type of saw, instead of connecting directly to electricity, has batteries that can be charged and limit the previous type that had to be connected to electricity.

does not have. This device, unlike the type connected to electricity, has more weight due to the presence of a heavy battery. Also, the device's charge is limited and it cannot be used for a certain period of time. It is used in more limited ways, such as pruning small trees.

Gasoline chainsaw: A chainsaw with a gasoline engine is usually the most widely used saw compared to other species and has a two-stroke gasoline engine that produces more power as the two-stroke gasoline engine takes up more fuel.

Gasoline chainsaws are more suitable for use in large areas that require a lot of fuel and electricity is not available to the person using the chainsaw.

Also, high engine power and excellent speed are the advantages of this device compared to a heavier gasoline saw and it produces more noise, so it should have a better maintenance and repair service.

Lop cutter chain saw:

This chain saw is another type of chain saw that has a variety of gasoline, electric and rechargeable. This device is actually a small and light chain saw so that it can be easily reached by branches and tall branches. This chainsaw is attached to a base that can be fixed or telescopic.

Chain pruning shears: Chain pruning shears are one of the simplest types of chain saws and their performance is similar to simple pruning shears. The small chainsaw embedded in it is suitable for cutting branches even 10 cm in diameter.

Manual Chainsaws: Manual chainsaws are another type of chainsaw that works by hand. The function of this device is that the human hand should rotate instead of the torque motor to perform the cutting operation.


Chain saw technical specifications

Chainsaw is made up of a motor and a kind of dental chains that rotate through a metal sheet called a satyr. Also, the chain saw with the torque force that transmits to the chain causes the chain to rotate around the rotor and the cutting operation is performed in the same way.

The electric saw handle is also found in two different models, one that is located at the top of the chain saw and the other is located behind the device and is for use on the ground and at the level of the cutting area.

Guide blade: Another name for it is the chain blade or chain plate. This part is a kind of support for the saw chain and causes the chain to rotate. The rail placed on either side of the chain plate prevents the chain from leaving the machine.

Safety equipment: Since the use of chainsaws is very risky and dangerous, there are parts in it that prevent possible dangers. These parts include

Brake Chain: A device for locking a saw chain so that it can be controlled when the device is kicked.

· Non-manual chain brake: This type of brake works without user intervention and when kicking the device.

Chain restraint: A device for restraining the blade when tearing and exiting the guide rail.

· Front hand protector that protects the hand while working.

Types of chains in chainsaws

The type of chain that is used in the chainsaw is very important for people who are professionally working with the chainsaw. The number of teeth in the chain, the arrangement of the parts, the shape of the parts and their material are issues that should be considered. These parts are divided into different types in the chain saw.

Full chisel chains: This type of chain has smooth and vertical teeth that are used to cut timber, tree trunks and softwoods. Full chisel chains have lower resistance than other types of chains, and the safety features found in other chains are not present in full chisel chains.

Semi-chisel chains: This type of chain has softer corners and unlike the previous model, it is used for wood in the soil, frozen wood and dry wood. In fact, this chain is suitable for cutting hard wood and is safe.


Full skip chain: This type of chain has fewer teeth on it, but because each tooth takes more wood, it has high efficiency and good speed.

The use of this type of chain in cutting large pieces of wood is for people who want to cut the trunks of large trees. In fact, this chain is installed for large saws and is not suitable for small saws.

Semi-skip chains: This type of chain has more teeth and is more useful for tasks that require high finesse and speed.

Chains are also classified into different types in terms of material. For example, steel chains are made for low temperatures or diamond chains are for cutting stones, cement or other metals; diamond chains are lubricated with water instead of oil.

To reduce the heat caused by cutting metals and cement and to wash the soil and dust where the cut is. The diamond chain saw is widely used in construction and rescue operations to discuss earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Another factor that determines the amount of cut is the length of the chain saw blade. To have a secure cut, the length of the chain saw should be 5 cm longer than the diameter of the trunk or piece of wood you are cutting.

For example, if the trunk diameter is 20 cm, you should use a saw with a 25 cm blade.

Safety tips on using chainsaws

Before using a chainsaw, be sure to use safety equipment such as work shoes, goggles, helmets, appropriate clothing, gloves and a protective phone. The most important thing to consider when using a chainsaw is to have the necessary experience and precision in getting the chainsaw correctly, as this device has no protection and may be used by someone who uses it.

Surrounding this person is dangerous. Also, be sure to take a look at the manual before using a chain saw.

Dispose of the chainsaw fuel without spilling it on after the engine has cooled down to avoid the risk of fire.
Whenever you want to check different parts of the saw, first turn off the chain saw and then wait for the saw chain to stop moving.
When using a chainsaw, first make sure there are no other humans or animals around you, and then turn on the chainsaw.

Carbon monoxide production in a closed environment can be dangerous, so avoid turning on gasoline chains in a closed environment.
If you are in an environment where there is not enough light and lighting to work, first provide ambient light and then turn on the device.
When using a chainsaw, pay attention to all points, especially the back area, and try not to walk backwards.
When using a chainsaw, hold both handles in both hands to keep them from slipping.

Steps for maintaining and serving chainsaws

Chainsaws, like the rest of the equipment we use around the clock, require maintenance, repair and maintenance. The steps we need to take in this regard are as follows.


To have a chainsaw ready, you need to clean it from time to time.
Check the air filter if it needs to be cleaned with gasoline; of course, this is also done with a mixture of soap and water.
Check the bolts of the device and start tightening them if they are not tight.
Finally, thoroughly inspect the saw, and be sure to do so if it needs repair or cleaning.


Brake check:

Make sure the brakes are working properly and clean the area around it.


Engine check:

Important parts that you should pay attention to in the engine include air filters, fuel filters, fuel tanks and chainsaw spark plugs, each of which should be inspected to ensure their correct operation.


Check the guide and chain blade:

First, open the chain and make sure the blades are healthy, then if you are healthy, start cleaning the grooves between and around the blades.
Pay attention to the rotation of the chain wheel and if there is a problem, fix it.
Adjust the chain tension of the device so that the device is not damaged.
If the device requires grease, be sure to do so.

Checking the cutting position of the chain: Sharpening the saw chain is necessary if the sawdust soil has very fine particles or the tool is used for a long time and requires a lot of force to cut.

Sharpener chainsaw sharpening is done by special devices and razors that you can sharpen your sawdust chains by visiting the workshops in this field.

Depth limit adjustment: It's a good idea to check the depth limiter after sharpening the chainsaw saw 3 to 4 times. Use a bed rack and a depth adjustment guide to check the depth limiter.


How to turn on the chain saw

To turn on the chainsaw, it is best to place the device on the floor and warn others about this, and follow the steps one after the other.
First, make sure that the saw chain brakes and then place the saw on the ground.
Place the left hand on the upper handle and the right foot inside the rear handle.
Set the power switch to ON and the key to CHOKE.
Finally, pull the starter rope and put the choke key in its original position.


Chain saw price

According to the sales list of motor saws in the market, the most expensive motor saws can be given to the chainsaw with a gasoline engine, and the next step is the chainsaw, which is available in two types of charging or direct connection to electricity. The price of chainsaws varies depending on the brand you buy from, and you should pay attention to the brand you choose in addition to the functionality that the device has for you.

Other saws mentioned above, depending on the brand you buy, have average prices between electric and gasoline saws, and it doesn't make much difference.

To be surer about the price of a chainsaw, it's a good idea to check out a few sites selling mechanical tools to find out which brand or engine costs more or less.

Tips for buying a chainsaw

Some people think that using an expensive tool can be a great help in doing their job, but it is better for such people to know that a tool helps the most to have more use, and this may be done with a simple and handy tool.

It is also possible that when buying a chainsaw, it is important to consider the length of the blade or the saw blade, the type of motor and its power, the safety points of the device, and the physical condition of the person who wants to work with the device. The various issues mentioned above are important issues that will not be regretted in the future.



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