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A guide for buying hedge trimmer

If you are constantly trying to keep the hedges, boxwoods and shrubs in order, you will face a challenge and it is not an easy task at all.

With the advancement of technology and the invention of various types of garden equipment, trimming and trimming the boxwoods by hand is something that has been gradually forgotten.

In this situation, by choosing the right one and using a hedge trimmer, all operations such as shortening and arranging hedges and boxwoods can be done quickly and easily.

You can enjoy a beautiful and pleasant space without spending a lot of energy by carefully and principally arranging your green space.

By definition, a hedge trimmer is a complementary tool to a lawn mower. This means that where it is not possible to use grass for pruning boxwoods, shrubs and bushes, in these conditions hedge trimmer is the best tool.

In general, the longer the blade of the hedge trimmer, the faster your trimming will be, but it should be noted that the hedge trimmers with a longer blade are more expensive and have a higher weight.

In the following, we will provide you with useful information about the types of hedge trimmers, and by studying these items, you will surely have the best choice when buying a hedge trimmer. So join us.


Types of hedge trimmers


First, we will define the types of hedge trimmers in terms of the type of motor actuator source. Then, according to items such as the type of vegetation that you intend to use to cut the boxwood, the height and thickness of the boxwood and hedges, the amount of availability (for example, boxwood is near or far from the wall or fence) and we will provide you with a suitable shopping guide for the green space area.

In terms of the type of actuator source, female boxers are divided into 3 categories: electric, rechargeable and petrol.


Electric hedge trimmer


The most cost-effective electric hedge trimmer is the one that has both very low noise and is lightweight. Electric boxers do not have the problem of time limitation that exists in the type of rechargeable and you can use the device for a long time.

Electric hedge trimmer in addition to being the cheapest type of this device to buy, its maintenance and maintenance costs are also low.

An electric hedge trimmer without a gasoline engine and without the need to mix fuel and oil for start-up, even after you have not used it all winter, turns on with just one button.

The power and performance of the new generation electric hedge trimmers is very good and can surprise you. While the use of gasoline hedge trimmers is still common for large-scale work, the use of modern electric hedge trimmers can also bring power close to that of gasoline.

Electric hedge trimmers are lighter than gasoline and rechargeable and their efficiency is almost equal to that of rechargeable and gasoline.

Electric boxwoods are very quiet compared to gasoline and do not emit any pollutants into the environment.

Expressing these advantages, we should also mention the disadvantage of electric women boxwood. The main disadvantage of this device is that you cannot use the device far away from the power outlet.

The maximum distance can be 100 feet (30 meters). Under no circumstances should you use multiple power connectors to create distance and power to the device.

Also, if your yard and green space are old, before buying an electric hedge trimmer, keep in mind that the number of electrical outlets in such places is usually very small.

Note: When using an electric hedge trimmer to increase safety and protection when there is a risk of disconnection of the device, install a life-saving switch (GFCI) in the electrical circuit of the place of use to eliminate the risk of electric shock or fire.

If you have a small yard and green space and sometimes you want to cut the boxwoods, buying an electric hedge trimmer is an ideal choice.


Table of hedge trimmer’s advantages and disadvantages




Appropriate price

Need to be connected to power source

Light weight

Risk of electric shock

Low noise

Lower output power than gasoline

Environmentally friendly


Rechargeable hedge trimmer

The new rechargeable hedge trimmers are almost silent, durable and low vibration. Rechargeable hedge trimmers are easier to work with than electric types.

Working with rechargeable hedge trimmer do not have problems such as electric shock, power cord rupture and being away from the power outlet that you will encounter when working with electric boxers. Also, there will be no problem of twisting and jamming the power cable.

Rechargeable hedge trimmer, even when it has been used for a long time, like a rechargeable head shaver, can be easily turned on with just one button.

Rechargeable hedge trimmers are very quiet, so buying this model can be the best option in places where there should not be too much noise (such as green space of hospitals and medical centers, etc.)

Older and cheaper rechargeable hedge trimmers came with 14-volt and 18-volt batteries. But today, rechargeable types are offered with 36 or 40 volt batteries, which produce more power and can compete with gasoline types.

The duration of using the rechargeable hedge trimmer before recharging the battery is 20 minutes, but in some new models, up to 1 hour can be added from the device.

Also, the amount of time spent on charging the battery can be a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 3 to 4 hours. Of course, this amount of time depends on the device charger manufacturer.

In case you need to work for a long day in a full day with a rechargeable box, you can have an extra battery so that when working with the device, the extra battery can be replaced to replace the spare battery without delay after discharging the first battery.

The interesting thing about rechargeable hedge trimmers is that some manufacturers of this type of hedge trimmer use the same model of battery and charger in their other horticultural products, such as cordless chainsaws, which can be used in other products of the manufacturer.

This can be a positive point in a company's products because it is possible for the consumer to buy other products of the company.

Always read the company's recommendations for charging the battery and how to maintain it when buying a rechargeable hedge trimmer.

Obviously, the battery in the box of rechargeable women is a consumable part and in the long run, you need to replace and buy a new battery. If you buy a rechargeable hedge trimmer, buying a new battery will be one of your fixed costs in the future.

Note that the battery must be fully charged before using the rechargeable hedge trimmer.

Table of rechargeable hedge trimmer’s advantages and disadvantages





Ability to be used in every places

High repair costs

Without pollution

Less output power than gasoline

Cheaper price than gasoline

Requires a second battery due to low charge

No need for cabling

Ease of use


Petrol hedge trimmer


The most powerful hedge trimmers are the petrol type and are suitable for any type of work, whether light or heavy. Petrol hedge trimmers also prune thicker bushes and boxwoods faster than electric and rechargeable models.

Unlike the electric type, you do not need any cables and wires that can be torn, and you will not need a battery that needs to be charged compared to rechargeable hedge trimmers.

For these reasons, many users who use hedge trimmers in bulk and large volume only buy the petrol type. However, there are disadvantages to using a petrol type.

These disadvantages can be considered the heavier device, higher noise and less operator comfort during use. You will also feel more engine vibration when using a female boxer than electric hedge trimmers.

And you cannot prevent the emission of engine pollutants.

Most petrol hedge trimmers are produced with 2-stroke engines to reduce the final cost of production. The feature of the 2-stroke engine is that before starting the device, you have to combine oil and petrol with the ratio mentioned in the device catalog.

Some new hedge trimmers use a four-stroke engine, which must be poured separately into two tanks of petrol and oil to start exactly like a car engine.

If you are planning to buy a petrol hedge trimmer, pay attention to the fact that this device requires much more maintenance than the electric type and you should perform periodic services regularly.

Table of petrol hedge trimmer’s advantages and disadvantages




High speed

High price

High output power

Heavy weight

Ability to be used in every places

Loud noise

Suitable for wide places

Pollution making

No needs for electric cable

High vibration


Need for more maintenance


Long handled hedge trimmers


Using long-handled hedge trimmers, long ridges that are not available (without the need for four legs and long ladders) can be shortened and arranged.

This advantage is important because when cutting long hedges, your feet are firmly on the ground and the boxing operation is done safely and securely.

You can use this type of boxwood cutter to reduce the height of the hedges up to 3.5 meters. These types of boxers are produced in different types of electric, rechargeable or petrol. Most long-handled boxers have adjustable shafts that can be adjusted to a level that is easy for the operator to work with.

In this type of box, the mechanical arm (series connected to the blade) can be rotated and horizontal and vertical cuts can be made to make the cut as easily as possible.

Be sure to know the weight before buying this machine, because when working with this type of hedge trimmer, the weight of the machine is concentrated at the end and can cause premature fatigue of the operator.

In general, working with this type of hedge trimmers is more difficult than regular types, and you cannot see the surface that you cut.

It is also recommended to use a ladder and an ordinary model if the height of the vegetation and hedge is too high.

You can bring this type of hedge trimmer in the form of a series of versatile products. For example, in Nika store, Honda four-function herbicide is sold, one of the product extensions is the hedge trimmer extension, and by installing it on the mower shaft, the machine can be turned into a long-handled petrol hedge trimmer.

Long handled hedge trimmer’s advantages and disadvantages




Suitable for long hedges

Excessive fatigue when working with the device

Safer than the hedge trimming situation on the ladder

Lack of proper visibility on the cutting site


Now, by examining the types of hedge trimmers in terms of engine type and actuator source, we will examine other factors that can affect the purchase of hedge trimmer.


Type of vegetation

The best female figure for you depends on the size and extent of the vegetation and shrubs you are going to prune.

Small and low vegetation: If your pruning operation is very short and concise and has more of a beautification aspect, we suggest that you use a cordless cutting scissors such as the figure below, instead of using a cutting machine and spending money.

In this case, for more convenience and higher speed, if the power outlet is near you, the best choice is an electric hedge trimmer.

Dense vegetation: If you want to trim vegetation in bulk and wide, you should choose a female boxwood with a longer blade. Usually, the longer the blade, the faster the job.

Because with one movement of the blade by the operator, it shortens more volume than the average blade type. If the distance from your work place to the power outlet is relatively far (more than 30 meters), you should buy a cordless or petrol hedge trimmer, the advantages and disadvantages of each of which are mentioned above. In conclusion, the following conclusion can be reached for buying boxwood for dense vegetation:

The most suitable option for dense coatings, which in your opinion should be spent at least 1 hour, is to buy a petrol box.

Secondly, if you do not have a petrol hedge trimmer and you do not intend to buy gasoline at the moment, you can use a rechargeable hedge trimmer with an extra charged battery. Of course, using a cordless type will reduce your work time.

Vegetation with high height: If the height of your hedge is more than 1.5 meters, you can use an adjustable long box female, otherwise a normal hedge trimmer and a structure (scaffolding) is strong and safe.

Which can be used on a high safety stand. Never use weak ladders that are more likely to overturn.

Features of hedge trimmers suitable for buying

Blade: In general, a longer blade does the faster work. But you should pay attention to the fact that the hedge trimmer with a long blade is both heavy and can make you tired while working.

Therefore, you should choose the length of the female box blade according to your needs.

For example, if you have a small vegetation with a complex shape, choosing a female boxwood with a long blade is the wrong choice.

Most boxers on the market today have double-sided blades. This feature makes the output look very neat and tidy and is more suitable for complex pruning such as shaping. However, the double-sided blade is slightly heavier than the one-sided blade.

You should also consider the distance between the teeth on the blade. Theoretically, any part of the vegetation that is placed between two teeth can be cut by the device, and usually the distance between the teeth in today's hedge trimmer is 4.3 inches.

Weight of hedge trimmer machine

Working with a hedge trimmer machine can cause fatigue, especially if you intend to work for a long time or at a height. The heavier the device, the sooner you will get tired.

Therefore, be sure to know the weight of the device when buying a hedge trimmer. Keep in mind that if you have the right physical strength and physique, you can choose a stronger and heavier boxer because your boxer project will be done faster.



Ease of use

The vibration of the device, the handle of the device and the balance while working are the three determining factors for the user's comfort. If comfort while working is important for you, then look to buy a hedge trimmer with two handles so that you can use the box in different directions.

Some hedge trimmers have two blades (not to be confused with double sided blades) that produce less vibration than single types. But in contrast, they are more expensive and heavier than the single-blade type.

The mechanism of operation of the blades in hedge trimmers is that in the single blade type, there is a movable blade and a fixed blade, but in the 2-blade model, both blades are movable and cut in opposite directions.

Regarding the vibration of various types of hedge trimmers, it can be said that the vibration of petrol types is more than electric and rechargeable models.


Hedge trimmer’s noise

Rechargeable and electric hedge trimmers make a sound equal to 90 decibels (sound like a motorcycle at a distance of 8 meters), but petrol type make a sound of about 97 to 103 (similar to the sound of a fast jet flying at an altitude of 1000 feet). Slow) produce.

The hedge trimmer sound of petrol type is almost twice that of the electric model.

When using any model of hedge trimmers, the use of ear protectors is recommended, but the noise pollution of petrol boxers is more and will cause more fatigue for the operator.


Summary of buying a hedge trimmer

hedge trimmers are one of the most widely used and emerging machines in gardening and landscaping equipment, the use of which is increasing.

By expressing the features of different models of hedge trimmers, we have provided you with useful information that you can have a correct and logical choice to buy trimmers, but in addition to the above, you can also have safety tips when buying them for Involve your choice.

Check the two features of the device to ensure proper safety while working. The first case is the handle of the device, which can make the operator comfortable while working and also prevent the operator from colliding with branches and leaves.

The next case is the automatic braking of the device, so that by turning off the device, the blade of the device stops moving immediately, which in turn reduces physical injuries to the operator.

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