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What is suitable generator for drilling?


Drilling a hole is another task that requires access to a power outlet, and in many cases this may limit the scope of service and operation of the device.

A drill can be used for a variety of purposes, and it is difficult to limit its use to a specific task or function. There are many uses for a drill, from drilling holes in a shower holder to creating a hole base in thin metal plates.

It can be said that drilling can be used almost anywhere it needs to be drilled. If the use of the drill is so widespread, then we should not allow it to restrict access to our power branch, but what is the solution?


Purchasing a suitable generator for the drill to support it

But exactly what generator is suitable for this purpose and this work must be carefully determined in certain points.

In this note, we are going to review these key points in buying the right electric drill motor and help you as a person who is looking to buy the right generator for the drill as much as possible to make a good choice.

We are with you in this note with the following titles:

The first step is to determine the required power

The single-phase generator is suitable for this purpose


Low noise level


The first step is to determine the required power

Always and always when buying a generator, what is important is to determine the power of the generator; you need to first determine how much power you want the generator for and then go into other details.

In the case of generators suitable for drills, this part of the decision is usually not difficult at all, despite the great variety that exists between the drills.

Lightweight drills have a power consumption between 400 and 1200 watts and normal drills have a power consumption between 1200 to 1600 watts. Of course, in the meantime, we should mention two other types of drills.

First, ultra-light drills that have a power consumption of less than 400 watts and are not very useful in industrial applications and are limited to home space and minor work.

Second, other types of super heavy and industrial drills with a power consumption of more than 1600 watts are almost the most widely used drills on the market.

Despite this relative classification, it is more or less clear about choosing the right electric drill motor, but in general it is recommended that you make your purchase using the objective specifications.

Purchasing based on objective observations means deciding on the power required based on the specifications of a particular drill.

If you already know what drill the purchased generator is going to support, do a thorough research by reading the manual, brochure or even the information engraved on the drill winner to find out how much power the device consumes.

After knowing this power consumption announced by the manufacturer, it can be easily concluded about the required power.

Basically, though, if you only plan to connect the drill to the generator, it does not matter much, as it is seldom possible to find a generator with less output power than the power consumption of the drill.

But if you want to connect the drill to the generator in conjunction with other devices, this is very important.

The single-phase generator is suitable for this purpose

Ordinary drills, so-called rifles, rarely require three-phase power, and the use of three-phase power is common among fixed industrial drills.

However, it can be said that the single-phase generator is suitable for supporting the drill and there is no need to buy a three-phase generator.

A single-phase generator can easily service the drill, provided that its output power is properly selected.

The power consumption of the drills is often alternating and 220 volts. Conditions that are fully consistent with the condition of a single-phase generator.


As mentioned, due to its special nature, the drill is used in different areas and places and you need it. If the drill is to be used in different places and situations, then the generator as its support must be able to be in different situations.

While some generators face obstacles due to their high weight or large volume and are not at all easy for the operator to move, you should choose products that are light in weight and small in size.

The smaller the volume and weight of the product, the easier it is to move and in practice you will not have a problem drilling in the most difficult and unbalanced situations.

Therefore, portability, which depends on the volume and weight of the device, should be considered as an important factor in the purchase.

Low noise level

In many cases, it is necessary to use the drill in a closed or residential environment, and this is extremely annoying if the backing motor has a lot of noise.

Imagine lighting a noisy generator, sometimes as loud as a motorcycle, in the hallway of a semi-detached house or even in the presence of residents.

You will definitely be harassed and you will be harassing the residents. In these cases, you will realize the importance of low noise level of the generator. However, it is better to go for products that are quiet or even based on the manufacturer's claims.




Proper warranty and support from the seller

This is not just true of buying products to support the drill, and it should be noted in any case, but its importance led us to mention it as a separate point in this section.

In any case and for any purpose, the device must have a warranty or otherwise be supported in terms of parts and devices available in the market.


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