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Execution of concrete floor with power trowel

Execution of concrete floor with power trowel


Execution of concrete concreting with a power trowel


Today, the construction of concrete structures is much more than in the past, and also the construction of this type of structures has undergone many changes. One of these changes is the use of very new equipment for the construction of concrete structures.


This equipment makes construction better and faster. One of the most important equipment in the construction of concrete structures is the propeller trowel, which will smooth the concreted surface.


In this article from Nika Corp website, we will review the power trowel and perform concrete concreting with a power trowel, so stay tuned to the end of this article for more information.


Execution of concrete concreting with a power trowel


What is a power trowel?


A power trowel is a very important tool or equipment that is used in smoothing and polishing concrete surfaces. Power trowel is known as electric trowel or helicopter trowel or even motor trowel which is used to polish and scrape the concrete floor surface.


There are two types of power trowels, which are mentioned below:


  •     Electric power trowel
  •     Motorized power trowel


It should be noted that the use of the motor type is more prosperous than the electric type. There are also two types of power trowels, which are mentioned below:


  •     Manned power trowel
  •     Hand power trowel


It should be noted that the propeller trowel is manned in such a way that the operator sits on it and performs control and polishing operations, and is also used for polishing large surfaces.


And the second type of trowel (manual power trowel) which has different sizes, as its name suggests, is controlled manually and the operator controls the trowel by its own movement. The quality of the polished surface depends on the leveling and ingoting method and the performance of the machine operator.


The quality of concrete concreting surfaces with a power trowel and the surface polished by leveling and ingoting method will depend on the performance of the staff with the desired device.


What is a power trowel?


What are the benefits of concrete flooring with a power trowel?


There are many benefits to concreting a floor using a power trowel (any type of power trowel). The following are some of the benefits:


     Uniformity is created on the desired concrete surface

     There is also a place to polish the concrete surface for use as a final floor

     The use of a power trowel prevents surface cracks in concrete.


What does concreting the floor with a power trowel include?


When concreting with a propeller trowel, you can do many of the following:


1- Execution of concreting with ready-mixed concrete and propeller trowel (electric)


2_ Execution of formatting with level and slope by the camera ordered by the employer


3_ Execution of the work surface in the form of a scraper with an electric trowel (helicopter)


4 - How to level concrete with electric ingots


5 - Execution of concrete expansion joint by cutter to the desired dimensions


6 - Concrete flooring, hard landscaping, trowel, concrete trowel, concrete flooring with colored anti-wear powder



Execution of floor joinery with concrete


Floor joinery is very important and can be done using different materials.


It is worth mentioning that the method of execution of this type of flooring is very important, because in case of execution mistakes, its effects may be determined in the long run.


For example, if you use concrete or substandard hardeners, it will be possible for the concrete to crack after a few months.


Therefore, during its implementation, executive controls should be performed as carefully as possible to prevent such problems.



Execution of concreting with a power trowel


As you know, a power trowel is a device that is driven by gasoline or electric motors and causes its propellers, which are in the shape of a trowel, to rotate, and the same propellers, which are in the shape of a trowel, cause a smooth and polished become concrete surface.


You may be wondering if you can adjust the speed of the device. To answer this question, it must be said that yes! The rotational speed of the device can be increased or decreased with the help of a lever built into the steering wheel.


Moving forward or backward in these devices can be done in two ways. The typical type is moved back and forth by the operator's manpower, and the two-engine model is driven by the machine's own propulsion.


 Execution of concreting with a power trowel


Important points when making concrete flooring:


In order to do flooring in different places, you need to consider very important points and perform flooring accordingly. And it should be noted that two of the most important points when flooring with concrete, are as follows:


    Considering the weight of the overhead applied to the roof of the lower floors due to concreting

    Also the possibility of soil subsidence under the concrete floor


It can be acknowledged that in the case of low-thickness concreting, it will be possible to create deep cracks in it after a short time.


To prevent cracking of concrete, especially on busy roads and also in places where the amount of load is high, it is necessary to use reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete), which is usually not applicable with a thickness of less than 6 cm.


Other points to consider when concreting the floor include the following:


    Computational control of the load applied to the concrete floor after operation should also be done to determine the required concrete thickness and the amount of reinforcement to reinforce the concrete.


    In case of concreting on the soil, it is recommended to increase the density of the soil, to take action to prevent direct contact of concrete with the soil.


    Occasionally, fine cracks appear on the concrete surface, which can be solved by adding special fibers or, if necessary, adhesives and concrete additives (such as micro silica gels). Appearance.


    Many of these additives can not only increase the surface strength of concrete, but also increase the compressive strength of concrete.


    It is worth mentioning that concrete hardeners are usually available in the market in powder form, which is added to the concrete surface after concreting and leveling operations. For this reason, when using it, colored powders can also be used to paint the concrete surface.


You should know that during concreting, the initial leveling of the concrete will be done and after a short period of time (after the disappearance of the concrete paste) that the footprint is not completely left on the concrete or the so-called concrete has melted, by The propeller trowel trays the concrete surface with a piece called a tray that attaches to the impeller trowel propellers.


This causes the concrete to be completely compacted and the surface to be completely smooth. If you need to apply colored concrete, at this stage, color powder is added to the floor.


After the concrete has taken some of it, in order to reach a completely polished surface, the trowel is done this time by the blades of the propeller trowel.


This step can take a long time (seen to achieve high quality up to 24 hours of troweling operations performed by the propeller trowel).


There are two ways to create a hard surface in concrete flooring, which are mentioned below:


Dry method


It should be noted that in the dry method, after leveling the concrete, the concrete hardener, which is in the form of powder, is sprayed evenly on the concrete surface and then a trowel is applied to the concrete surface according to the quality of the case. Need to be polished.


Wet method


In the wet method, first a mortar with a certain mixing percentage of hardener (hardener) is made by concrete mixer. This ready-made mortar is applied evenly and with predetermined thicknesses of one to several centimeters on the surface of wet concrete that has not been applied for several hours. And then the surface is polished according to the technical specifications required by a power trowel to achieve the desired quality.


It should be noted that after the completion of concreting operations, the necessary measures should be taken to cure the concrete or concrete curing so that the concrete reaches its final strength.


In order to prevent cracks in the poured concrete due to temperature changes, shrinkage and expansion, joints should be made in the concrete and the concrete should be divided into equal parts. This operation is done by cutters with diamond blades.


If epoxy coatings need to be applied, they usually roughen some of the poured concrete surface with special machines (usually sub-blades with larger blades are used at this stage) and perform the required infrastructure and putty. .


Finally, by spreading the required epoxy layers and paint, the joinery on the concrete floor will be finished.


Wet method


Execution of concreting of warehouse floors by power trowel



As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, flooring is one of the most important issues in the field of construction, which due to its importance, we must seriously and professionally analyze and provide appropriate solutions in this regard. And we can do the best flooring.


It should be noted that a huge amount of money is spent annually on repairing and rebuilding the flooring of halls. In addition, time is one of the most significant parameters that must be spent on repairs and sometimes closure.


The use of conventional resin coatings, mostly mosaics and the like, and the consequent imposition of enormous damage to floor maintenance are among the problems faced by manufacturers, and the use of concrete slab surfaces as The user level is not correct at all and it also gets damaged quickly.


The purpose of the technical proposal is to prevent wastage of time and especially costs that can be easily avoided at this stage. Due to the fact that the spaces related to production halls and warehouses are exposed to wear, sharp objects and falling materials, the use of concrete hardening coatings is recommended.


It is worth mentioning that these products can be applied as ready-made powders using the formulations and raw materials of foreign companies and are composed of very hard mineral and synthetic based materials such as quartz, corundum, basalt, regular granulation aluminum oxide. , Which is available with cement-based binder and disperser in different colors.

Today, the use of these compounds to create basic and economic flooring has become widespread.


You can visit Nika Corp website for more information.

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