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Application of diesel concrete mixer

Today, the construction of concrete structures is common throughout our country, Iran. In order to be able to execute concrete structures, very special and special devices are needed by which the relevant concreting can be done.


One of the tools needed in construction workshops is concrete mixer. Concrete mixers are used as a professional concrete mixer in the construction industry, which are composed of different capacities according to different workloads.


The use of each of these devices has its own advantages, which are very efficient in their place, and because of these advantages, the use of this device in construction workshops is very high.


It should be noted that the use of all types of this product is the same and only differs in the type of use of the same. In this article from Nikacorp website, we will review diesel concrete mixer and its application.


So stay tuned for more information at the end of this article.



Concrete mixer:


To produce concrete in small quantities, a device called a concrete mixer is needed. Concrete mixer is the same concrete mixer that is used to make concrete in small quantities and mix cement, sand and water to form concrete.


It should be noted that this machine, which is also known as mortar maker, mortar, concrete mixer and concrete mixer, is one of the newest concreting machines with the lowest and best price and for the production of low volume concrete. And average, for example, up to 30 cubic meters per day is used.


Therefore, this device is used in construction workshops. It should be noted that the operation of this device will be the same as the measurement of materials by manpower, so these manpower must be sufficiently trained in this field to be able to work properly with this device and make concrete.


However, when working with the concrete mixer, you should avoid mixing too much material, because it causes water to concrete.



Engines used in concrete mixers:


It should be noted that the concrete machine uses many different motors, each of which can change the characteristics of this machine.


Basically, concrete engines are offered to customers in the following two types and they can provide different types of concrete mixers according to their needs:


     Single phase



It can also be stated that concrete mixers are divided into the following types depending on the fuel consumed:



The following is a description of each of the mentioned concrete mixers:


Diesel concrete mixer


It should be noted that diesel concrete mixers are used with diesel engines and also with a power of more than 6 hp and above.


Which is offered with different types of brands, the most famous of which are the following:


  •      Margo Engine
  •      Lister engine
  •      Motor coupe
  •      Comma engine


  • And other engines.


Petrol concrete mixer


Gasoline concrete mixers that work with gasoline fuel engines and are offered with engines with more than 5 horsepower in different brands, which are mentioned as follows:


  •      Honda engine
  •      Rubin engine
  •      Rato engine
  •      Lancin engine


Electric concrete mixer


It should be noted that electric concrete mixer is divided into two categories of single-phase and 3-phase. In single-phase concrete mixers and three-phase concrete mixers, an electric motor or alternator with a power of more than two horsepower is used. Electric concrete mixers with the brands mentioned below, as well as Chinese alternator and Alco electric motor with RPM 1500 rpm:


  •      Motogen engine
  •      Electromotor electrogen


It should be noted that most electric motors come with a technical warranty from the manufacturer.


What are the types of concrete mixers in terms of size?


It can be acknowledged that concrete mixers are generally divided into the following two categories:


  •      Large concrete mixers
  •      Small concrete mixers


It should be noted that laboratory concrete mixers, 120 liters, 250 liters, 300 liters, 350 liters, 400 liters, 450 liters are in the category of small concrete mixers. Also available in the category of large concrete mixers, 500 liter, 750 liter and 1000 liter concrete mixers.



What is a concrete mixer with gearbox?


Before examining the concrete with a gearbox, we must state that the gearbox is a device to reduce the speed and increase the power and strength that is used in two parts, which is used in many devices.


It should be noted that in some concrete mixers, such as 250 liters, 350 liters and 400 liters, for easy emptying of the mortar inside the boiler, a gear steering wheel, which is often used with VF62 and VF86 screw gearboxes.


Which are more easily used in terms of use as the steering wheel of hydraulic vehicles than the simple steering wheel. It is also used in another part to connect the engine to the chassis, which reduces the upper speed of the engine and converts it into power. Which makes the boiler move with higher power. It can be acknowledged that the gearbox is used in this case in certain conditions.


What is meant by single phase concrete mixers?


As mentioned, concrete mixers use different fuels, the most common of which is the use of electric motors, which, as the name implies, are powered by electricity.


It should be noted that in the lower capacities of this device, such as: 250 liters, 120 liters and 350 liters, 1.5 to 3 hp engines are used, which are used as single-phase.


Factories usually use single-phase city electricity, which is convenient for them and there is no need to provide electrical panels to generate three-phase electricity. According to the above explanations, the application of single-phase concrete of three-phase type is very high.


Diesel concrete mixer:


Another example of these concrete mixers is diesel concrete mixer, which of course has much less use than electric type. In the diesel type, the engine that is closed on the device is used by fuels such as diesel, which requires more headaches and hassle than other mixed models.


It should be noted that this type of concrete machine must constantly control the amount of fuel and must be constantly cleaned so that the deposited fuel does not interfere with starting the engine.


The electric motor that is closed on these devices must be electric as standard and usually, and only at the request of the customer, this structure is changed and created according to their order.



What are three-phase concrete mixers?


It is worth mentioning that three-phase concrete mixers have the same structure as single-phase concrete mixers and consist of electric motors and electric motors, and the only difference is whether or not they have an electrical panel to convert the phases.


The very important thing about these concrete mixers is that in order to use this type of engine, we must use an electrical panel, because it is not possible to use city electricity for this situation.


Although most of the orders and requests of customers are of single-phase type, but keep in mind that the performance speed of three-phase electric motor is much higher than single-phase type, and perhaps the reason for many customers to use this type of motor is the difference in speed.


What is the use of diesel concrete mixer?


As we mentioned, the diesel concrete mixer machine is used using diesel fuel and concrete can be used to make concrete. It should be noted that diesel concrete mixer has many different uses.


In practice, the diesel concrete mixer has 6 different applications, which are mentioned below:


The first application of diesel concrete mixer: It should be noted that diesel concrete mixer is used for mixing sand, gravel, water and cement to make concrete in different amounts from small to large.


   Second application of diesel concrete mixer: This mixer or diesel concrete mixer is used for mixing concrete and keeping it ready for final use in the building environment.


   Third application of diesel concrete mixer: It is worth mentioning that mixer devices are widely used for all kinds of industrial tests and for all kinds of tests.


   Fourth use of diesel concrete mixer: Another very important application of diesel concrete mixer is that this machine is used in industrial workshops for mixing and mixing all kinds of materials.


   Fifth application of diesel concrete mixer: This machine is also used in small and large volumes for concreting in construction projects. From small projects such as personalization of structures to large and large projects such as construction of railways, airports, dams, parking lots, commercial and office complexes, parking lots and many more.


   Sixth application of diesel concrete mixer: It is worth mentioning that you get the best quality concrete when you pour the required amount of concrete materials in it in a timely manner. And one more thing is to avoid adding too much load and spilling materials. Because it will damage the concrete machine and also reduce its performance, and many other applications in each of which can somehow use the concrete machine and concrete mixer.



What are the advantages of a concrete mixer?


As mentioned in the previous sections of the article, the concrete mixer or mixer, in addition to various capacities, is provided with a coupling with a single-phase and three-phase gasoline engine, diesel or electric motor, simple and with a gearbox, and is available on request. Placed.


This device has the ability to move, the ability to move it is offered in two wheels and four wheels. The rotation speed of the boiler is 17 to 13 revolutions per minute. As a result, the larger the boiler, the higher the engine power must be.


Other features and benefits of the concrete mixer include the following:


  • Special gear ring made of steel sheet in one piece
  • Flexible frame for easy transport
  • Sturdy frame for high stability
  • Rotate and rotate 360 degrees for easy and complete unloading
  • Wheels suitable for more stability and high maneuverability


Tips for concrete mixer


In order to be able to use the concrete mixer optimally, you should pay attention to the points mentioned in the rough:


   In vertical mixers, it is best to pour all the ingredients into the mixer at the same time, in other words, before the concrete mixer starts to spin, you must avoid spilling the materials one after the other while spinning the mixer separately. Pouring the materials at the same time makes the concrete mixture uniform.


   The mixing process must continue until the color, appearance and smoothness of the concrete mix are achieved.


   It should be noted that the mixer should not be loaded beyond its capacity. Excessive material causes the concrete mixture to be unsuitable and its uniformity and efficiency are not considered. It can also be noted that it is possible to damage the mixer.


It is worth noting that during the mixing process of concrete, coarse aggregates mixed in concrete may not be evenly distributed. Therefore, instead of draining the resulting concrete mix into small portions from the mixer, it is best to drain the entire concrete mix together into one container.


The speed of the concrete mixer should be adjusted according to the manufacturer's recommendations. More or less speed leads to the desired non-uniformity.


In the first batch of concrete mixer, some cement mortar may remain in the mixer. Therefore, it is better to use about 5% of cement, water and sand in the first module, more than the next modules.


If the mixer blades wear out, the blades must be repaired or replaced.


After mixing, the mixing pot should be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

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