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Demolition hammer suitable for wall

Demolition hammer suitable for wall



In order to be able to replace used and old buildings with modern and new structures, it is necessary to destroy the old buildings, in other words, to destroy them.


In order to demolish a structure, according to the type and strength of the materials used in it, various tools and equipment that are designed and used in this area should be used so that the buildings can be demolished more easily and quickly.


In fact, according to the type of structure and materials used in each building, a device must be used to be able to provide the necessary force to break and destroy the integrity of the structure.

Among the types of equipment and tools used to demolish the building, we can mention the demolition hammer, which in the following text, we will examine the application and cases of using this device.



What is a hammer of destruction?


Demolition hammer is one of the tools that is widely used for demolition work in buildings and its uses are very wide. This hammer is available in different types and shapes in the market, which is also known as Hilti.


In general, demolition hammers can be either simple or used as industrial demolition hammers, depending on the type of use. Simple demolition hammers are used to destroy buildings that do not require much force to destroy and can be demolished without much difficulty.


In contrast, industrial demolition hammers have a higher ability to crush building components and, with the great power they produce, are used more in heavy operations to destroy strong parts and more impenetrable structures.


These hammers are also widely used in drilling and can create holes with suitable and accurate dimensions without any problems on different surfaces.


In terms of demolition, they are also common equipment that can be used in different types of buildings and for different types of materials, and with its help, various surfaces such as stone, blocks, concrete, mosaics, and tiles can be demolished.


Uses of demolition hammers


The builders of an engineering project, before they want to build a building, need to think about all the necessary arrangements to build the foundation so that it has the ability to maintain sufficient strength and endurance in different conditions, and then proceed to build it in In this regard, they use quality materials such as concrete, steel, beams.


But on the other hand, when you want to repair, rebuild or destroy these places, you will need an equally strong and powerful tool to be able to destroy this building.


Demolition hammer in different types is one of these widely used tools that workers with the help of this tool will be able to destroy structures made of reinforced concrete or even stronger. Because the purpose of designing these hammers is exclusively to apply sufficient force to destroy buildings and various levels.


 Uses of demolition hammers


Features of demolition hammers


Demolition hammers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including a relatively high-weight body attached to handles to hold and guide the machine. With the help of the motor that is installed inside the body part, frequencies are created in the device that will lead to repeated blows in the end part of it.


Because their amplitudes are short, these frequencies have a higher energy that these forces will be transmitted to the drill at the end after production. These drills are made to be able to destroy any type of surface and structure, and the strongest part of a demolition hammer goes to you.

In order to operate this device, it must be connected to the mains. By doing this, a part of the rotor device inside it called a cushion or stator (stator) will start to rotate and cause the piston to move in the cylinder.


In this way, a force is created in the form of suction in the part related to the impact on the device and will cause bursts. Each of these blows has enough power to knock down and destroy various structures. After each blow, the pen or groove on the tip of the device is pushed back with a strong spring so that it can strike the next blows.


Demolition hammer, a targeted destroyer


As mentioned before, demolition hammers have a wide range of applications in the construction industry and the construction of various structures and buildings, the obvious and practical feature of which is the ability to purposefully demolish. Targeted demolition means demolition that can provide the necessary arrangements to create a specific structure.


It has been said before that these hammers are very powerful; But this power is not always used to destroy structures. Sometimes we use the high capabilities of these hammers to create the right conditions for the construction of a structure during another building or change its use in a way that adds new features to it.


In other words, in targeted demolition, we want to provide space for the inclusion of new facilities in a structure.


To better understand this concept, we will explain it in the form of a simple example. For example, imagine that after completing the concreting process of a building, you now have a concrete structure that you want to turn into a place to install doors and windows.


For this purpose, you need to create frames with the desired size in this structure, for which the demolition hammer is one of the main tools that will help you.


With this hammer, after specifying the dimensions, you can remove the extra parts of this concrete structure to install your desired door and window. This example clearly illustrates the concept of targeted destruction with the help of hammers of various types.


Demolition hammer, a targeted destroyer


What are the types of demolition hammers?


Demolition hammers are divided into the following types according to how they work, power supply and lighting:


Gasoline demolition hammer


These demolition hammers destroy structures with the help of gasoline-powered engines.


Pneumatic demolition hammer


The basic principle in providing impact force in this type of hammer is to use the power available in compressed air. Using this force, the cylinder system that is responsible for creating shocks can be activated and induce these shocks with maximum power.


Air compressors are responsible for producing the force of air compression. Together, these devices are able to provide the energy needed to operate high-weight hammers with large-diameter drills.



Hydraulic demolition hammer


The use of hydraulic forces in industry is one of the most powerful energy supply systems required for industrial affairs. For this reason, to design a type of demolition hammer that can have high power to cause damage to various structures and large-scale demolition, the use of hydraulic force is one of the appropriate and practical choices in this field.


Many Hilti are made using hydraulic force, all of which are very heavy and large, which may make them difficult to transport. The main use of these huge and powerful destroyers is in large projects such as destruction in the process of road construction or excavation of mines and tunnels.



Electric demolition hammer


In electric hammers of the concrete type, a rotational force is created in electric motors, which is guided by a small gearbox system in the machine and uses this type of electric hammer.


Hilti also has a system with a piston that moves with the help of a force from a certain volume of compressed air, and thus will create a knocking force. In fact, the rotation created by the electric motor is transmitted to the piston by a mechanical system and moves it.


Electric motors are generally less powerful than other types of systems used in other hammers and are not a good choice for hard work that requires high destructive power. However, these hammers weigh less and are easier to transport than others.


What are the types of demolition hammers?


Classification of demolition hammers based on their weight


In order to be able to destroy any type of structure or any form of surface, we do not have to use the most powerful and largest demolition hammers. Sometimes demolition in small and limited projects can be done with the help of a concrete drill, and sometimes it is so large and extensive that it requires us to use bulky hammers with high weight and strength.


Therefore, it can be said that this is the level of difficulty or ease and the volume of operations that can determine the right size tool to advance our work. Types of demolition hammers have different weights that are placed in a separate category according to the weight of each. Classification of demolition hammers according to the weight of each is as follows:


Demolition hammers under 7 kg


Destructive hammers weighing less than seven kilograms are classified as light hammers. These hammers are designed to be less cumbersome and simpler to design.


In this type of hammer, handles are installed to hold the device and allow the user to use and control it at height. Using these hammers, simple demolitions such as ceramic demolition, brick walls, and tiles can be done, which are considered as light operations.


These hammers are not capable of destroying concrete structures and their price is lower than the models with higher weight and more strength.



Ten kg demolition hammers


These types of hammers can produce more force than other types of hammers under seven kilograms and apply more force in impacts, but like the previous category, they are made of handles that can be used at heights. Give to users.


Ten kg hammers are able to destroy brick to concrete walls, stones used in building facades, limited drilling and other construction work. Despite their higher weight, these hammers are still in the lightweight group, but their main difference from the previous category is their penetrating power, which also allows them to penetrate concrete walls.


Despite having a higher power, their price difference is not so big compared to the previous group; therefore, it can be a good choice for most construction operations.


Demolition hammers 15 to 17 kg


These hammers are among the tools of semi-heavy demolition that can destroy concrete roofs, mineral stones, and ceramics, stone facades used in buildings, brick and concrete walls. These hammers cannot be carried at height. However, a strong handle is installed for them to be able to bring the drill at the end to the level of the width of the short walls.


Demolition hammers 29 to 32 kg


These hammers are among the heaviest and consequently the most powerful hammers of destruction available. With the help of which all kinds of heavy and super heavy damage such as destruction of stones, asphalt, concrete roofs and columns, concreted foundations, reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures, excavation and excavation are done.

These hammers are so powerful that they cannot be easily controlled to be used at height and are used only on the surface of the target demolition spaces.


 Classification of demolition hammers based on their weight


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