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    0 buying a gasoline or electric chain saw

    Saw is one of the tools and tools that you, as a farmer and gardener, can use well in your farmland. For this purpose, you can buy various models of saws for yourself and make good use of them in your farms and gardens.

    buying a gasoline or electric chain saw
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    Chainsaws or tree saws are one of the most important tools used in horticulture, forestry, firefighting, carpentry and sculpture. The most important advantages of this device are increasing the speed of operation and reducing the waste of time in the fields of work and rescue, and in contrast, we can boldly name the forest killer for this tool.

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    Chain saw is a powerful tool with various capabilities that can make pruning and cutting operations much easier and faster than tools such as chisel, ax and saw.

    َchain saw repair
    0 What is chain saw?

    A chain saw or motor saw is a portable saw blade, on which a chain with a set of indentations is rotated on a metal guide bar.

    Saws usually have a small single-cylinder gasoline engine, although some saws have an electric motor that draws power from a power cable or battery.

    What is chain saw?