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    Buying guide greenhouse pad

    Buying guide greenhouse pad

    Cellulose Pad Buying Guide:

    The cellulose pad is considered one of the best moisture coolers (evaporative cooling) in the greenhouse. If you are planning to keep a greenhouse in a warm, dry climate, one of the best tools for this is a cellulose pad. In this article, we are going to explain in detail how to use the pad system and the most important materials for purchasing a greenhouse cellulose pad.

    1- Learn more about how the cellulose pad system works.

    The pad system is similar to a water cooler and the cellulose pad acts as a foil and is one of the inexpensive and inexpensive cooling systems in greenhouses. The way the cellulose pad works is that the water is pumped onto the cellulose pads by sucking the pump and moistening the pads.

    The warm air passes through the wet and cool cellulose pads and enters the greenhouse, as well as the hot and dry air from the other side of the greenhouses through the greenhouse exhaust fan and the interior of the greenhouse is completely cooled. When purchasing a greenhouse pad system, keep in mind that the greenhouse pad system is much cheaper than a variety of greenhouse cooling systems such as air conditioning and will not work well in areas with high humidity.

    Advantages of cellulose pad system over straw:

    1- Less pressure drop and less power consumption.

    2- More cooling power of pad system than straw.

    3- The cellulose pads are stronger than the straws.

    4- Higher water absorption due to the appropriate material of cellulose pads.

    5- Greenhouse dust reduction and the antibacterial properties of cellulose pads prevent the spread of diseases in the greenhouse.

    6- Easy and cheap repair and maintenance.

    7- The longevity of the cellulose pad which is about 5 years.

    8- The self-cleaning properties of the pads that clean the pad.

    9- High diversity in dimensions and lack of restrictions make it possible to cover greenhouses of various dimensions.

    2- Will the cellulose pad system suit your greenhouse?

    Always keep in mind when purchasing a cellulose pad in a greenhouse that the optimal performance of the cellulose pad system and its highest efficiency are in dry climates with low humidity, which ideally reduce the greenhouse temperature to 15 degrees Celsius.

    3- Installing pad system and fan:

    Note that cellulose pads and fans must be mounted within a maximum of 45 m from each other in the greenhouse to provide good efficiency and the pads to be mounted in the wind so that air can pass through them and enter the greenhouse.

    4- Let the greenhouse pad do its job.

    Greenhouse cellulose pads are one of the most natural ways to cool a greenhouse, they are significantly effective in reducing the temperature in the greenhouse, and are effective in creating the right amount of moisture in the greenhouse. Cooling pads have a very good performance for cooling and humidity making this system one of the most ideal systems for greenhouses.

    After purchasing the cellulose pad and when you install the cellulose pad inside the greenhouse, you will no longer have to worry about the greenhouse and the equipment will automatically do its job and you will have no trouble getting the greenhouse down and its temperature down. Due to the naturalness of this system there will be no more worry about adjusting pads and fans.

    Also, there is no danger, trouble or problem in the greenhouse due to the need for no power cord or battery to operate the cell pad system.

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