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    Demolition hammer suitable for land

    Demolition hammer suitable for land

    Land demolition can occur for a variety of reasons, for example in many civil works and construction we need land demolition. In general, the demolition operation, whether the demolition of the land or the demolition of the structure, must be done with the best demolition equipment, one of which is the demolition hammer or the picker.

    It should be noted that the word picor has entered the Persian language from the Latin name of ax crusher, and in fact it is the name of a tool for destroying concrete and stone, which are used with different power and power supply, such as gasoline, electricity.

    It should also be noted that the types of hydraulic picks that are installed on heavy machinery, including excavators, are also part of demolition hammers.

    You should know that demolition hammer is the general name of concrete, stone, rock and asphalt demolition tools that are available in different sizes, shapes and power supplies in the market. The most important factor in choosing a suitable picker is the power and amount of power of each kick of the picker, which should be selected and purchased according to the type of work and its volume.

    In this article from Nika Corp website, we will review the proper demolition hammer for land demolition, so stay tuned for more information.

    As we have mentioned, hammers for demolition and concreting are other names of picor that are used for demolition of concrete, stone and asphalt, and for easier classification, we can classify them according to volume and power. , Which can be expressed as follows:

    • The smallest type of tool is called a concrete drill.
    • The middle class of this tool is known as the hammer of destruction.
    • The largest category of this tool is called Picor.

    What is a hammer of destruction?

    It should be noted that the demolition hammer or electric hammer is in fact a tool without the ability to drill, and as its name implies, they use this device to destroy concrete or stone or earth. They also produce and destroy concrete by installing all kinds of sharp pens and flat tips.

    Demolition hammers are available in different sizes and are usually selected and purchased by weight. It can be acknowledged that there are demolition hammers from weights of about 5 kg to about 15 kg and of course up to weights of 30 and 32 kg that you can prepare them according to your needs and use this tool.

    Very important points:

    The type of demolition hammer holder may be five grooves, which are the same as concrete mixers, but in most cases, the demolition hammer holder is of the picker type, which is called a hexagonal engraver. And it is the same and standard for all demolition hammers and picks.

    Another factor in choosing a hammer is the power of the hammer motor, which can be selected and purchased according to the volume of work and the required power.

    The impact mechanism in the demolition hammer is more efficient and suitable for destroying concrete in large volume and time than the concrete drill and concreter, and the impact in this tool is created through the cylinder and piston.

    As the piston goes up and down inside the cylinder, compressed air is produced and the force required to produce the impact on the hammer pen is destroyed. In this way, due to the lack of contact of metal parts with each other, the depreciation of the device is greatly reduced and makes it possible to use this device for more time to destroy concrete and stone.

    Another important factor for choosing a demolition hammer is the amount of impact force of the demolition hammer and the pitch, which is expressed in joules.

    The higher the joule of impact of a demolition hammer, the greater its destructive power. There are up to 60 and 70 joules.

    What is a hammer of destruction?

    Demolition hammer of a special tool:

    It should be noted that the demolition hammer can be generally placed in the category of hammers with which you can perform demolition operations, this type of tool is a kind of heavy and powerful electric hammer that as we mentioned , Used in construction projects to demolish all types of walls, concrete, structures and even hard surfaces such as asphalt!

    Demolition hammer is one of the best tools that can be used to install a window on a concrete wall.

    The question may arise for you, what is the destructive power of a pickaxe or a hammer?

    To answer this question, it must be stated that this power tool, due to its high destructive power, can perform drilling operations without any defects for you. This tool consists of a long metal handle and a very heavy body, the user can apply a lot of force to the desired location by verticalising this tool to the desired location and perform fundamental destruction on that point.

    It is worth mentioning that the user who works with this tool must have a very good physical ability, otherwise it can cause a lot of injuries and lead to injury to the user. The demolition hammer is used only for demolition, the demolition process is done by the blows from the demolition hammer.


    • The unit of measurement for the strength of demolition hammers is based on the number of blows to the desired location per minute and their classification is based on weight.
    • In order to carry out heavy demolition operations, industrial demolition hammers are used, which are called industrial demolition hammers.
    • The speed of the blows created by the demolition hammer can be adjusted in some models, and through this, its power can be adjusted according to the workplace.

    Concrete drills:

    It should be noted that concrete drills have many similarities to different types of demolition hammers, but they have their own characteristics as well as their own types, which are mentioned below:

    • Concrete drills with their type of combined operation, in addition to the property of rotational destruction also have,
    • These types of tools are equipped with a piston to hit, which increases the destructive power in them, and much larger drilling can be done with this tool.
    • It can also be acknowledged that concrete drills have an advanced drill and engraver system that can be used just like a demolition hammer.

    It is worth mentioning that in addition to weight classification, concrete drills are also classified according to the type of pen, including pen systems, the following can be mentioned:

    • 4 grooves or SDS Plus
    • Five grooves or SDS Max
    • Star or SPLine

    Very important points:

    • Four-groove concrete mixers usually take pens or drills with a diameter of 24 mm and are thinner and lighter than five-groove pens.
    • The engraving systems hold five grooves up to 34 mm from the drill and are heavier.

    What are the most important features of a demolition and concrete hammer?

    It should be noted that the demolition hammer has some features. The features of the demolition hammer that you should pay special attention to when buying, can be mentioned as follows:

    • Pen style
    • Impact power
    • Weight
    • Size and size

    We describe each of these features below:

    Pen style

    In general, the types of pens are as follows:

    • Four grooves
    • Sharp
    • Plate
    • Nails
    • Five grooves
    • Hexagon

    The types of demolition hammer pens in centimeters are as follows:

    • Four grooved and pointed pens, plate and nails in sizes 60, 40 and 25 cm.
    • Five grooved and sharp pens, plate and nails in sizes 60, 40 and 30 cm.
    • Hexagonal and sharp pens, plates and nails in sizes 25 and 40 cm.
    • FLAT or HEX hexagonal pens for 6 and 16 kg hammers.

    Impact power

    It should be noted that impact strength means the force applied to each impact that can vary in different hammer sizes. It can be acknowledged that the impact power or impact power is in joules and is constant in large devices but will change in small samples and also this change can be changed by the user.


    The weight of the demolition hammer varies depending on the type of use, and large machines are used for industrial purposes.


    It can be acknowledged that the size of the hammer is directly related to its use. If you do not need large and heavy machines for light work, it is better to use smaller hammers so as not to cause fatigue and reduce your work efficiency.

    What are the most important features of a demolition and concrete hammer?

    What are the types of demolition and concrete hammers?

    As you know, demolition hammers have different types and types, which we mention below:

    • Gasoline demolition hammer
    • Electric demolition hammer
    • Pneumatic demolition hammer
    • Hydraulic demolition hammer

    It should be noted that in the gasoline type, the hammer uses a gasoline engine to drive, and in the pneumatic models, the hammer is compressed by large air generators, and in the hydraulic model, liquid is used instead of air.

    What is the difference between a concrete drill and a demolition hammer?

    There is definitely a difference between concrete drills and demolition hammers. It can be said that concrete drills are used for drilling and digging concrete and walls and it is mostly used in things such as installations, but demolition hammers are only used to destroy very hard objects. Takes.

    If you pay attention to the structure of the demolition hammer, you will see that its appearance is different from concrete drills or electric drills, which in terms of type of operation, each of these two tools are fundamentally different from each other. Concrete mixer and demolition hammer are both very efficient and useful tools that are used for very specific and essential applications.

    It should be noted that the demolition hammer can be used to demolish the concrete walls, the ground and the concrete drill will be used to drill and dig the walls and has no demolition properties. Therefore, it can be acknowledged that the use of concrete drills and demolition hammers is very different.

    Demolition hammer building:

    Many of you may not know about demolition hammer building, so we decided to mention the demolition hammer building briefly in this article. It should be noted that the building of a demolition hammer consists of small and large parts that the demolition hammer building can be referred to the following:

    • A long handle
    • Heavy body
    • Armature
    • Cushion or stator
    • The gear that is responsible for hitting the hammer

    It should be noted that each of these parts used in the demolition hammer has its own task that applicants for this type of hammer can buy a demolition hammer to perform demolition work, including the destruction of buildings and structures.

    In general, it is possible that the building or structure of demolition hammers will be slightly different depending on the design of different models and brands. But in general, the mentioned parts are considered as one of the main parts used in all demolition hammers.

    Types of demolition hammers:

    As mentioned, demolition hammers are made of special parts. These parts are available in all different models and samples of demolition hammers to cause the correct and principled operation of this tool.

    However, it should be noted that destruction hammers are divided into different types based on their weight from 5 kg to 32 kg, each of which can be used in light operations to heavy operations. Different types of demolition hammers differ only in weight and performance, but are similar in appearance.

    The presence of small and large parts and tools in them, has caused the power of destruction in different dimensions and also the number of different vibrations and vibrations that you can use this tool in various operations and construction projects.

    Proper demolition hammer:

    It should be noted that demolition hammers are used both for the ground and for demolishing walls and ceramic tiles. This hammer is also used to destroy concrete walls. In each of these cases, a type of demolition hammer is required according to their strength and weight. It should be noted that demolition hammers suitable for various purposes are divided into the following two categories:

    Proper wall demolition hammers

    It should be noted that a demolition hammer weighing 8 kg is suitable for demolishing the wall. However, some of the concrete walls of older homes are strong enough to require a more powerful demolition hammer. But in general, demolition hammers weighing 8 kg can be suitable for wall demolition in many projects, so that you can easily demolish all types of walls.

    Demolition hammer suitable for the ground

    We need more power to destroy the earth. For this reason, demolition hammers of 8 kg and above are used to demolish the ground due to the hardness of the ground. The number of blows and the state of vibration and vibration that the hammers of destruction penetrate into the heart of the earth and cause the destruction of different layers and levels of the earth floor.

    Given the above, high-weight demolition hammers can be used to demolish asphalt, various paints, as well as ceramic tiles and the floor in general. So that you can use this powerful tool to meet your needs.

    Types of demolition hammers

    Specific applications of demolition hammer:

    It can be noted that the demolition hammer is used for certain applications. Using this device can improve the construction process. Among the various applications of demolition hammers, the following can be mentioned:

    • Demolition of concrete walls
    • Asphalt
    • Floors of buildings
    • Various rocks and cliffs
    • Types of tiles and ceramics

    Destruction of any of the above is possible using a demolition hammer.

    Buying demolition hammer:

    You need to get the demolition hammer according to your needs and expectations from this device. The higher the strength and weight of a hammer, the higher the price.

    So you buy the demolition hammer according to the type of application you have of the demolition hammer and also the amount of budget you have for it.  The brands of demolition hammers are very different, you can also consider the type of machine according to your needs.

    For more information, visit the Nika Corp website and consult with the consultants of this collection.

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