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Brush cutter buyers guide

What is brush cutter?

Pruning lawns and grasses, and even small plants, is a rigorous gardening operation that has been accomplished today with a powerful device called a brush cutter. With this, you no longer need to prune grass and plants using hand-held hard tools.

Simply turn on the electric or gasoline engine of your lawnmower and simply modify the surface of a large grassy area.

The brush cutter, the equipment which makes gardening more sweet:

Many tools are used in gardening. Tools that can do gardening with faster speed, less time wasting and less energy. In gardening, especially in the courtyard, grass is one of the hallmarks of the environment.

In the open and lush, you can see the large, small fields covered by green grass. These spaces are constantly being refurbished. Apart from the weeds, the constantly growing weeds will always be problematic.

Pruning lawns and grasses, and even small plants, is a rigorous gardening operation that is nowadays coupled with a powerful device called a brush cutter.

With a brush cutter, you no longer need to prune grass and plants using hand-held hard tools. Simply turn on the electric or gasoline engine of your lawn mower and, very simply, modify the surface of a large grassy area.

What is the brush cutter device?

The use of the brush cutter machine is named after it. Designed to cut and harvest weeds, grasses, alfalfa, and forage. Buying a brush cutter, one of the most widely used gardening tools, has provided great convenience for heavy work.

Of course, the brush cutter machine is designed and manufactured in different sizes and shapes, and each of these designs is designed to fit a specific space and for one or more specific plants.

Therefore, we should be aware of these differences when buying it. The price of a brush cutter also varies depending on the differences. Their prices are closely related to engine power, engine type, and machine design.

The brush cutter machine is nothing more than a high-speed, high-powered rotary rotor powered by an electric or gasoline engine that easily cuts any plant in size. The date of the birth of the first brush cutters dates back to the 1827.

That year, an English creative engineer named Edwin Baird invented a machine that could trim weeds. Of course, the machine did this while moving, and all the blades were powered by manpower.

Later, when the machine was designed in larger dimensions to remove crops, it was the horse and cow power that propelled it. Until the end of the 19th century, the first steam powers were invented.

The components of the brush cutter:

As we mentioned, the brush cutter machine is an electric or gasoline engine that rotates a sharp, rotating blade in some way. So we can summarize the basics of this machine in the same engine and blade, but this powerful gardening tool has other details as well.

Motor in the brush cutter:

As a rule, the most important part of a brush cutter machine is its engine. The high power of this tool will come from the same engine. The brush cutter machine can be of either single-phase electric, cordless or single-cylinder gasoline engines.

In many large and industrial variants, we see more powerful engines or a method of transporting cars such as tractors, which of course is not the purpose of our article.

The motors in simple and small lawn mowers are basically designed in two-stroke or four-stroke modes and can have different speeds.

The brush cutter’s blade:

The blade in the brush cutter is a butterfly with very sharp blades. This blade can contain anywhere from two to eight blades. The paddles in the brush cutter are jagged in order to be keen like saws.

Of course, depending on the model of the brush cutter machine, the ultimate goal of the design is to determine the type of blade and the number of blades. In certain types of the brush cutters, you can see blades with a fiber structure.

A special and serrated yarn that can perform the lawn mowing operation, respectively.

Interface Bar: The connection between the device operator and the blade motor is provided through an interface bar. The rod is designed to provide the operator with a cane-like position and to provide easy operating conditions for the device.

The handle in the brush cutter:

The keys to control the grass will be placed on the handle. Depending on the type of design, the purpose of the design, and the manufacturer's tastes, these categories can be one of a number of circular, cane or similar bicycle categories.


Accessories: Every herb cannot be trimmed with any blade. On the other hand, for one type of plant only one machine cannot be purchased. Often, the brush cutter is designed so that different conditions can be extracted by changing the blades.

This variety of blades will be offered in a space as accessories along with other brush cutters.

What is the ideal in the brush cutter?

The brush cutter is a very powerful, yet dangerous machine. However, a very sharp, high-speed blade rotates at its heart. Therefore, this equipment must have high operating conditions.

Some of the ideals in the brush cutter system can be formulated as follows. Keep in mind these ideals in buying and selling it.


The power of the device should be suitable with the activity of the device.

Working with the device should not disturb its balance to create a hazard. The device should not disturb the balance of the operator while operating.

Generates less pollution in gasoline types and faster charging in electric types. On the other hand, the engine of the brush cutter should not produce much sound.

Should have a good warranty and after sales service.

Be familiar with the types of brush cutter:

Manual brush cutter:

These brush cutters are effective for flat surfaces and the blades are moved by the operator who can perform grass cutting operations. Manual brush cutter sales are still booming at the market level.

Electric brush cutter:

An electric motor that can rotate a multi-blade paddle. Optimal power, easy maintenance, reasonable price, working conditions in a variety of environments and the possibility of pruning trees are among the advantages of electric brush cutters.

The main problem with this equipment is its power supply. For large spaces where access to power is limited.

Petrol brush cutter:

The driving force in this class of brush cutter is supplied by a petrol engine and this type of shaver can be considered as the most used and common type.

The good advantages of the petrol brush cutter include the limitations and the need for electricity as well as the high power of the machine compared to the manual type. Petrol grasses are nowadays the best-selling type of brush cutters.

Types of brush cutter in terms of function:

Backpack brush cutter:

This type of brush cutter is mounted on the operator's shoulder like a backpack. Generally powered by petrol and sometimes electric motors, the generator is housed in a backpack compartment.

In this type, the driving force is transmitted through a spring to the axle in the handle and from there to the rotating blade. The engine is embedded in the backpack section of the duck weed to make the handle lighter.

While more powerful engines can be used.

Shoulder brush cutter:

Like the backpack brush cutter to reduce engine weight on the handlebars and provide more power, there is another type of ergonomic design known as the shoulder machine.

In this type of machine, the engine is mounted at the end of the handle shaft and the weight of the machine will be mounted on the operator's shoulder through a strap-like set.



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