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familiarity with gasoline tree saw

Gasoline tree saw; Rotate in the service of cutting

Gasoline tree saw is one of the most important and advanced tools, the image of which may be tied to the death of trees or forests at an astonishing rate, but do not forget that this device, contrary to popular belief, is a useful tool for gardening and plant tissue health.

As much as maintaining healthy trees is the primary goal of a gardener or environmentalist, removing and cutting down dry, diseased trees is a threat to garden or plant health if left untreated.

One thing that most people do not really understand is how to work with a tree saw. Many people think that working with this device is not very complicated and difficult to cut, but professionals who are familiar with the process of working with a gasoline-powered sawmill are well aware that it is important to know the exact structure of a gasoline-powered sawmill and the basic methods of working with it.

The high importance of this issue has led us to examine all the important issues that you need to know about gasoline tree saws in a comprehensive note as much as possible. In this memo, we will explain the device step by step and in each step one of the important dimensions and issues around working with a gasoline tree saw and its structure.

The titles you will read in this memo are as follows:

Landscape view of the tree on gasoline
History of gasoline tree saws
Components and structure of a gasoline saw
What is the role of a centrifugal clutch in a gasoline saw?
Factors affecting the price of tree saws


Landscape view of the tree on gasoline

A tree saw is a mechanical, portable device that can be cut with the help of metal teeth that are attached to a metal chain. It will be used in a variety of activities, including cutting down trees, pruning branches, cutting down trees to facilitate transportation, and eliminating diseased and dangerous trees for the environment.

In using a gasoline tree saw, it is necessary to observe some safety and technical points, which you will notice in the following.

History of gasoline tree saws

What we know today as a gasoline saw is first designed and used in 1905 by Samuel J. Bens of San Francisco. His main goal in designing and producing such a device was to speed up and facilitate the felling of the giant Redwood trees.

However, the tree saw he made was virtually non-portable and did not have an internal power supply. The first gasoline saw was literally designed in 1918 by James Shend of Canada.

After giving the German company Festo the privilege of using his invention in 1930, the device was able to be produced on a large industrial scale.

Since then, although this device has gone through many stages of progress and development, but its main idea and technical philosophy has remained the same.



Components and structure of a gasoline tree saw

A gasoline tree saw, like any other practical mechanical device, is based on a specific design and program, and requires different convergences and components to work together to achieve this particular design and program. In the following, we will have a look at these components and parts:


Gasoline tree saw motor: Although there are different types of chainsaws and some of them are used to provide power to electric and electric motors, in gasoline chainsaws, usually a two-stroke gasoline engine is responsible for generating power. In most models, the structure of the gasoline engine used, in addition to being two-stroke, is single-cylinder, and that cylinder has a volume of 30 to 120 square centimeters.

What controls the power and output power of this engine in the chainsaw is a traditional carburetor or an adjustable electric carburetor.

In the traditional model, the device requires more precision from the user, but in the electric model, practically all the necessary attention to adjust the amount of fuel entering the engine is done by the carburetor itself.

Do not forget that the gasoline saw is a very mobile device and because of its design, it will be used in all directions and at all angles.

This is if changing the direction and reverse of an engine in the absence of precise control of the carburetor will cause a sudden suffocation or in some cases even an explosion and fire. The part that ensures the health of the device with complete control over this issue is the carburetor.

The mechanism of movement of the tree saw on gasoline: The mechanism of movement or drift of the tree saw on the gasoline is based on two main parts: the centrifugal clutch and the wheel-chain.

The centrifugal clutch, at the same time as increasing the speed, increases the level with the centrifugal force and transmits the so-called engagement and movement of the engine to the wheel; the meaning of the wheel is the part of the wheel-chain that moves the connected chain as well.

The way the chain rotates and moves is quite similar to the way the pedal, gear and bicycle chains combine. The surface of this chain is filled with small metal protrusions that after each collision with the tree, or any surface close to it, creates a tear and cut in the desired surface.

Guide plate: The guide plate is the part of the gasoline saw that the chainsaw rotates around. If you look at a gasoline saw from above or below, the guide plate is the blade-like part that sits on the front of the saw like a sword blade.


In addition to the above-mentioned parts, there are other parts in a gasoline saw that are practical and useful, but the most important parts in moving a saw are the mentioned parts.

In separate notes, we look at the sections, levers, and markers of the tree saw on gasoline, and try to examine them as much as possible, except for them. Of course, before you finish explaining how to do it, go over the moon with an important point.

What is the role of a centrifugal clutch in a gasoline tree saw?

You may think that by reading the previous section, you will find the answer to this question, but our goal in asking this question is to pay close attention to this very clever and key piece in the gasoline saw.

Basically, centrifugal clutch has three functions and functions during the operation of a gasoline tree saw:

When the engine is in idle mode and its engine speed is a maximum of 2500 to 2700 rpm, you will notice that the teeth and saw chains do not move.

This phenomenon is due to the use of a centrifugal clutch. The clutch will not allow the chain and the engine to engage and the chain will stop when the chain is released, unless you gas the so-called gasoline saw motor and increase the engine speed.

Imagine that without the clutch, you could not turn the chain in or out of control, and as soon as you turned it on until it turned off, the chain was spinning without your steering wheel. One of the consequences of this could be the high risk of working with it.

If, for any reason, the chainsaw of a gasoline saw gets stuck in a tree trunk or any surface, the clutch will cut the connection between the engine and the wheel-chain.

This is very important because if the operator makes a mistake and the chain gets stuck on a hypothetical surface, such as a thick tree trunk, continuing to spin the wheel-chain can be problematic and not only damage the operator, destroying and breaking the entire gears and saw system.

In this case, both the health of the user and the health of the motor and other saw parts depend on the performance of the clutch.

Not only this, with the exception of the above, the clutch helps keep the user safe from kicking a gasoline saw.

In this case, when the chain is in contact with the tree at the moment of contact, the device is kicked physically due to the new involvement. In this case, if the clutch does not cut the power, the kick is more severe and may damage both the device and the user.

The clutch greatly reduces the kicks of the device by cutting off the moment of power output from the engine and gradually recovering it.

Factors affecting the price of gasoline tree saw

The price of a tree saw, like any other mechanical device, depends on several factors; From the size of the engine, its brand to the size and model itself, they affect the price of the saw. Therefore, it is not possible to state an exact factor to determine the price of a saw.

Keep in mind, for example, that even in equal ability and equal size, the prices of some European brands, such as Husqvarna, are higher than competitors.

Of course, this does not mean that it is unreasonably more expensive. It should be noted that some brands basically use superior materials and engineering in the production of the product, and this will increase the price of saws.

So if you want to use superior quality, paying more is a must.

You might think that buying cheaper models is a more economical job, but in the long run the opposite is true because a cheaper product requires less money but has a much shorter lifespan, which can cost you money.


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