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    What are the types of manual concrete screed?

    Concrete screed is one of the most important tools in the construction process. Each of these screeds is designed and produced in different types and sizes. To be able to use them in different small and large projects based on the type of need and application. Manual concrete screed size 120 is the best size of concrete screeds.

    Use of concrete screeds in construction

    In the construction process, different types of screeds are needed, each of which has its own application and efficiency. Both simple and basic manual concrete screeds and modern and advanced motorized concrete screeds are each designed and produced for a job and are used by construction workers.

    Therefore, all these trowels will be used in the construction process. In general, in a division, screeds can be divided into two categories, manual types and motorized types, each of which has different categories.

    But in general, each of these concrete screeds are used to smooth and polish the surface on plaster, concrete and other building materials, which is certainly the more advanced they are; They work faster and with better quality and are used in large projects.

    The manual concrete screed is divided into masonry type, telescopic type and level type, and motor screeds is divided into power trowel and motor trowel in its advanced type.

    Use of concrete screeds in construction

    Manual concrete screeds in their various types

    Among the concrete screeds, this is a manual type that is used compared to other screeds and can be used in most construction projects and operations. The most common manual one is the masonry trowel that we may all have seen or even touched.

    But in addition to this type of manual concrete screed, many manual and motor types are also designed and used for their specific applications. Another important issue in this area, in addition to the types of manual screeds that were discussed earlier, is the issue of different types and sizes of manual ones.

    In this way, if you are going to buy a manual screed in the head; you must consider the different sizes of them and then proceed to buy the desired one. You can buy a concrete screed that suits your needs and application and benefit from its existence well.

    Types of manual concrete screeds sizes

    After getting acquainted with the types of manual concrete screeds in this section, let's get more familiar with the different sizes of them.

    In general, keep in mind that manual concrete screeds are produced and designed in three different sizes of 90, 120 and 150, each of which is used for a specific position and has its own efficiency in the construction process.

    So before any other issue, if you are going to buy a manual screed to smooth and polish all kinds of materials that have just been poured on different surfaces of your building, you should pay attention to your needs and applications, and each of them. Buy them according to the type of functionality you expect.

    But if you want to know the most standard and best type of manual concrete screed size and the reasons why this size is a bestseller among other dimensions and sizes of it; join us to point out this important point.

    Types of manual concrete screeds sizes

    Buying the best and most standard size of manual concrete screed

    As mentioned, manual screeds are designed and produced in three sizes: 90, 120 and 150, each of which is used for specific purposes.

    But in the meantime, if we want to mention the best and most suitable size of them; Size 120 can be considered as one of the best sizes of concrete screeds and one of the best-selling ones.

    So if the size of the manual screed is not important to you and you want to buy a good and standard type in many different places and projects to smooth different levels, size 120 is the best option in front of you. This is the direction.

    But why is this size considered one of the best hand trowel size? The most important reasons and factors that have made you want to buy 120 size concrete screeds are as follows:

    1- Good and standard design with creativity

    2- Suitable weight of this type of manual concrete screed

    3- Easy to use and hassle-free to use

    4- Very high coverage of this type of screeds

    5- Reasonable price

    That is why the size of 120 manual concrete screed is known as one of the best types of hand trowel ingots and this type of concrete screeds is used in many projects.

    Using manual concrete screeds as needed

    Therefore, in general, it is better to mention once again that each of the manual concrete screeds are produced in different types, and you can buy and use each of them in different sizes. But what is important here; Buy a concrete screed according to your needs.

    In this way, in the design and production of concrete screeds, the issue has been well considered that different concrete screeds may be needed in different projects and small and large construction operations. For this purpose, they have designed in different types and sizes and in different sizes so that each person can benefit from the existence of this screed in different projects according to their needs.

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