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    What are the uses of a three-phase generator?

    There are several ways to categorize different types of generators, and this is perfectly normal; advanced tools and equipment can usually be categorized according to different criteria.

    One way to classify a generator is to do so based on the type of power output. Accordingly, generators will be divided into two main categories: single-phase and three-phase generators. The product we are going to focus on in this note is a three-phase generator.

    In the following note, we will first look at the difference between single-phase and three-phase generator, then we will go to how the three-phase generator works, and finally we will reach the main purpose of writing the note, namely the use of three-phase generator. In the following note, we are with you with the following titles.

    What is the difference between single-phase generator and three-phase generator?

    How a three-phase generator works

    Three-phase generator applications

    Which one should I buy?Single-phase or three-phase generator?

    What is the difference between single-phase generator and three-phase generator?

    Instead of providing one branch of current, three-phase generator provides the user with three branches of alternating current, each of which is a separate branch of electrical power.

    In each of these three branches, the voltage reaches its final limit separately and then reaches its minimum again by going through its oscillation diagram; the process will be repeated continuously in a single-phase power supply.

    But the main problem of three-phase generator, each of the phases, reaches the maximum voltage with a short time difference, and this is why the total voltage of the three phases is always at its end and in practice we no longer see constant power fluctuations; In other words, the output power of three-phase power is constant and never reaches zero.

    In a three-phase power supply, such as a three-phase motor, four different wires are needed to get the power output: a neutral wire (same as zero) and three phase wires.

    Of course, in all cases, four wires are not required to use three-phase generator. Because the main purpose of this note is not to address the differences between these two types of AC power, we will not go into this topic in a specialized way, but it can be said privately that there are two types of arrangement and settings in the use of three-phase generator.

    In Delta layout mode, it is possible to get the output and work of the device with only 3 phase wires, and in star mode, you will need four wires, i.e. three phase wires and one zero.

    How a three-phase generator works

    Regarding the operation of the three-phase generator, it should be said that the structure of this device is not very different from other types of generators and we do not see a distinct structure; the only difference between this types of generator is its generator.

    This means that the source of driving power in a three-phase generator is the same as diesel, gasoline or gas engines, and there is no difference in this area.

    But the main point of difference of the generator is that from the rotation of the motor, instead of generating single-phase generator, three-phase generator will be generated.

    In a three-phase generator, we see the use of a three-phase generator instead of a single-phase generator, and as a result of this difference, we also see an obvious difference in the power output. Power output is a three-phase three-wire generator and the output shape is different.

    In the case of the switchboard itself, due to the higher output voltage, there are differences that the full review of which is not bored in detail in the text.But in general, consider the following points about a three-phase generator:

    The output voltage of a three-phase generator is usually in the range of more than 480 volts.

    The power generated by this type of generator is more suitable for use in various types of transformers and its voltage can be easily increased or reduced to a lower level.

    Three-phase generators, while making it possible to generate more voltage, usually weigh less under equal conditions and are better in size and price than single-phase generators.

    The life of three-phase generators is usually longer than single-phase types, and therefore the chances of damage or failure of the three-phase generator are somewhat lower.

    Three-phase generator applications

    The important point in this section is to address the differences in the use of this device; In other words, in this section we intend to examine this issue specifically in the case of three-phase generators without addressing the general and general applications of a generator.

    So keep in mind that in addition to the items outlined in this section, a three-phase generator has the same normal applications as a single-phase generator.

    Knowing this, we invite you to study the following: The three-phase generator is ideal for industrial use because in addition to the fact that many large industrial devices operate on this type of power alone, the output voltage and frequency itself are in a better condition.

    Do not forget that due to the characteristics of three-phase generator, it is possible to generate constant power without minor interruptions with the help of this generator.

    Three-phase generators are also used in other centers, such as datacenters, and are not the only source of high-voltage three-phase generator.

    This lack of clutter has helped to justify the use of this type of generator in electronics and computers. In the agricultural sector, we are witnessing the widespread use of three-phase generators.

    For example, some types of pumps require three-phase power to operate, and you will have trouble with this condition without having a generator.

    Which one should I buy?Single-phase or three-phase generator?

    This is one of the questions that buyers usually ask after recognizing the differences between these two types of products.It is basically impossible to answer this question categorically because the type of needs you have in this case is decisive.

    No need to complicate this comparison, in general, if you work with more three-phase appliances, you should go for a three-phase generator.

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